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Zoey Dinh

Zoey Dinh

When Ash and Zoey got off the ship they ran to the Pokemon Center.

“Hello, welcome to the Pokemon Center. How may I help you?” Nurse Joy greeted,

“We need a room to stay in.” Zoey said.

“This way.” Nurse Joy said leading them to their room.

Zoey and Ash looked at the hallway. Bewildered they thought. It was a strange feeling. The hall was so big and long. Everything had a number. All of the doors had an even number on the right and odd numbers on the left side. The carpet was aqua and the walls were made of wood. There were pictures of people everywhere.

“Who is that?” Ash wondered pointing to a picture.

In the picture there was a teenage boy. He had silver hair, yellow eyes, a weird kind of sun glasses, a long black coat down to the knees, black pants, black boots, and black gloves. He also had some kind of weird machine on his left arm.

“That is Wayne. He was the first to destroy Shadow Pokemon. He is still alive. But he’s an adult now.” Nurse Joy said with tears held inside her eyes.

“And who’s that?” Zoey wondered pointing at a different picture.

The picture had another teenage boy. He had spiky red hair, a yellow vest, blue jeans, black and red sneakers, a black T-shirt, and another pair of weird sunglasses that were clear. He had another similar machine on his arm except more high-tech.

“That’s Michael. He was the second destroyer of Shadow Pokemon. He was more good than evil. You see, Wayne worked for another facility where he got his SNAG MACHINE, for Team Snaggem’. He worked for Team Snaggem’ and he quit when he met that girl.” Nurse Joy explained showing them the picture of Saphira.

The girl, Saphira, was a teenage girl. She had orange hair, purple boots, a white mini skirt, a pink tank top, a blue jacket, aqua-green eyes, and pink shoes.

“Her name is Saphira, she followed Ash wherever. But they separated a long time ago. Not far of Hoenn, Orre, lies. In Orre, there is Agate Village. Saphira lives there. She lived with her grandparents but they died not too long ago. Wayne, we don’t know if he even had any family. But he does. Everyone says his father was the famous Ash Ketchum. But it’s still a mystery. Everyone says his mother is Misty, the gym leader of the Cerulean Gym.” Nurse Joy explained. “Michael, we know who is mom is. His mom is Lily. And he had a little sister named Jovi. Jovi, Lily, and Michael lived at the Pokemon HQ Lab.”

“What are those things on their arms?” Ash wondered.

“Those are their SNAG MACHINES. The Snag Machines could snag anyone else’s pokemon. That’s what Wayne’s was used for. But Michael’s was used for good.” Nurse Joy explained. “Here is your room.”

Nurse Joy left and ran down the hall.

“This is just weird!” Zoey said sitting on a bed.

“Yeah I know. You know, I think we should go to Orre. We could find Saphira, Michael, and Wayne. Maybe we can save the Shadow Pokemon.” Ash said.

“But who will wear it?” Zoey wondered.

They then sat in silence. Ash wanted to save the world but thought he wasn’t strong enough! I am strong, Ash thought, but Zoey is stronger! I think Zoey should wear it. I think she’s destined to have this responsibility.

“I think you should wear it.” Ash said five minutes later.

“Why me though?” Zoey wondered.

“I am a strong trainer, but you’re stronger!” Ash said.

“I don’t know… Why?” Zoey cried.

“You’re destined for this responsibility! I’m not going to wear it!” Ash yelled.

“I can’t…” Zoey said, tears filled her eyes.

“What are you two kids yapping on about? I’m trying to rest!” A voice yelled.

Zoey opened the door and saw a woman. The woman looked like Kaila in the picture and Zoey thought this couldn’t be real.

“Is… Is your name Saphira?” Zoey trembled.

“Yes!” Saphira snapped.

“Are you the Saphira who traveled with Wayne?” Zoey wondered.

“Yeah… can I come in?” Saphira wondered.

“Of course” Zoey said.

Saphira came in bewildered. She never knew a kid who knew her name.

“Can you tell us what happened?” Zoey wondered.

“Of course.” Saphira answered. “Fifteen years ago I was kidnapped by some crooks! Then Wayne came and set me free. I learned that he was evil when we met Team Snaggem’ and it turned out he wasn’t evil at all! We went around Orre trying to save the Shadow Pokemon. We succeeded. But, Cipher decided he wanted to make another Shadow Pokemon. It was called: XD001. A Shadow Pokemon that couldn’t be purified! Wayne decided to hide because everyone was asking him to save the day again. He and his pokemon left. He only left this, and a note.” Saphira said grabbing a pokeball and a note. “Dear Kaila,” Saphira read aloud, “It seems that Shadow Pokemon have come again. When the next true fighter of Shadow Pokemon comes, give this to them! They shall not succeed again! When they have only they can open it! They shall find me and I shall help them.” Saphira turned to Zoey and Ash. “Zoey try to open it.”

Zoey took the pokeball and a blue aura lined the outline of her body. She threw it and it opened. A box came out.

Zoey took the box and opened it. She found a map and a note.

“You are obviously the new Shadow Pokemon fighter. This map shows my location. I may be in several different locations on the map. All are in Orre. You must go their and fight. You will meet me and Michael the second Shadow Pokemon Fighter.” Zoey read aloud. She wasn’t shocked about the blue aura because she didn’t see it. She was shocked about the letter.

“This is so weird!” Ash said.

“Well… it looks like you’re the one.” Saphira said.

“How am I supposed to do this?” Zoey said. “I don’t know anything about Shadow Pokemon!”

They then heard a ringing sound. It was Zoey’s pokegear!

“Hello?” Zoey said when she picked up the pokegear.

“Zoey Dinh!” A voice said. Zoey recognized that voice. It was Onica! “Where are you?”

“You call a day after I leave? I thought mom and dad said to always keep in touch with me?” Zoey yelled.

“We thought you were with a friend or you went to that place so we thought you were going to come back!” Onica argued. “I want you to come home right now!”

“Listen Onica,” Zoey said. “The world is on danger and it’s depending on me!”
“Yeah right! Now come home!” Onica yelled.

Zoey hung up and hoped she wouldn’t call again.

“On the map there are three places. Saphira, do you have a pokegear?” Zoey wondered.

“Yeah!” Saphira said.

“I’ll cover this area, Ahs you cover that area and Saphira, you’ll cover that area.” Zoey said showing them where to go. “It’ll be faster if we travel alone. Call me if you found him. Here is my number and Ashe’s number.” Zoey said handing Kaila a piece of paper. “Everyone can get there on their own right? Saphira do you have a pokemon?” Zoey asked.

“Yeah.” Saphira said.

“Let’s go!” Zoey said with a fist in the air.

They left the Pokemon Center and off to wherever! Ash left to Agate Village, Zoey left to the Pokemon HQ Lab, and Kaila left to Pyrite Town.

Kaila was hoping she would go to Agate Village because she knew her way around their. She could make out Pyrite Town well, but she knew Agate Village better.

“On ticket for Pyrite Town.” Saphira said when she went up to a ticket booth.

“Of course!” The clerk, a girl named Sabrina, said. “Here you go!”

“Thank you.” Saphira said leaving for the ship.

The ship was gigantic! Bigger than what she used to ride on!

“Aren’t you Saphira?” A man wondered.

“Yes.” Saphira said.

“Saphira!” The man said hugging Saphira.

“Do I know you?” Saphira wondered.

“I’m sorry Saphira, you obviously don’t remember me, I’m Wayne.” Wayne said.

“Wayne?” Saphira said in shock.


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