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Zoey Dinh

Zoey Dinh

When we left off Zoey and Sorrel just started to fight!

Zoey had never been in a fight before. She was strong though. P.E. at school made her strong.

Zoey! Come on!” Ash said when Zoey finally won the fight.

“I hope she’ll never come near us again” Zoey said.

“I really, really thought you were just a powerful trainer but I thought wrong.” Ash said. “Do you really care about me that much?”

“Um…” Zoey didn’t know how to put it in words. “I just thought… come on lets go.” Zoey said grabbing Ashe’s hand and running of to their room.

It was 9:00 P.M. that moment. Ash and Zoey were really tired. They got into bed and went to sleep. When they woke up it was a brisk morning and a bit dark. Ash was feeding Pidgeotto and Zoey was playing with Eevee. Eevee was really hyper. She ran around and made mischief everywhere she went. Along with Sparky.

Eevee!” Zoey cried.

Pidgeotto!” Ash cried.

Pidgeotto!” Pidgeotto cried.

“There you are! They’re about to dock the ship!” Ash reminded.

Eevee!” Eevee cried running over to Zoey.

“Where’s that Eevee?” A voice said.

“It ran off Jake.” The other voice said.

“I told you to keep a better eye on it SORREL!” Jake said.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah! I already know about an Eevee! You scared the heck out of it! Maybe if you weren’t so scary that Eevee would’ve stayed!” Sorrel said.

“Send out your pokemon.” Jake commanded.

“Go! Sparky!” Sorrel said.

Eevee! What did you do?” Zoey whispered.

Eevee…” Eevee whined.

“What was that?” Jake said. “Go! Snorlax!”

“Snore…” Snorlax said.

“Sparky! Go find out what it is!” Sorrel commanded.

“How did she get Sparky back?” Zoey whispered to Eevee,

EeveeEevee whispered in bewilder.

Pikachu!” Sparky said in an evil voice.

“Sparky! Be quite!” Zoey whispered.

Pikachu pi, pi, Pikachu!” Sparky yelled to his trainer.

“Good job Sparky. Well, well, well. Look at what we have here. Zoey and Eevee. Now, give us your Eevee and you won’t be hurt!” Sorrel said.

“No! Who do you work for? How did you get Sparky back?” Zoey yelled.

“Keep it down!” Sorrel said.

The next thing Zoey knew she was knocked out and inside a bag. She struggled to get out but the back was tied tightly. Eevee was gone!

Eevee!” Zoey yelled.

“Keep it down punk!” The voice was too deep to be Sorrel so she knew it was Jake.

“Help! Help!” Zoey yelled.

No one could hear her. She was inside the ship. Where Sorrel and Jake slept. The room wasn’t blue like Ashe’s and Zoey’s. It was gray. Everything gray!

Jake and Sorrel took her out of the bag. They tied her to a chair with a peculiar kind of rope.

“Get me out of here!” Zoey said in fraught.

“The more you move around the tighter the rope becomes!” Sorrel explained.

“You see, we work for Cipher. We’re making Shadow Pokemon. We didn’t win twice. The first time was fifteen years ago. The second time was ten years ago. I know what you’re thinking. ‘How is Cipher still alive?’, well his son Cipher Jr., preferred to be called Cipher, took over the business.” Jake explained.

“Where’s Eevee?” Zoey asked.

“She’s at the lab, becoming a Shadow Pokemon.” Sorrel answered.

“You’re monsters!” Zoey yelled.

“Thanks. To us that’s a compliment.” Jake said.

“Ash!” Zoey yelled.

“What?” Ash asked.

Ash was right beside her. Zoey felt really embarrassed.

“You two stay here.” Sorrel commanded. Jake and Sorrel then went out the door.

“Ash? How did you get here?” Zoey wondered.

“Sorrel was sweet-talking me again. I told her to go but then she socked me in the face… happy!?” Ash said.

“No… Ash?” Zoey said.

“Yeah, what is it?” Ash wondered.

“I… I… never mind!” Zoey said looking the other way. Zoey wanted to tell Ash her true feelings but she couldn’t.

“I don’t like this room… if a thunderstorm came this would be the death section!” Ash said.

“We need to get out of here!” Zoey exclaimed.

“Maybe Pidgeotto can help!” Ash thought a loud. “Pidgeotto…” Ash said reaching for his pokeball. “Go!”

Pidgey!” Pidgeotto said.

“Cut through the ropes with peck!” Ash commanded.

Pidgeotto did what his trainer told him and Ash and Zoey were free!

“We need to find the teleporter and their uniforms!” Zoey said.

“Why?” Ash wondered.

“Just do it!” Zoey commanded.

They looked around the steel room. They found a lot of Sorrel’s and Jake’s stuff.

“I found all of this stuff in Sorrel’s suitcase!” Zoey exclaimed opening the suitcase.

“Make up, mirrors, papers, pictures, diagrams and other stuff I don’t care about!” Ash said looking bored.

“I found her uniform.” Zoey said holding up a uniform.

The uniform was much different then before! The girls wore a black mini skirt, a black tank top covering the chest, long black gloves, long black boots, black sunglasses, and a black hat.

“That just looks horrible!” Ash said putting his hand over his eyes.

“I won’t have to wear it for that long thank goodness!” Zoey exclaimed.

“Let’s find Jake’s stuff.” Ash said.

“Just let me get some photographs of what she looks like in her uniform. That way I’ll know what she looks like.” Zoey said taking out the photographs.

“Whatever!” Ash said looking around for Jake’s things.

Zoey looked at photographs of Sorrel. Sorrel’s hair and eyes were like Zoey’s and they looked very similar. Zoey took the make up and put it on like she did. She saw that she and Jake were boyfriend and girlfriend by looking at the photographs. She saw that Jake and Ash looked alike too.

“I found Jake’s clothes!” Ash said holding up Jake’s uniform.

The boy’s wore long black pants, long black gloves, a black long sleeve shirt, long black boots, a black hat, and black sunglasses. Ash looked at the photos and made sure he could look like Jake. Then they searched for the teleporter.

“I don’t really like these uniforms,” Zoey said, “Mine shows too much of my body and yours hides way, way too much!”

“Yeah I know! You could say that again!” Ash said. Ash liked how Zoey looked in the uniform. She tried it on and it fit perfectly. They found hidden switches behind pictures, under the beds, and everywhere!

“Before we use any of the switches we should change back into our uniforms” Zoey suggested.

“You can change first.” Ash said.

Zoey went into the gray bathroom and changed into her uniform. She thought she looked strange but she didn’t know how Ash felt about it! When Ash went in he thought of Zoey. He hoped that Pidgeotto would evolve into a Pidgeot. He had something planned for Zoey. He would take her out on a flight around whatever town they were at and he would give her the ring. Hoping she would fall for him, Ash felt confident!

“Let’s hit each switch!” Zoey said feeling a little unsure.

The first switch they hit revealed the teleporter. The second switch reveled a screen. The last switch revealed the boss. Zoey and Ash were glad they changed and made each other look like Sorrel and Jake.

“What do you kids want?” The boss snapped.

“Sir, we need the Eevee we sent to you.” Zoey, acting like Sorrel, said.

“Why don’t you kids call me, Cipher like I told you to?” Cipher snapped.

“Sorry, Cipher.” Zoey said.

“Why do you need the Eevee?” Cipher wanted to know.

“The ship… The ship is selling sun shards, moon shards, water stones, lightning stones, and fire stones. We wanted to know if you wanted the Eevee to evolve?” Ash, pretending to be Jake, explained.

“I see…” Cipher said stroking his chin. “I want you to get the moon shard. I’ll send you the Eevee and when it evolves I want you to return it to me.” Cipher commanded.

“Yes, Cipher!” Ash and Zoey said saluting to Cipher.

“Here is the Eevee. Goodbye.” Cipher said, the screen turned black and hid itself again.

“I felt a bit nervous…” Zoey said wiping her brow.

“Me too. I’m just glad I don’t really work for him!” Ash said taking a deep breath.

Eevee!” Zoey exclaimed when the pokeball appeared.

“Why don’t we change?” Ash said. “I’ll go first this time.”

Ash went into the bathroom and changed. Zoey did the same. They took the pokeball and made everything back to normal. They left the gray room into the colorful hallway. They ran to their room making sure Zoey and/ or Jake wasn’t around.

“That was so close!” Zoey exclaimed when they got back to their room.

“Excuse me,” The announcer said, “The ship has docked. If you wish to leave the ship then leave now. In ten minutes the ship will be leaving.”

Ash and Zoey got everything to together and left the ship cautiously.


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