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Zoey Dinh

Zoey Dinh

Ash and Zoey came down from Pidgeot and walked into the lab. Pidgeot return!” Ash said returning his Pidgeot.

“Where did you two go?” Wayne wondered when he saw them.

“We went for a ride on Pidgeot.” Ash said.

“I don’t care!” Wayne snapped. “We need to leave!”

“Why?” Zoey wondered.

“Cipher knows what we’re up too and he’s coming!” Wayne exclaimed.

“Get your things packed!” Saphira yelled running in. “Cipher is almost here!”

Everybody ran everywhere finding their stuff and packing it up. They were running from here to their panicking.

“Ash!” Zoey yelled looking for Ash.

There was no answer and Zoey kept on looking. Why am I looking for him the hard way?, Zoey thought turning on her suit. She put the X-ray vision on so she could look through the room.

She saw Ash in his and Mike’s bedroom looking through his things. She ran in there.

“Ash! We have to go!” Zoey said.

“Hold on! I can’t find Pidgeot’s pokeball!” Ash said looking rapidly through his things.

“What do you mean? You always have to keep your pokemon’s pokeball!” Zoey exclaimed.

“I felt a thump…” Ash paused to listen to something.

“Come men! This is the lab that Michael and Wayne posses! They have to have the purifying device!” A loud voice said.

“Cipher!” Zoey whispered. “Ash! Come here!”

Ash did as told and came toward Zoey. Zoey put her arm around her and she and Ash turned invisible. Then they sat at the very far corner of Mike’s bed.

“Check in this room!” Cipher commanded. The troops, Sorrel and Jake, came in and searched through the room.

Ten minutes later, Cipher asked, “What did you find?”

“Nothing Cipher.” Jake said.

“All we found was this pokeball.” Sorrel said. “Should we keep it?”

“No. It’s probably empty.” Cipher said walking out of the room.

“Do you think he’ll still give us the raise?” Jake wondered.

“What do you think!?” Sorrel snapped.

“No…” Jake said, still holding the pokeball. “Forget it.” Jake threw the pokeball aside and it hit Ash on the head. Before Pidgeotto came out of its pokeball, Ash wasn’t quick enough to catch it, but Zoey jumped forward and caught it.

“Did you hear that?” Sorrel asked.

“Hear what?” Jake wondered.

“I thought I heard somebody jump forward from the bed to catch the pokeball!” Sorrel replied.

“Just go!” Jake said going out the door.

A few minutes later, Sorrel was still in the room and said, “If you’re in here I’ll find you!”

Ash gulped and clenched his fist tight. He sat like that until Cipher shouted, “They took it with them! Move out!”

After half an hour everyone was out and Zoey and Ash turned back to their normally visible selves.

“That was too close!” Ash gasped.

“It wasn’t that tiring!” Zoey exclaimed. “Anyways, we have to figure out how to get to Cipher’s desert lab! It was abandoned fifteen years ago, five years later, it went back to normal, but now, he returned to it! He thinks he can be so sneaky!”

“What were they looking for anyways?” Ash wondered.

“They said it out loud! They’re looking for the purify chamber!” Zoey snapped.

“Sorry! Having a pokeball knock ya’ in the head isn’t my idea of trying to remember things!” Ash argued.

Zoey was thinking when she suddenly got an idea, it was to forget about Wayne, Mike, and Saphira, and then just go to Cipher’s lab without them! “I have an idea! We can forget about Wayne, Mike, and Saphira, then just go to Cipher’s lab without them!”

“Are you sure about this Zoe?” Ash reassured.

“Yes! We traveled to that island when we were kids!” Zoey exclaimed.

“We still are kids.” Ash sighed.

“We can still do this! Remember, the famous Ash Ketchum, he traveled all alone with Pikachu until he met that Misty gym leader person!” Zoey exclaimed. Zoey and Ash were big Misty and Ash fans. “We can still do this! No one has to agree with us! Nobody has to follow us! We just have to believe in ourselves!”

“But Ash wasn’t alone, he had Pikachu.” Ash sighed.

Out of nowhere, Pidgeot and Eevee cam out of there pokeballs. “See, Ash? We’re not alone! We have Eevee and Pidgeot to help us! And we have each other! We can do this!”

Zoey! You have to think of the possibilities! How can we travel a very, very long way just you, me, Pidgeot, and Eevee?” Zoey wasn’t very happy with Ash.

“Ash! You so haven’t been yourself lately! What’s up with you? Ever since we started out this journey you’ve been changing!” Zoey exclaimed.

“Well, I’ve been kidnapped twice and Cipher is trying to capture you!” Ash exclaimed.

“Sorry, but you didn’t think this was going to be easy as crossing the street would you?” Zoey reminded.

Zoey! I can’t do this! I thought that Ash Ketchum had an easy time! After all of his history, almost every boy is named after him! Especially me! My mom and dad want me to travel just like he did! But I can’t!” Ash was sitting down on a chair and started to sigh. “Zoey… if you want to save the world, or at least the pokemon, do it on your own!” Ash took the copy of the Snag 500 off of his hands and put it on the table, then he left…

All Zoey did was stand there…

And wait…

And wait…


When Ash was storming out of Mike’s and Wayne’s lab, he ran into the kid that gave Ash and Zoey trouble when they first arrived.

“Hey Ash.” Derrick greeted him.

“What do you want?” Ash stormed by.

“You still didn’t finish our challenge!” Derrick reminded Ash.

“So? I’m leaving Pyrite Town, so just forget it!” Ash snapped.

“I can’t.” Derrick said.

“Why not?” Ash wondered.

“Because, my sister is a total dork and will never get her first kiss! So I need you to kiss her!” Derrick explained.

Ash threw his pokeball and sent out Pidgeot. “I’m going back to Mossdeep.” Ash said getting on Pidgeot’s back. He flew off leaving Derrick steaming mad.

Pidgeot, I shouldn’t have left Zoey… It’s just I can’t go around Orre trying to defeat Cipher and then getting kidnapped ten more times!” Ash exclaimed.

Pidgeot!” Pidgeot said.

“I can’t go back there now! She’ll totally hate my guts!” Ash said. Ash and Pidgeot were silent and Ash was thinking hard while watching Pyrite Town become a small black dot.

Well, she is sort of my girlfriend since we kissed… and it may ruin our relationship if I leave her…, Ash thought.

Pidgeot! We’re going back to Pyrite Town!” Ash exclaimed.

Pidgeot turned around and flew back to Pyrite Town. Where Zoey was waiting for Ash to come back.


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