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Ed and Zac were close brothers, they did almost everything together! Ed and Zac didn’t have any other brothers or sisters, and their father left when they were small, Ed was two and Zac was one. Ed didn’t like his dad at all, he always said when Zac asked why he was mad at their dad:

“I don’t remember him enough to hate him, but whenever mom thinks of him, she’s sad. That’s reason enough not to like him.”

When Ed was born, his right arm, and left leg were dead. So the doctor cut off his arm and leg and bandaged them up. When Ed was one, he got auto-mail, or you can call it a metal arm and leg. But before I can tell what Ed and Zac were doing when they were teenagers, I think you should know about Ed and Zac’s past first.

Edward: Age 10 Zachary: Age 9

Ed was with his friend, Hally, on the swing next to Ed’s house. Zac was inside, helping his mother peel carrots.

“Zac, would you be a dear and go get Ed and Hally?” Zac’s mother asked.

“Mm-hmm!” Zac smiled, running out the door. “Ed! Hally! Time to come inside!”

The sun was setting and their dinner was getting cold. Ed ran inside, only to find his mother on the floor, dead. A bullet whole was in her back. Ed heard creaking from above Ed immediately hid behind the bookshelf. Zac and Hally ran inside, and Ed beckoned them over behind the bookshelf. Zac and Hally ran behind the bookshelf next to Ed and Ed looked at them with a finger up to his mouth.

“Hmm…” They all heard a deep voice. “I thought there was a kid with a metal arm and leg here…”

Ed’s eyes became widened with fear. Ed looked over at his right arm and gasped. The man spun around. “What was that?” The man went outside the door and looked around the outside of the house. The man came back inside “Must have been hearing things.” The man walked outside the door. For ten minutes, Ed, Zac, and Hally stayed behind the bookshelf. Ed came out of hiding and looked out the window, the man was gone.

“You guys can come out now.” Ed said, sitting down on the floor, staring at his arm and leg.

“What happened?” Zac’s eyes were filling with tears. “Mom?”

Ed was too busy thinking to remember his mom was dead. “Ed, I’m going home!” Hally cried, rushing out the door to her grandma’s house.


“What?” Ed slammed his right arm on the floor.

“What happened to mom?” Zac started crying.

“I don’t know. All I know is that man wants to kill me, probably thinks I’m a robot or something.” Ed looked down at the floor.

“Stop thinking about yourself,” Zac screamed. “What about Mom?”

Ed stood up and looked at Zac. “I don’t know, Zac. All I know about mom is that she’s dead!” Ed’s fists were tensing up in fists by his sides. “Just stop crying about it-” Ed’s arm shocked with pain.

“Ed?” Zac said, “What’s wrong?”

“My auto-mail you idiot!” Ed’s knees hit the floor and Ed grabbed his arm and took of the auto-mail part of the arm, but left the auto-mail on the shoulder on. “I need to see Hally’s grandma.” Ed said, grabbing his arm, his arm made a few sparks, then shocked Ed.

“I’ll go get her, you stay here!” Zac said, running out of the door.

Ed threw his arm and stood up, what if the man came back? Now that his right arm was off he couldn’t defend himself! Ed went up to his mom and looked at her, she was dead. No doubt about it. Ed was thinking about the seven years he knew her. Ed knew the world wasn’t perfect, but he thought the world should be better than this. Enough was enough, Ed knew he would find this bastard who killed his mother and kill him. The door slammed open and Zac and Hally’s grandmother, Francis, rushed in.

“Ed?” Francis asked. “Ed, what happened to your auto-mail?” Francis was as calm as ever.

“It just began giving out sparks.” Ed informed Francis.

“I guess I’ll just make a new arm, and maybe a new leg if you’re off balance.” Francis said.

Ed, Zac, and Francis walked over to Francis’ house which was not far away at all. Ed sat on the couch and Francis measured the length of his real arm and leg. “Well,” Francis said, “Lucky for me you’re not off balance and all I need is to make a new arm. Sometimes I think when you get older you’ll just be a pipsqueak!”

Ed’s face darkened but he was too depressed to fight with the old hag now. Ed crossed his legs on the couch and saw Hally come out of her room.

“Hi Ed!” Hally acted as if nothing had happened. “You want a drink?”

“Sure…” Ed was baffled, Hally was all happy snappy even though she was crying when she left.

Hally ran off into the kitchen and got a glass of milk. “Here, Ed!” Hally held up the glass.

“Never mind…” Ed’s face darkened again.

“What’s the matter?” Hally asked, pissed off. Hally’s soft eyes hardened.

“Nothing, I just hate milk… it’s like drinking vomit…” Ed mumbled, looking away.

“Drink it!” Hally yelled, holding the milk closer.

“I hate what I hate, deal with it!” Ed yelled back, now looking at Hally.

“You’ll always be the size of a bean if you don’t drink any!” Hally was so pissed her face was red.

“The size of a what!?” Ed screamed.

“You heard me, the size of a bean!” Hally calmed down, and put her free hand on her hip, a smirk was on her face.

“Who are you calling short!?” Ed screamed on the top of his lungs, whenever Edward got pissed off-or when someone called him short- he would yell really loud, talk very quickly, his face would either turn red as a ripe tomato or his face would just get dark, and normally he’d try to beat the person up, but he couldn’t this time because his arm was off. “Just because I’m still growing doesn’t mean I’m short!”

“Come on, Ed.” Hally said, “Zac is two inches taller than you, I’m sure that means your short!” Hally teased Ed.

“You shouldn’t be calling people short when their mother just died!” Ed yelled back, having sudden flash backs of his mom and her dead body. Ed’s pupils got really big, then shrunk to the size of two seeds. Ed’s eyelids closed and Ed fell onto the floor.

“Ed!” Zac turned around, panicked.

Ed’s body began to spark. Francis ran into the room and grabbed his fake leg and took it off. Ed’s body stopped sparking, but he was still faint.

“Hm…” Francis was wearing rubber gloves so she didn’t get shocked when she inspected Ed’s leg. “I don’t see the problem here, the arm and leg were fine once I made them. Hally!”

“Yes, Grandma?” Hally rushed over to Francis.

“Put on your gloves and check for any bugs in the leg.” Francis said-Hally was studying to be an auto-mail engineer like her grandma, but so far only assisted her grandma for a while.

“Yes, Grandma.” Hally ran to get her rubber gloves and began to inspect the leg.

“Zac!” Francis addressed Ed’s brother.

“Yes, ma’am?” Zac replied.

“Get your brother back on the couch and get a towel, soak it and put it on his head. Oh! And get him something to drink!” Francis went back into her office, Hally came back into the room to grab the leg and went into her room, and Zac went to get Ed a towel.

Zac came back into the room without the towel and put Ed on the couch. Then Zac went to get the towel again.

The door to Ed’s house slammed open, a man walked in. The man walked up the stairs and then into Ed’s room, where Ed was fast as sleep.

“I’ve finally found you!” The man said, pulling out a gun.

Ed woke up and looked at the man, he couldn’t see his face because the lighting only showed his body. The man had a fake arm, too! Ed’s eyes widened with fear as the man pulled the trigger.

“Don’t kill me!” Ed screamed his lungs out. “I’m just a kid!”

A shot gun fired and Ed was still alive, his mother jumped in the way and a bullet was in her back.

“Mom?” Ed got out of bed and looked at his mother. “Mom?” Ed began screaming his head off. Ed’s arm and leg backfired into shocking him badly. The man found an easy target and pulled the trigger once more.

“Ed! Ed wake up!” Zac was shaking his brother.

“Ah!” Ed screamed. “What happened?”

“Well,” Zac began, “You and Hally were fighting about your size. Then you said something about mom and fainted. And all of a sudden you started yelling out, ‘Don’t kill me! I’m just a kid! Mom!’ Got it?”

“Yeah…” Ed looked down at his left leg, but it was gone. “Where’d my leg go?”

“Oh, Hally’s Grandma took it off because it was shocking you. Now Hally is looking for bugs in your leg and I was supposed to watch you until you woke up.” Zac explained.


“Yes, Brother?” Zac asked.

“We have to find the man who killed Mom.” Ed said.

“Why?” Zac’s eyes filled with tears. “So he can kill you? Just like he killed Mom?”

“No,” Ed said, “We need to find him so we can kill him. That bastard thinks he can kill our mother and get away with it!”

“Maybe we should contact Dad, and ask him for help.” Zac offered.

“Damn it!” Ed sat up. “Don’t start with that dad crap, Zac.”

Zac looked down and handed Ed the glass of milk. “Drink it, pipsqueak!” Zac teased.

“Shut up!” Ed exclaimed, knocking the glass out of his hand, the glass shattered into pieces and the milk absorbed into the rug. “I don’t have an arm and a leg right now, so shut up, when I get my arm and leg back I‘m gonna kick your ass first thing!”

Zac hated it when he and Ed fought. This happened a lot, but they were still close brothers. Zac might have be taller, but Zac knew himself that Ed was still larger than he was. Height was no object, it was Ed’s courage and bravery that made him tall, not his height.

Zac ran out of the house and slammed the door. Ed of course, couldn’t chase him, because his arm and leg were both missing! “Ed!” Hally came rushing out of her room. “I found the problem in your auto-mail!”

“Okay,” Ed replied, “What is it?”

“Well you see, somebody planted a tracking device on it that was filled with electric energy that went through the metal and shocked you! Do you know of anyone who could have done this?” Hally asked.

Ed tried to remember anybody who could have touched his leg and arm or a moment when he felt something hit his leg and arm. “I got it!” Ed exclaimed.

“Who?” Hally asked, hold her hands together under her chin with worried eyes.

“This lady was at a grocery store one time, I went out to get groceries for my mom. I tripped and fell and the lady walked up to me and looked at my leg, she put her hand on it and my leg twitched. Then she looked at my arm and touched it too, then it twitched again. She said there were no cuts and that I wasn’t bleeding, as if I had a real arm and leg! I thought she was blind, but that was yesterday. And I’ve had strange dreams about my auto-mail backfiring and shocking me since then.” Ed explained, drooping over, staring at the carpet.

“Wow, well I would be careful of your arm and leg twitching. By the way, where’d Zac go?” Hally asked, putting her hands on her hips and looking around.

“I don’t know, we started talking about avenging our mom’s death. Then he started saying we should ask our dad, then he shoved the milk in my face and said, ‘Drink it, pipsqueak!’” Ed mocked his brother. “Then I said I would kick his ass when I got my arm and leg back to normal, after that he left. Kind of reminds me a little of dad, slamming the door on the way out, not looking back…”

Hally left the room. Ed looked up, Well, that’s probably another person who hates me… Hally came back into the room with a wheel chair. “Here.” Hally said, putting the wheel chair by Ed, “Here, you’ll need this to find Zac. I need to stay here and help my grandma. You need to find your brother!”

Ed’s eyes met Hally’s. No doubt Hally was serious, but Ed was too pissed off and hurt to find his brother. “Fine,” Ed said, “But I’ll need you to help me onto here.”

Hally put the wheel chair right up against the bed. “Alright, turn your back on the chair and slide back.” Hally said. Ed turned around and pushed himself back into the chair using his only leg. His butt was planted in the chair when Hally pulled the chair back and outside down the steps. “Alright, can you use the wheel chair with just one arm?”

“Yeah,” Ed said, smiling, “I’ve done it before, remember?”

“Oh yeah.” Hally said, remembering. When Ed was five, he fell of from the top bunk of his bunk bed and his arm smashed into pieces. He ran over to Hally’s house to get his arm fixed, but then on the way his leg had a loose bolt and gave away. Ed had to roll over to Hally’s house and had to scream for Francis. But Hally and Francis both weren’t home. Ed had to stay there for an hour until Francis came. Francis got Ed onto a wheel chair and Hally had to push him around. ‘Hey, give me a shot at it!’ Ed exclaimed, he started using his left arm to roll the chair, but he fell straight on the ground. Hally helped him up and by the time Ed’s auto-mail was done-that took a few days- he was used to rolling in the wheel chair himself!

“See ya!” Ed was already a few yards away, Ed had been rolling the whole time while Hally was lost in that one memory.

Ed looked around, no sign of Zac. Ed even searched the first story of his house, Zac wasn’t there either. Ed rolled outside and looked up in the tree beside their house, Zac was in their, on the strongest branch.

“Zac!” Ed yelled his brother’s name out. Zac looked down at his brother and stuck his tongue out. “Zac, get down here!”

“What was that? Was that my pipsqueak brother? Wow, he really is short!” Zac yelled out, acting as if Ed wasn’t there.

“What’s your problem?” Ed screamed. “I’m not that short! Stop acting like I’m one inch tall!”

“Sorry, Shortie! I can’t see you! How much smaller can you be? I’ve heard of growth spurs, but is there such thing as shrink spurs?” Zac asked. “Oh yeah, you can’t know because your brain is only a half of a centimeter big! If your brain was bigger, you’d probably be taller, too!”

That’s it!, Ed thought to himself, He is not getting away with calling me small this time! The Zac was in was as tall as the house, but the branch Zac was on was only half way down. If Zac fell he couldn’t get seriously hurt.

“I know, Ed,” Zac exclaimed. “Why don’t you get an auto-mail brain?”

Ed’s face darkened, the rage was on, Ed put his foot up onto the seat and rammed into the tree. Zac almost lost his balance. Ed rammed it twice as hard this time and Zac fell down onto the ground.

“Hey, cyborg!” Zac screamed, getting up from the ground. “What was that for?”

“Hey,” Ed said, his fist clenched together. “The fact my arm and leg were dead when I was born and they were cut off isn’t my fault! It isn’t anybody’s fault! Now that I have auto-mail doesn’t mean I’m not human!”

“Just shut up!” Zac exclaimed. “When mom was alive she liked you best! She always cared for you more then she did for me!”

“Zac!” Ed yelled don’t be stupid, Ed rolled up to his brother, “Zac, don’t be stupid! Mom loved and cared for us equally! I just had to get a little extra because my arm and leg needed to stay strong! Mom made sure of that!”

“Yeah, right!” Zac’s eyes were filled with tears. “Whenever I needed mom’s help or attention, she was making sure you were okay! Not me, you!”

“Zac, shut up!” Ed screamed. Ed calmed down a little, “Come with me back to Hally’s. I’ll explain everything on the way there.” Ed began rolling off and Zac hurried up to follow. “Zac, tell you the truth, I always thought mom loved you best. Like that time when I was five. Mom was too busy doing something with you to realize my arm shattered into pieces. Then on my way to Hally’s house, my leg gave away and I had to roll over to Hally’s place. I waited there for an hour before they came home. Mom didn’t even notice I was gone until I came home on the wheelchair.”

“Oh…” Zac said, “I never realized you felt the same way.”

“Anyways, let’s get back to Hally’s. Since mom is dead…” Ed forgot about his mom again! Ed turned around and told Zac to get on the back, and rolled quickly down the road back to their house.

“Where are we going?” Zac asked his brother.

“We forgot mom!” Ed exclaimed. Zac’s pupils got smaller. It hasn’t been long since their mom had died and Zac had almost completely forgotten his mother was dead! At least since he was mad at his brother.

Ed rammed down the door and rolled inside. “I could’ve just gotten off and opened the door myself, now we have to make a new one! Way to go, brother!” Zac’s eyes hardened.

“Shut up Zac I-” Ed’s eyes widened with fear, his mother’s body was gone! Zac jumped off the wheelchair and looked at where his mother’s body was, a line of chalk was outlining where her body was.

“Hello, kids.” An officer came up to them, he was tall, dark skinned, and his brown eyes were gentle and kind, but strong. “What are you two doing here?” The officer got down on his knees.

“We live here, Pops!” Ed said, rolling in front of his brother. Ed’s eyes were fierce.

“Calm down. You act older than six years old!” The officer smiled.

“Shut up!” Ed yelled. “FYI, I’m not six! I’m ten, god damn it!”

The officer looked at Ed’s condition and his eyes widened. “Wow, what happened to your arm and leg… um…”

“The name’s Ed!” Ed exclaimed. “And when I was born my right arm and left leg were dad, the doctor sawed them off and when I was one, I got auto-mail. But my auto-mail isn’t ready yet. It malfunctioned and now I have to go around on this thing!”

“Wow…” The officer felt sorry for Ed. Ed was the first kid he ever met with out an arm and leg made out of flesh and blood. Or just any body party that was fake. “And you are?” The officer looked over at Zac.

“My name is Zac, sir!” Zac came out from behind his brother and put his hand up in a salute, and the officer chuckled.

“It’s okay, son. You don’t need to be up-tight with me.” The officer looked over at the body out-line. “My name is Officer Raymond. Just call me Ray. Was that your mom that was shot?”


“What’s it to you?” Ed asked, going in front of Zac again. Ed’s eyes were hardening up, “Are you going to take us downtown for questioning?”

“That lady was our mother! And we were in the house when the killer was but we were hiding behind the bookshelf and we heard him talking!” Zac exclaimed quickly.

“All right, I’ll need to take you two downtown for-”

“We know the drill! This happened when our dad left! The military wanted to know what happened to him! We don’t know why, but we do know the downtown for questioning drill!” Ed exclaimed.

“All right then, let’s go!” Ray grabbed Zac’s left hand and reached for Ed’s right hand and only grabbed air. Ray remembered Ed’s condition and grabbed one of the handles on the wheel chair. Ed knew he couldn’t stop the officer, he was only a kid without an arm and leg in a wheelchair.

Ray walked outside the door and to the back of the house where his car was. Ray opened the door and put Zac inside then closed the door, Ray brought Ed around the other side and lifted Ed into the car, putting the wheel chair into the trunk. Ray got into the driver’s seat and buckled his seat belt. “Don’t forgot to buckle your seatbelts! Zachary, help your brother if he needs it.”

Ed and Zac buckled there seat belts and since Ed was on the left side, he could put his left arm on the arm rest. “So, what made you talk about mom to the officer, Zac?”

“I’m sorry… but-”

“Give your older brother some respect Ed, he meant well.” Ray said.

“Older?” Ed’s face darkened. “Who are you calling short? I’d be tall too if I was wearing big boots that make you two inches taller!”

“Sorry, Officer.” Zac said, “My older brother has a short temper.”

“Short, Zac?” Ed exclaimed. “I’m not short! I’m still growing for crying out loud!”

Ed calmed down and looked out the window, he hated police officers. The police is the reason his dad probably left anyways, at least that’s what he thought. Because if the military wanted to find their dad, their dad was probably hiding from them. Which that meant he did something wrong, which made Ed even more confused!

“So, Officer,” Zac asked, “You’re not going to find us foster parents, are you?”

“Well, of course. That’s why we’re going downtown… well, and for questioning too!” Ray smiled.

“See, Zac?” Ed looked over at his brother. “This is another reason I hate officers.”

“But…” Zac was thinking of an excuse.

“Why do you hate officers?” Ray asked.

“Well, first of all, we don’t live with our mother.” Ed lied, Zac looked over at his brother.

“You don’t?” Ray looked astonished.

“Nope, we live with our grandma, Francis. Our mother lives just down the street from Francis’s house!” Ed exclaimed.

“But when I asked you two what you were doing there you said you lived there…” Ray pointed out, Ed’s stomach felt stale, he was out of ideas and nervous.

“The reason my brother said that is because we practically lived there. We just sometimes stay there. We usually help our mother out because she was feeling very sick lately. But she wasn’t! She just felt like it. So everyday we went over their to help her with the dishes, clean the house, all that jazz!” Zac explained.

“We sometimes slept there, so we made our room and got all of our stuff there too.” Ed explained. “We didn’t even know that she was dead until we went there. The only reason Zac said that we heard the man talking, is because he has a big imagination and saw that line in a movie or read it in a book once!”

“Oh, then I don’t need to bring you downtown then. I’ll drop you off at your mom’s house and you can get home from there, right?” Ray asked.

“Yeah!” Ed smiled. It was getting dark and Ed knew the way back to Hally’s by heart.

The car turned around and stopped in front of Ed’s house. “You two be good, you hear?” Ray waved goodbye and drove off.

Ed rolled his wheelchair down the street and Zac followed. “Hey, Zac?” Ed said after awhile.

“Yes, brother?” Zac looked over at Ed.

“Thanks for covering me back there.” Ed smirked. “I just didn’t want to leave this place.”

“Yeah, me neither.” Zac smiled, looking ahead.

“I’ll race you back to Hally’s!” Ed exclaimed, racing off on his wheelchair.

“Hey!” Zac yelled, running after him. “No fair, you have wheels!”


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