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Zoey Dinh

Zoey Dinh

"That’s cool! Why would we need one?" Ash asked Zoey.

"I have no clue! But listen to this," Zoey said. "The waters the Island Hopper, this ship, is going over waters that have current title waves!"

"Are you sure?" Ash wondered.

"Yeah!" Zoey said. "That’s a great thing to put in a book!" Zoey said sarcastically.

"Pika pi?" Sparky wondered.

"I was being sarcastic Sparky. Just forget it. Let’s go out on the dock." Zoey suggested. "Maybe we could start a pokemon battle or something."

"Pikachu!" Sparky said in fright.

"Sparky, you don’t have to come. You could watch on the sidelines or stay here and rest." Zoey highly suggested. "One you watch, or two stay here"

"Pikachu!" Sparky said holding up two fingers.

"You can sleep on my bed Sparky" Ash offered.

"Pikachu" Sparky yawned.

"See you later Sparky" Zoey and Ash aid as they left.

"I feel bad for Sparky." Zoey said.

"Yeah me too" Ash agreed.

"I think we should keep him. Or give him to Brock and Onica." Zoey suggested.

"I say we should keep him. He’s fun to have around." Ash said.

"Yeah, you’re right" Zoey said.

Zoey and Ash went down the hallway and heard an announcement.

"Will any pokemon trainers come to the front of the ship. You may come by choice. Thank you." The announcer said.

"Do you want to go?" Ash wondered.

"Sure why not?" Zoey said.

Zoey and Ash left to the front of the ship. When they got there, there was an announcer and other pokemon trainers, including a battle field.

"All fans of pokemon battles please report to the front of the ship" Another announcer said.

After five minutes a lot of people were there. About fifty watchers, and twenty pokemon trainers, including Ash and Zoey.

"Welcome trainers and fans!" The announcer, Mr. Showbiz said. "This is a pokemon battle where trainers use their pokemon in battles! You may only use one pokemon! We have twenty pokemon trainers registered. Our first match is…" Mr. Showbiz said reading two pieces of paper. "Zoey Dinh in Corner Red and Violet Boulevard in the Blue Corner." Mr. Showbiz said. Zoey and Violet had five minutes to get in their corners. "The first pokemon trainer to release their pokemon is… Violet!" The announcer said.

"Go! Speed!" Violet said releasing a Pikachu.

"Go! Eevee!" Zoey released Eevee out.

"Trainers will fight… NOW!" Mr. Showbiz said.

"Speed! Thunderbolt!" Violet commanded.

"Pikachu!" Speed releasing a thunderbolt.

"Eevee! Dodge! Go! Use return!" Zoey commanded.

"Speed dodge!" Violet said a moment to late.

"Pikachu!" Speed cried in pain.

"Speed! Speed use quick attack!" Violet commanded.

"Eevee use return!" Zoey commanded.

"Pikachu!" Speed said when he was hit with return. "Pikachu…" Speed said out of energy and laying down.

"Speed is unable to battle!" Mr. Showbiz said. "Eevee wins!"

"Go Zoey!" Ash cheered.

"Thank you Zoey. Please step off the platform. The next contestants are… Ash McGuire in the Red Corner and George Sanchez in the Blue Corner." Mr. Showbiz said. "Please go to your corners."

Ash before going to his platform saw Zoey and said, "Great battle!"

"Thanks. You better get going. Good luck!" Zoey said.

"Thanks" Ash said.

When they got to the platform, Ash and George were standing, staring at each other.

"The first one is…" Mr. Showbiz said looking at the screen. "Ash… release your pokemon!"

"Go! Pidgey!" Ash released his Pidgey.

"I thought he got a nickname for Pidgey?" Zoey said quietly to herself holding Eevee.

"Go! Heracross!" George released an overweight Heracross. "Heracross! Harden!"

"Pidgey peck!" Ash commanded.

Pidgey is a flying type and Heracross is a bug type so Pidgey has the advantage. Harden hardly did anything because ‘peck’ is a flying type attack. And Heracross is vulnerable to flying type attacks.

"Heracross!" George called. But it was far too late!

"Heracross is unable to battle! Pidgey wins!" Mr. Showbiz said.

"That was quick…" Ash mumbled to himself. "Pidgey!"

Pidgey was glowing! He got bigger and bigger!

"Pidgeotto!" Pidgey, now Pidgeotto said.

"Alright Ash!" Zoey cheered.

When Ash went off the platform SORREL was waiting for him.

"Hey Ashy boy!" Sorrel greeted.

"What do you want Sorrel?" Ash said.

"Zoey really, really hates you. She just acts like she likes you to save her as I said before." Sorrel repeated.

"Shut up! I don’t believe you Sorrel! I hope this ship lands soon! Just so I can get away from you!" Ash said.

"Babe! Don’t be like that!" Sorrel said.

"Sorrel! I thought I already taught you a lesson or at least Sparky did!" Zoey said.

"Get away Zoey." Sorrel said.

"I said get away! I yeah! I forgot, you’re so stupid you think Pidgey can’t fly!" Zoey insulted.

"What are you going to do about it Zoey?" Sorrel said.

"This." Zoey said punching Sorrel in the face.

"You are so pathetic!" Sorrel said slapping Zoey.

Zoey and Sorrel started to fight.

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