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Zoey Dinh

Zoey Dinh


“Saphira, did you find the new Shadow Pokemon fighter, I got the signal?” Wayne wondered.

“Yes. Hold on.” Saphira said grabbing her pokegear. It rang five times then Zoey answered it. “Hello?”

“Hey Saphira!” Zoey said. “What’s up?”

“I found Wayne.” Saphira said. “Hurry over to the dock and call Ash too.”

“Okay, bye.” Zoey said.

“Bye” Saphira said.

“How will we see them?” Wayne wondered.

“We’ll get off the ship and wait on the dock.” Saphira said.

“We can’t do that!” Ash said.

“Can you stall the driver?” Saphira wondered.

“Duh!” Wayne said.

“I’ll wait at the door.” Saphira said.

Saphira and Wayne split up. Saphira went to the door and Wayne went to the captain’s control room.

“Hey Captain!” Wayne said coming in.

“What do you want boy?” The captain wondered. The captain was an old man and didn’t respect younger people. The captain’s name was George Philips.

“Just making sure you go smoothly across the sea. When do we take off captain?” Wayne wondered.

Wayne was only thirty-one years old, he still acted as he did when he was sixteen.

“Young mister! That’s no way to treat your captain!” The old man scowled.

“I think you should be respecting me… I was the Shadow Pokemon fighter and I saved the world and your big behind!” Wayne informed. “Do you want to yell at someone who saved your life?”

“The great Wayne?” Captain George said. “Thank you very much Sir Wayne! How can I help you?” Captain George said excitedly shaking Wayne’s hand.

“I need to wait for a friend. He’s the next Shadow Pokemon fighter. The third.” Wayne explained.

“Of course! Anything for you, Sir Wayne!” Captain George said.

Saphira waited outside and looked out into the fog. It was cold and her cheeks felt num. She waited trying to become warmer by rubbing her arms.

“Saphira!” Zoey called.

“Zoey! I’m right here! Follow my voice!” Saphira yelled.

“Saphira!” Zoey yelled again.

“Zoey just follow my voice! I’m here by the ship is Ash with you?” Saphira wondered.

“Yes!” Ash yelled.

“Zoey, Ash can you hear me?” Saphira called.

Then the lights of the ship went on and Zoey and Ash could see Saphira. They ran onto the ship and up into the captain’s control room.

“Stay in our room.” Saphira said handing them a card.

Saphira opened the door and saw Wayne and Captain George.

“Wayne we’re ready.” Saphira said.

“Right on time.” Wayne said. “See ya’ Gramps!”

When they walked out of the door Saphira said, “Is he your grandfather?”

“You really have forgotten me!” Ash said in shock. “Do we have a room?”

“Yes, I sent the next Shadow Pokemon fighter there.” Saphira whispered.

Wayne and Saphira walked to their room, room 827. Wayne saw Ash and Zoey and stepped forward to them.

“We’ll need you more then ever.” Wayne said to Ash. “Since you’re the next Shadow Pokemon fighter we must have a discussion.”

“But…” Zoey started to say.

“Saphira why are there two children?” Wayne wondered.

“Zoey is the Shadow Pokemon fighter and Ash and Zoey travel together.” Saphira explained.

“Zoey? That’s a weird name for a boy! And Ash must be short for Ashley right?” Wayne wondered.

“I’m Zoey!” Zoey said taking a step forward. “I’m the next Shadow Pokemon fighter.”

“Yeah right!” Wayne said. “All of the Shadow Pokemon fighters have been boys!”

“There’s only been two and you’re not much of a Shadow Pokemon fighter yourself!” Zoey said with anger in her eyes.

“Saphira tell me this girl is lying!” Wayne commanded.

“She’s not. She is the next Shadow Pokemon fighter. She is destined. She must fight! For fighting will save our world! If she doesn’t do you remember what happened before?” Saphira snapped.

“Yes. After I defeated Cipher I didn’t notice the last Shadow Pokemon inside the pokeball. I remembered that Cipher lost his memory of Shadow Pokemon but he took that pokemon and used it to gain his memory.” Wayne replied.

“What pokemon is it?” Zoey wondered.

“Nobody knows. Whoever knows doesn’t live.” Wayne said. “We have to get to my hideout so then Saphira and I can do something.”

“Like what?” Saphira wondered.

“You’ll see.” Wayne said.

“Okay.” Saphira said.

Zoey’s mind was filled with questions, but she thought she would get Wayne stressed by asking him.

They went to bed but Ash couldn’t go to sleep because of the rain pounding down on the windows. He nodded off and fell asleep quickly. When the sun was rising into the sky Ash felt a warm streak on his back filling his body with comfort. A cloud got in the way and Ash shivered.

“Wake up!” Wayne said shaking Ash.

“Five more minutes…” Ash moaned.

“Wake up!” Wayne yelled shaking Ash harder.

“Stop!” Ash yelled. Ash was NOT a morning person.

“Stop it Wayne.” Zoey said walking over to Ash. “Ash wake up.”

Ash smiled a bit but so that no one could tell. Ash stretched and with a huge yawn, he got out of bed.

“She has a magic touch or something!” Wayne said.

“Calm down Wayne.” Saphira said.

“Listen… At my hideout I have a machine Saphira and I have to use.” Wayne said.

“Can we talk about this later?” Ash said drowsily.

“Of course!” Wayne said. “Ash, get ready. The boat is almost at Pyrite Town.”

“What’s the machine we have to use?” Saphira wondered.

“Michael and I made it a long time ago.” Wayne said.

When Ash was ready about five minutes later, the boat arrived at Pyrite Town. Zoey and Ash thought it was terribly filthy, but Wayne and Saphira loved it! The walked toward a tall white building, perhaps the cleanest thing in Pyrite Town.

“This building used to be a new reporting place, but now it’s Michael’s and mine.” Wayne said.

They walked inside and went to a room. They saw Michael with a huge machine! It had a dome roof and poles to support it. They didn’t know what it was but Wayne and Michael did.

“Hey! I’m Michael!” Michael said putting out his hand.

“What’s up Michael I’m Ash!?” Ash said shaking his hand.

“Hi Michael, I’m Zoey, the next Shadow Pokemon fighter.” Zoey said.

“Are we ready to use the machine?” Michael asked Wayne.

“Of course!” Wayne said. “Come on Saphira.”

Michael, Wayne and Saphira stepped onto the machine. There was a computer that was needed to use for the machine.

“Zoey, could you turn on the compute and input the number ‘16’?” Michael asked.

“Sure” Zoey said.

Zoey did as she was told and a bright light came from the machine. Zoey put her arm in front of her eyes so she could see what was going on.

“Hey Zoey!” Wayne said.

Wayne looked younger, like he did in the picture 15 years ago….. Wayne was 16 again! So was Saphira and Michael!

“You’re… You’re younger!” Zoey said in awe.

“Yep! Wayne and I call it the, ‘Age Transmitter 2000’.” Michael said.

“Wait! You can make people younger?” Ash wondered.

“Yeah!” Wayne said.

“Can you make people older?” Zoey wondered.

“Yeah! But we can only make people up to 18 if you’re going to become older.” Michael explained.

“I never knew you could do that!” Ash said astonished.

“Michael, how did you make that?” Zoey wondered.

“Please call me Mike. It’s a long story. Just forget about it.” Michael said.

“Now. To get you the Snag Machine.” Wayne said.

They walked over to three big glass shelves. Like the ones that hold rare stuff in museums. In one there was a trashy 20 year old Snag Machine. In the other there was a 10 year old Snag Machine. In the other one was a 1 year old Snag Machine.

“That’s the Snag Machine I used.” Wayne said opening the case.

“This is the one I used.” Mike said taking out his Snag Machine.

“This one is yours.” Wayne said handing the Snag Machine to Zoey.

“This one is much more high-tech than mine or Wayne’s.” Mike said.

Zoey put it on her left arm the Snag Machine didn’t just secure itself on Zoey’s arm. It took over her body! She was covered in armor! Silver armor. Her whole entire body! A glass shield went over her eyes. It was like a metal jump suit that goes over your body. Along with a helmet that is attached to your suit. With a glass shield over your eyes.

“Am I supposed to go around like this?” Zoey wondered.

“Yeah!” Wayne said.

“It’s made for a boy more likely!” Zoey said.

“We thought the next Shadow Pokemon fighter would be boy. Like us!” Mike said.

“Can you make it some other color?” Zoey wondered.

“Yes.” Wayne said.

“But! It’s only for camouflage.” Mike said.

“Oh. How does it work?” Zoey wondered.

“All you have to do is think. There are wires attaches to your head that read your thoughts.” Wayne said.

“Just read the manual so you know what to do.” Mike said handing Zoey a book.

Zoey read it and thought of the camouflage. Camouflage!, Zoey thought. Then she disappeared!

“Zoey!” Ash said in shock.

“I’m right here Ash!” Zoey said making herself appear.

“This isn’t the best color…” Zoey said. Blue!, Zoey thought. Then Zoey’s outfit turned blue!

“Keep it silver!” Wayne said.

“Why?” Zoey wondered.

“It helps you change faster!” Michael said.

“Fine!” Zoey said, turning her outfit silver again.

“Now it’s time to destroy Cipher!”


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