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Zoey Dinh

Zoey Dinh


“How am I supposed to do that in this weird suit!?” Zoey said.

“Then make just for your arm but you’ll have to put it on your body again!” Michael said irritated.

“Thank you!” Zoey said. Arm, Zoey thought.

The suit went back just so it went onto her arm.

“Now you have to push a button to make it go on your body.” Wayne said pointing to the button.

“You forgot to tell us the name.” Ash reminded.

“This is the, Snag 500.” Wayne said. “It was going to be called the Shadow Suit, but we thought Snag 500 was better.”

“I like Shadow Suit better.” Zoey said.

“Let’s go.” Mike said. “We’ll have to work fast!”
Zoey pushed the button and Ash felt sort of left out. “Do you have anything I could wear?” Ash wondered.

“Sure” Wayne said going to the computer. “I just have to make a copy of Snag 500 and copy it without the snag process.”

Wayne did what he had to do in five minutes. The Snag 500 took longer but Ashe’s suit didn’t take as long because it was already made.

Ash put the suit on and it was the same as Zoey’s except it was white. “Let’s go!”

“Nice suit!” Zoey said as they all ran down the hall.

“Thanks!” Ash said. “It has the same features as yours except for the snagging process.”

Ash looks so cool in that suit!, Zoey thought, He looks way more cuter than before! Shadow detector on!

Zoey looked through the room and tried to find some Shadow Pokemon. She thought it would be a great time to start looking.

“What the…” Zoey mumbled. There was a message on her screen. It said:

Zoey, it looks like Saphira is acting suspicious about something.

Zoey looked over at Saphira. Mike and Wayne were talking and Saphira was staring at them strangely. She looked at her lips and she was mumbling something. Zoey slowed down and was walking behind Saphira trying not to breathe loudly.

“I know what Wayne and Mike are up too. If you’re wondering a girl is the next Shadow Pokemon fighter. You better keep your pokemon safe Cipher.” Saphira mumbled.

Saphira worked for Cipher. Message on! Capital a, s, h, space, capital s, a p, h, i, r, a, space, w, o, r, k, s, space, capital c, i, p, h, e, r. Send!, Zoey thought.

Ash got the message it said:

Saphira works for Cipher

Ash typed a message to Zoey. It said:

I think she MIGHT be Sorrel, she looks a lot like her. She looked different before. First she had red hair, now she has brown. And she’s shorter too!

When they finally got out of the building Ash and Zoey stayed inside saying they needed to discuss something.

“I think Saphira is Sorrel.” Ash said.

“We aren’t sure so lets just keep a watchful eye on her.” Zoey said. Snag 500, arm.

They went outside and no one noticed the snag machines. Ashe’s suit went on his hands as the gloves he had on instead of on his arm.

“Let’s go.” Wayne said.

“You knew around here?” A boy, about Zoey’s age wondered.

“Yeah, me and my friend.” Zoey said.

“The name’s Derrick.” Derrick said.

“My name’s Zoey and this is Ash.” Zoey said.

“How old are you and Ash?” Derrick wondered.

“We’re both 10.” Zoey said getting suspicious.

“Yes!” Derrick said. “I’ve been waiting a long time! All new 10 year olds have to take a test!”

“Bring it on!” Zoey said.

“You have to climb that tree…” Derrick was thinking. “And! You have to kiss me! But Ash can kiss my twin sister, Karana!”

“No way!” Zoey refused.

Zoey, Ash let’s go!” Wayne called.

“I hope you don’t mind us coming here again!” Ash said punching Derrick in the face.

“Come here punk!” Derrick said.

Ash pushed a button and his suit went over his body.

“A Power Rangers Halloween suit won’t save you here!” Derrick insulted. “Halloween is over!” Derrick charged at them with great speed.

“Then why are you still wearing a mask!?” Ash said punching Derrick.

Zoey whispered something to Ash. Ash turned off his suit and went back to Wayne, Saphira (Maybe Sorrel), and Mike.

“Ash!” Zoey snapped.

“What?” Ash wondered.

“Yeah! Nice going!” Zoey snapped again.

“What did I do?” Ash asked.

“I could’ve handled it myself, thank you very much!” Zoey said.

“I just saved your life!” Ash argued.

“What?” Zoey said.

“You…” Ash started.

“Don’t answer me!” Zoey snapped. “I have been in more dangerous situations that you don’t know about! Some that you do! And now you save me? Don’t answer that either!” Zoey was furious. “And don’t think I’m done with you! You could have been hurt! So now you even try to save me?! You need to think Ash McGuire! I’m 10 years old! I’m not that little girl with a scraped knee on the playground anymore Ash!” Zoey was about to burst! “If you think I am then what are you doing here? I’m not that girl anymore Ash! I’m a big girl now! I’m not 6!” Zoey was really mad so she stormed off.

“What was that all about?” Mike wondered, eyes wide.

“Never knew she could be so mean!” Wayne exclaimed.

Ash was silent. Zoey and Ash have known each other since they were each 4! In preschool! Ash remembered those dangerous things. One of them was the well incident. A lot of things are happening and changing. Zoey was growing impatient. Saphira was probably Sorrel. Wayne was doing nothing. And Ash was losing himself.

“Ash?” Mike said.

“Yeah?” Ash asked after 10 minutes.

“What does she mean ’Dangerous situations’?” Mike asked.

“She was stuck in a well once. That wasn’t MUCH of a problem. The other time was a long time ago, when she was having a really hard time breathing. And the other one I know about is…” Ash couldn’t finish.

“What?” Wayne said.

“She asked me not to tell anyone about it.” Ash said looking down.

“We better find her!” Saphira said. Her hair was red and she was same height and everything. “Pyrite Town isn’t the best place to be.”

Wayne said that everyone should split up so everyone went in a different way. Pyrite Town wasn’t big, but you could easily get lost.

Ash was unsure about making Zoey mad. She was probably never going to come back.

“Where is she!?” A voice said quietly, but near by.

“I don’t know.” Another voice said.

“You’re such and idiot! Did I say tell me where she is?” The voice said.

Ash thought about the voices and realized it was…………………………… Jake and Sorrel!

“Jake and Sorrel!” Ash whispered really low.

Ash was looking really quickly to find Zoey before Sorrel and Jake did. Ash saw Zoey walking toward a big building.

Zoey!” Ash yelled running as fast as he could.

Zoey kept on walking toward the building and Ash saw Sorrel and Jake. He ran faster and turned on his suit. Boost!, Ash thought.

Ash boosted up the street and got closer to Zoey.

Zoey!” Ash said when he was next to Zoey.

“What?!” Zoey snapped.

“Jake and Sorrel are here! We need to go!” Ash said.

“Yeah right!” Zoey said.

“I’m not kidding!” Ash said.

Just as Zoey was about to say something Zoey was caught in a net.

“You kiddies are so not going anywhere.”


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