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Zoey Dinh

Zoey Dinh

“We reached headquarters.” Sorrel said to Ash.

“Where is headquarters?” Ash wondered trying to find out some information.

“I’m not telling you!” Sorrel snapped. “You want to get information and then, report it to Zoey if you get a phone call!” Sorrel already planned out Ashe’s and Zoey’s plan.

“No!” Ash tried to make himself not feel like he was lying.

“Well anyways!” Sorrel interrupted. “We’re at headquarters and I need you to come with us to Cipher!”

Ash couldn’t say anything because Sorrel quickly came in and tapped his mouth shut and tied ropes around his body and then tying his hands together along with his legs.

“Come on Sweetie!” Sorrel said to Jake.

“Coming!” Jake said gathering his things.

“Let’s go already!” Sorrel said.

“We’re only 13 years old and we work for Cipher…” Jake realized.

“So?” Sorrel said.

“So don’t you think our moms and dads are worried about us?” Jake wondered.

“Not my parents! They’re always getting drunk not taking care of me! So why would I care if they care about me?” Sorrel said.

“Well my parents are worried. They love me a lot!” Jake said.

Actually, Sorrel and Jake were WRONG. Jake’s parents were happy he was gone and Sorrel’s parents missed her a lot!

These people are really stupid!, Ash thought, I wish I could do something!

“Let’s go!” Sorrel said after Jake was done tying his shoe.

“Not so fast!” A familiar voice said.

“Who was that?” Jake wondered.

“Me!” Zoey said jumping down from the ceiling. “Time to go!” Zoey released Ash from the ropes with her suit and also got the tape off. “Let’s go!”

“You can’t do that!” Jake said as Zoey was about to leave.

“Well I think I just did!” Zoey said making a hole in the roof and jumping out of it. “See ya’!”

Zoey carried Ash to an orb. The orb was blue though. Wayne and Mike purchased another one. After they were about two miles away, they stopped.

“How did you find me?” Ash wondered.

“Wayne found the signal and where it came from, we followed the signal and we found you here, at Cipher’s abandoned desert lab. You know, I think Cipher would have stopped using his lab after 15 years!” Zoey explained.

“Thanks…” Ash was thinking about the ring. “It seems like Jake and Sorrel love each other!”

“Oh… then why did she try to kiss you?” Zoey wondered.

“She was trying to make Jake jealous.” Ash said.

“Oh…” Zoey said relieved. “That’s Cipher’s lab, we finally got here.”

“Yeah I know.” Ash said. “Maybe we can start the attack?” Ash wondered.

“With our pokemon? No way!” Zoey exclaimed. “We need more training! Hold on a second…” Zoey said.

Zoey slid a keyboard out from under the table and typed in something really fast… it was really hard to tell from how fast she types. She typed in something again and they teleported back to Mike and Wayne’s lab.

“We’re back!” Zoey called, turning off her suit.

“Good.” Saphira said.

“Now Ash and I are ready to start our training.” Zoey said.

“Okay.” Wayne said. “We’ll start right now. Zoey go into the right teleporter and Ash go into the left teleporter.”

“Okay!” They both said.

Zoey went into the right teleporter and Ash went into the left teleporter.

“Mike, you observe Ash and Saphira and I will observe Zoey.” Wayne said.

They all went to observe each one at a computer. Saphira and Wayne went to the computer on the left and Wayne went to the computer on the right.

Zoey’s training…

“Go! Eevee!” Zoey yelled.

“Go Mudkip!” The computer opponent, Bobbie, said.

“Eevee tackle!” Zoey said, making the first move.

“Mudkip dodge!” Bobbie said. Mudkip instantly dodged the attack.

“Eevee, quick attack!” Zoey said.

“Mudkip! Keep on dodging Eevee’s attacks!” Bobbie commanded. Eevee was still running.

“Mudkip!” Mudkip said.

“Eevee! Full speed ahead!” Zoey said.

“Eevee!” Eevee yelled running toward Mudkip at full speed.

“Now!” Bobbie said. Mudkip dodged and Eevee missed. “Water gun!”

“Eevee!” Eevee cried being hit by water gun.

“Eevee!” Zoey cried worriedly.

“Mudkip! Finish it off with tackle!” Bobbie commanded.

“Eevee!” Eevee yelled flying back.

“Eevee return!” Zoey said returning Eevee to her pokeball.

Zoey went back to the computer room and talked with Wayne about what she needed to work on.

“You can never make the first move!” Wayne lectured. “You wait until the opponent make their first move, and dodge! Do what the computer program did!”

“The computer program, is just a digital person! I can’t fight fake people! Cipher and his companions are real people! Not computer programs!” Zoey argued.

“Listen!” Saphira yelled. “Zoey! Wayne does have a point about battling! And Wayne! I expect more from you! You know that battling computer programs does nothing! You need to battle her! Not some virtual person!

“Zoey, you need to freshen up!” Saphira realized. “I’ll take you to the bathroom so you can take a shower, then I’ll get you some food.”

“Thanks!” Zoey said blushing.

“I’ll go see how Ash is doing.” Wayne said.

Ashe’s training…

“Go! Pidgeotto!” Ash said.

“Go! Igglybuff!” The computer program, Jade, said.

Ash waited for Jade to make her move. It was five minutes before anyone said anything.

“Igglybuff! Tackle!” Jade commanded.

“Pidgeotto dodge!” Ash said.

Pidgeotto dodged and Igglybuff missed by a mile! “Igglybuff! Tail whip!”

In a cute way, Igglybuff wagged its short stubby tail. Pidgeotto was caught off-guard because Igglybuff looked so cute!

“Pidgeotto! Close your eyes and focus!” Ash said. Pidgeotto was soon out of trance. “Now! Pidgeotto! Quick attack!”

“Pidgeotto!” Pidgeotto said.

“Igglybuff!” Igglybuff cried flying back.

“Igglybuff!” Jade cried worried about her pokemon.

“Igglybuff is unable to battle, Pidgeotto wins.” A voice said.

“Pidgeotto!” Ash exclaimed.

Pidgeotto was turning white and changing shape. Pidgeotto got bigger and bigger. Pidgeotto was evolving!


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