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Zoey Dinh

Zoey Dinh

Zoey!” Ash yelled. Ash saw that his battery was getting low on his suit.

Jake threw a net over Ash and Ash realized he only had enough battery to rescue one of them.

“Ash!” Zoey screamed. “What are we going to do?!”

“I’ll take care of it!” Wayne said appearing.

Zoey! I only have enough battery for one of us! I’m sorry!” Ash said releasing a flame.

Ash freed Zoey of her net and Zoey ran toward Wayne. Sorrel and Jake took Ash not realizing Zoey wasn’t in her net into a plane and took off.

“Ash!” Zoey yelled.

Wayne called everyone and they met up at the center of town.

“What happened?” Saphira wondered.

“Little Ms. Zoey here put herself and Ash in danger.” Wayne said darkly.

“How was I supposed to know Jake and Sorrel were here!?” Zoey wondered.

“You could have stayed with us!” Wayne argued. “You can’t always be the center of attention! You don’t ask for help freely, but you always put yourself in danger and everyone feels sorry for you!”

“Maybe if Ash could have shown some respect!” Zoey yelled.

Wayne and Zoey started snapping at each other. Like two people fighting over a scrap of meat, but with words. Saphira and Mike stared at them like this was never going to end.

“Do you think they’ll ever stop?” Mike wondered.

“No.” Saphira sighed.

Zoey is 10 but she acts like she’s 16.” Mike said. “She acts like Wayne a lot. Do you think they’re related?”

“Probably, but I highly doubt it.” Saphira answered.

“You guys stop it!” Mike yelled. They started to yell even louder.

Saphira was getting really mad. She was about to blow!


“You guys stop fighting!” Saphira yelled so loud people in Pallet Town could here her.

Zoey and Wayne quieted down staring at her with awe. “You guys come here to beat Cipher and you just stand there fighting!? If you guys can’t get along then don’t travel places with each other!” Saphira yelled. Quieter then the first time.

Zoey and Wayne didn’t talk when they were leaving the city. Mike was thinking where Sorrel and Jake went. If they worked for Cipher maybe they went to Cipher’s desert lab.

“Come on! We’re not leaving yet!” Mike said running toward the lab.

Everyone went running after him. Zoey was not in the best mood right now and all she wanted to do was punch Wayne in the stomach. Which wasn’t really a bad idea…

“Where are we going?” Saphira asked keeping up with Mike.

Mike was silent. All he could do was think. When they arrived at the lab, Mike went inside and so did everyone else. When they came inside Zoey just stood there with an evil glare.

“Why should we walk when… Mike pulled off two sheets. “When we have these!”

Mike revealed two machines. They both seated two which Zoey thought was a problem.

“What about Ash?” Zoey wondered.

Mike ignored her and told them about the machines. One, was shaped like an orb. The other was shaped like a motorcycle with a spare seat.

Zoey which one do you want to ride?” Mike wondered.

“The orb one I guess…” Zoey said.

Saphira?” Mike said.

“Motorcycle like one.” Saphira said surely.

“Wayne?” Mike wondered.

“Motorcycle.” Wayne said darkly.

“Okay then.” Mike said. “I’ll travel with Zoey.”

Zoey was about to punch Mike in the face.

“Get in.” Mike said.

The orb was blue. It was big and their were two seats inside. The orb would close and you would be like a hamster in a running ball. It looked all blue on the outside, but it was clear n the inside. The orb would float in the air like a hovercraft.

“Did you make this?” Zoey wondered.

“No, Wayne and I bought it.” Mike answered.

“How will Ash come back with us if we can only seat two people per… vehicle.” Zoey said not knowing what to call the hovercraft and motorcycle together.

“I won’t be traveling with you, Wayne, and Saphira for long.” Mike said.

To Zoey her life seemed like a movie. Being all normal, getting her first pokemon, staying at some fortune teller’s cabin, running away from home, met Jake and Sorrel both working for Cipher, meeting Saphira a Shadow Pokemon fighter, meeting Wayne a Shadow Pokemon fighter, meeting Mike another Shadow Pokemon fighter, seeing adults turn into teenagers, Ash was kidnapped by Sorrel and Jake, and traveling around in some blue orb.


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