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The Birth Of A New Coordinator

The Birth Of A New Coordinator

Maddie Black was just a normal eleven year old girl. But one thing was, she hated pokemon. Pokemon to her, were just little annoying pets who just said their name all day long!

Her mom wanted her to get a pokemon like everyone else, but she didn’t want a pokemon!

Maddie, please!” Her mom pleaded. They were eating dinner, meatloaf. “Please get a pokemon!”

“No mom!” Maddie crossed her arms. “I’m not getting a pokemon!”

Maddie’s just too scared!” Her little brother, Matt, said.

“No I’m not!” Maddie scowled. “I just don’t like pokemon! They’re just little annoying pets who say their name all day!”

“Matthew! Stop pestering your sister!” Mrs. Black snapped.

“Listen Margaret,” Mr. Black said, referring to Mrs. Black. “If Maddie doesn’t want to get a pokemon, she doesn’t need to get a pokemon!”

“But Maxwell,” Mrs. Black said, referring Maxwell to Mr. Black. “If Maddie doesn’t get a pokemon, then she will miss out on voyages and meeting new acquaintances. You remember how we met. Do you not?”

“Mom! Dad!” Maddie yelled, standing up. “I can make my own decisions! I’m not a baby like Matt!”

“Hey!” Matt exclaimed.

“Shut up!” Maddie snapped. “I’m not making any decisions until you guys lay off!”

Maddie stormed out of the kitchen and they all sat quietly for five minutes. “I forgot my food.” Maddie said. She snatched her plate, napkin, silverware, and cup of water and stormed back into her room.

She sat down at her desk and ate her food in silence, holding back tears as she tore into her dim sum and fried rice. When Maddie finished she put all of her dishes in the sink and threw away her napkin. Then she ran back into her room when she heard her mom and dad fighting. She threw herself onto her bed and started crying into her pillow.

“This is all my fault!” Maddie cried. “I should have just gotten a stupid pokemon!”

Maddie whipped away her tears and lied down until she calmed down. I probably have to get a pokemon, Maddie thought, if I don’t then my parents won’t stop fighting…

Maddie went out of her room and confronted her parents. “Mom, Dad, I’ll get a pokemon.” Maddie said.

“Oh! Maddie!” Mrs. Black cried, squeezing Maddie in her arms.

Mr. Black looked at Maddie’s face to see many expressions one that said, I’m happy you’re happy, another that said, I don’t want to get a pokemon! and one that said, Can you stop hugging me now?

Maddie, you don’t have to do this.” Mr. Black said. Maddie beamed at her father.

“You heard her! She actually wants a pokemon! Let her choose her own choices!” Mrs. Black said. Maddie frowned at that part, her mom said she had to get a pokemon and now she says she needs to make her own choices?

“I’ll make an appointment with Professor Elm.” Mrs. Black said. “You, young lady need to see what pokemon you want! Go on your computer and find out!”

Maddie left quietly while her dad waited to hear her door close. “Maddie doesn’t want a pokemon,” Mr. Black said when he heard the door close tight, “She just decided to get one so we wouldn’t fight anymore.”

“Let her make her own decisions, Maxwell.” Mrs. Black said.

“Margaret, you were pestering her about getting a pokemon!” Mr. Black reminded her. “Plus, she hates pokemon! You make somebody like Maddie appreciate them by force!”

“Maybe I can!” Mrs. Black said.

Maddie opened up her laptop to see what pokemon she wanted. She didn’t really want a pokemon, but it was the only way to stop her parents from fighting. Maddie had a great relationship with her dad, but she didn’t even have an okay relationship with her mother.

Maddie hated wearing skirts and dresses and liked more boy things. But her mom wanted her to like more girly things. Maddie’s dad excepted Maddie for who she was, not just because she’s his birth daughter.

Maddie looked on the computer and looked at the pokemon she could choose from. Either Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile. She looked at them through their evolutions and like Chikorita.

Maddie’s getting a pokemon!” Matt said sarcastically.

“Shut up!” Maddie snapped.

“Well, I need to do some measurements for your room…” Matt thought.

“For what?” Maddie asked, turning around.

“For my research lab!” Matt exclaimed. “If I want to be better at pokemon than you, then I have to research. Plus, you know that Chikorita’s the weakest one, don’t you? If you were smart than you would get Cyndaquil, the strongest.”

“Shut up!” Maddie yelled, chasing her brother out of her room.

Maddie closed her laptop and went to bed, not feeling like changing or anything. As Maddie slept, she had dreams, bad ones. Dreams that she would get lost in the forest and never came out. Right in the middle of the dream when her Chikorita turned against her and nearly cut her, her dad woke her up.

“Ah!” Maddie screamed, quickly sitting straight before anything.

“Are you okay?” Mr. Black asked.

“I don’t know.” Maddie said, she could feel her heart pounding and hear her breathing loudly.

“We have to go buy you supplies for your journey, get ready and meet me downstairs.” Mr. Black said.

Maddie nodded and got ready. She was tired and scared. Maybe the reason she didn’t like pokemon so much was because maybe she was afraid? Maddie was quiet and brushed her hair, just looking into her eyes through the mirror. Just on expression, fear, maybe that was the expression she had her entire life. No happiness, no frustration, but fear!

She looked over at the corner of her mirror where there was a picture of herself at the beach a year ago. All she saw was fear. Nothing else, she seemed happy, but she was just afraid.

Maddie changed into some clean clothes and walked downstairs, seeing her dad waiting at the door. “Aren’t we going to have breakfast?” Maddie asked.

“We’ll just buy some.” Mr. Black said.

Maddie went out of the door and Mr. Black had a worried expression when he looked into his child’s eyes. He acted as if he was the only one who knew that all she showed was fear. Nothing else but fear.

When they got into the car, Maddie asked, “Dad?”

“Yes?” Mr. Black said.

“Have I always shown fear? No other expression?” Maddie asked. Her father’s eyes looked frightened.

“Well…” Mr. Black started. “Uh…” Mr. Black couldn’t fit words. “Actually… yes.”

“Why?” Maddie wondered.

Mr. Black started the car and pulled out of the driveway before he said, “Because, when you were a baby, we took you to the beach. You had so much happiness, but…” Mr. Black paused. “A Wailmer was playing with you and it seemed innocent enough, but he was laughing and accidentally swallowed you.”

Maddie frowned, the biggest fear was in her eyes. “When he swallowed you I came rushing, but your mother was too busy working on her tan to notice. When I went into his stomach to find you, you were crying so loud, so much fear. So much fear I knew that you would hate pokemon.”

Maddie was only feared. What if that happened with a Wailord!? What if she actually died on her journey? She was too afraid. Only fear in her eyes. Not the slightest other emotion.

Mr. Black kept quiet and thought of changing the subject. “What do you want to do first?” Mr. Black asked. “Eat, or go shopping?”

Maddie felt her stomach growling at her, “Eat.”

Mr. Black drove over to a small café, Maddie and her dad always ate there.

“What would you like to order?” The waiter asked, taking a pad of paper out of his apron.

“Butter Milk Pancakes and Orange Juice please.” Maddie replied.

“Waffles and milk for me.” Mr. Black said.

“You’re order will be ready ASAP.” The waiter said. ASAP means As Soon As Possible.

After the waiter left, Mr. Black asked, “What pokemon do you want?”

“I decided to get Chikorita.” Maddie said, depressed.

“The weakest?” Mr. Black exclaimed. “Why not get Cyndaquil! Cyndaquil is the strongest!”

“I don’t want to talk about it…” Maddie sighed. She rubbed her thumbs together and waited until the order came. When the order came, Maddie ate quietly, occasionally sipping her orange juice. Not daring to say a word to her father.

Once they were done, Mr. Black drove Maddie over to Professor Elm’s lab. When they arrived, Professor Elm was waving a kid off to his journey.

“Dad, can you wait in the car?” Maddie asked.

“Sure…” Mr. Black said, parking the car and waiting for Maddie to return just as she closed the door.

“Hello, there.” Professor Elm greeted. “Who are you?”

“I’m Maddie.” Maddie greeted. “I’m here for my first pokemon.”

Maddie…” Professor Elm started. “There are no pokemon left. I’m sorry. You should have came earlier. But, I only have one pokemon left.”

Mr. Black saw the worried look on Professor Elm’s face. He was good at telling expressions. He also saw that Professor Elm noticed the large fear in Maddie’s eyes.

“I’ll take it…” Maddie sighed.

Professor Elm walked Maddie into his lab and was looking for something. Professor Elm’s lab was such a mess. Maddie had just realized he had bags under his eyes and his hair was a rat’s nest! Professor Elm was obviously disorganized.

“Sorry about the mess.” Professor Elm apologized.

Maddie was silent. What pokemon is it?, Maddie thought, Will it be cute? Will it be mean? What is it?

Maddie, this will be your new pokemon!” Professor Elm said, releasing a Pichu out of its pokeball. “Here’s five pokeballs and a pokedex.” Professor Elm handed Maddie a pokedex and five pokeballs, not including Pichu’s pokeball. “Good luck!”

Maddie left with Pichu by her side and she noticed how much it said its name! Maddie looked down at her pokemon striding cheerfully outside. She quickly got paranoid at Pichu when they got into the car. Pichu sat in the back, buckling it’s seat belt, hoping not to fall out the window!

Part Two Coming Soon…


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