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Zoey Dinh

Zoey Dinh

"Pidgeot!" Ashe’s new Pidgeot said with joy.

"Yes!" Ash said, returning to the room.

"Good job!" Mike congratulated. "Nothing is wrong! All you need to do is have a battle with Zoey, then Wayne! Then, you’ll be a champ!"

"No problem!" Ash said blushing. "I just study in school!"

"Study?" Mike said. "You dominate!"

"Seriously," Ash said. "Don’t mention it!"

"Let’s go see Zoey." Mike suggested.

Ash and Mike went to Zoey’s computer and they weren’t there. "Now what?" Ash wondered.

"Do you want to shower?" Mike wondered.

"Sure." Ash said.

They walked to the bathroom and talked about girls. When they reached the bathroom, they just opened the door and Zoey was butt-naked in the tub.

"Get out!" Zoey screamed putting everything but her head underwater.

"Sorry, sorry!" Mike said covering his eyes.

"Get out!" Zoey screamed.

"Okay!" Ash said running out.

Mike slammed the door shut breathing heavily. "Is she always like that?"

"What do you mean?" Ash wondered.

"Is she always that hot!?" Mike wondered.

"I don’t know." Ash said. "She’s just my friend… I don’t think that she’s hot."

"Whatever you say… whatever you say…" Mike said.

That was really embarrassing!, Zoey thought in the tub, at least I didn’t get out of the water…

When Zoey was done she grabbed her towel and dried off. She put on her clothes which were really dirty. She met Saphira and they went to go eat. Ash went into the bath tub to wash up.

"What were you screaming about?" Saphira wondered after swallowing a bite of bread.

"Nothing…" Zoey said embarrassed. "Anyways, do you have any new clothes for me to wear?"

"Yeah." Saphira said. "I’ll show you later."

The two of them ate quietly and they left toward a wardrobe. The wardrobe was big and white.

"Go on in." Saphira said.

"Don’t I need an explanation?" Zoey said.

"You can figure it out on your own!" Saphira said opening the wardrobe and pushing Zoey inside.

"Saphira!" Zoey called pounding on the door.

Nobody answered and when Zoey tried opening the door, it was locked. Oh well. I wonder why she put me in here?

Zoey felt around and she found a button, she pushed it and ten light bulbs around a mirror lit up. She found herself in a room with a table, attached to the table a mirror, and a chair.

She sat down looking into the mirror. Her hair was messy, the tip her nose had a small scar, and she looked like she was five.

It looks like I’m five years old…, Zoey thought, is this showing me my past? That’s how old I was when…

"Welcome." A voice said.

"Who’s there?" Zoey wondered.

"I am the wardrobe, I am here to dress you, make your face look better, do your hair, and many other things to your looks." The wardrobe said.

"Do you have a name?" Zoey wondered.

"Call me Pat." Pat said.

"Can you do my clothes first?" Zoey wondered.

"Of course." Pat said.

Pat sounded like a real person! Like Zoey’s mother. Zoey was feeling much uncomfortable now.

"Look into the mirror and choose your outfit by clicking the left button on your mouse." Pat instructed.

Zoey looked through clothes until she found the perfect outfit.

"I have chosen." Zoey said.

"First, I must measure you." Pat instructed.

"Okay." Zoey said standing up.

The computer scanned her front to back, head to toe. When she was done measuring the clothes were made in ten minutes. Zoey tried them on and they fit perfectly! Not too big, nor too small, not too tight, nor too loose, just perfect!

Zoey was now wearing a red shirt with white long sleeves, a pair of denim blue jeans, and a pair of white sneakers.

"Now can you do my hair?" Zoey wondered.

"Of course, I will need to know every detail of your hair please." Pat said.

"Of course." Zoey said.

Zoey’s hair has grown in the past three days, Zoey’s hair would grow about an inch a night! Zoey’s brown hair was streaked with blonde because she was in the sun so much. And her hair was grown all the way down to her hips.

Her hair was scanned and different hair styles showed up on the mirror. She chose a hair style and Pat was into action. A bunch of mechanical arms with hair utensils in their grasp. Her hair was done in about fifteen minutes.

When she was done, her hair was normal, but their was one pink streak going down a lock of hair in the front on the right side.

"Thanks Pat." Zoey thanked.

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