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Zoey Dinh

Zoey Dinh

Where we last left off, Zoey was just saved by her best friend, Ash. Zoey and Ash met a mysterious fortuneteller named Aunt Rayne. What will happen next?

"Youíre welcome" Ash said.

"We need to get back home!" Zoey said suddenly remembering Brock and Onica.

"Oh my gosh youíre right!" Ash said.

"Thanks Bye!" They both said as they ran off.

"Weíre just on time!" Zoey said when she saw the boat while they were standing on the dock.

Ash and Zoey got onto the boat. As it was heading towards Mosdeep Island, Ash and Zoey were silent. All they could hear was the sound of the oceans waves. Zoey could feel the cool mist of the ocean waves. Ash felt the burning heat of the sun. When they arrived their bikes were still there! Nothing was destroyed by the hurricane! The hurricane must have gone in a different direction.

"I better get home." Zoey said.

"Me too" Ash said.

"Bye" Zoey said.

"Bye" Ash said.

Zoey peddled home as fast as she could. She was tired. Her brother and sister would be furious! She knew this. She had done it before! Zoey was grounded for a month! Maybe today she would be off the hook! Since it was her birthday.

When Zoey arrived home, Brock and Onica were asleep. When she came in, she went up to her room and put on her pajamas. She made her hair really messy. She made her bed messed up too. She got into bed and went to sleep.

"Zoey Dinh!" Onica said. "You better wake up! You were gone last night and I know it! Where were you and why?"

"I went to an island. Itís just off the coast of Mosdeep Island. We caught our first pokemon there." Zoey explained.

"Whoís we?" Onica wondered.

"Me and Ash" Zoey said.

"Just forget it! Itís your birthday today. Weíre going out for breakfast so get ready!" Onica commanded.

"Okay" Zoey said.

Onica went down stairs. Zoey got out of bed and took a shower. She got dressed and brushed her hair. She then brushed her teeth. She was ready to go!

"Where are we going?" Zoey wondered when she got downstairs.

"Your favorite place" Brock said as he came out from behind the door.

"Oh. I donít have a favorite place" Zoey said.

"Youíll see" Onica said.

When they started to ride their bikes they saw the city. The city wasnít big. It was more like a town. Well whichever one is bigger! Zoey looked everywhere. She couldnít see Ash. Heís probably in trouble was the first thing that came to mind.

"Here we are!" Brock said pushing his handle brakes.

"This place?" Zoey said.

"Yeah" Onica said.

They arrived at Pokepalls the worst place ever! Zoey loved it when she was five years younger, but four years ago she started to hate it!

"Can we go somewhere else?" Zoey wondered.

"Nope!" Onica said cheerfully.

"Why not?" Zoey wondered.

"We made reservations!" Brock said.

"Oh." Zoey whined.

Brock and Onica went inside. Zoey though if she made a break for it she wouldnít have to eat there. Brock and Onica treated Zoey like a baby. They once got Zoey a rattle for her birthday. Her ninth birthday! Zoey decided since she wasnít a baby, she would ride off. She would get her things and run away. With Ash of course! Zoey went off to find Ash. She rode off as fast as she could and she reached home. She got: her backpack, a canteen of water, her pokeball containing Eevee, her money, and her maps of Kento, The Orange Islands, Johto Region, and the Hoenn Region. Before she left her room, she almost forgot her Pokegear. Just so she could keep in touch.

She rode off towards Asheís house. When he answered, she realized Ash was grounded.

"Ash?" Zoey said.

"Hey Zoey" Ash said with a big sigh.

"Do you want to get out of here?" Zoey wondered.

"Yeah!" Ash said with a cheerful smile.

"Get your backpack, fill a canteen of water, your maps, your pokenav, your money, and Pidgey." Zoey said.

"Okay. Where should I meet you?" Ash wondered.

"Meet me at the Pokemart. Bring your bike too. Weíll see each other at the fountain." Zoey explained.

"Okay" Ash said. "How am I supposed to get out?" Ash wondered.

"Tell your parents that you donít feel good and need some fresh air. If they ask about your backpack act like you donít have one" Zoey said.

"Okay" Ash said unsure about what he just heard.

"See you in a little while" Zoey said.

Zoey changed direction and headed for the Pokemart. She thought she had some time so she went to a store.

"Iíd like two Granola Bars, two bars of chocolate, and two travel packs." Zoey said.

"Where are you going all alone?" The clerk wondered.

"Iím going to Rustboro." Zoey said.

"All by yourself?" The clerk wondered.

"ListenÖ Jody." Zoey said reading her name tag, "Why canít you just mind your own business."

"Here you go have a nice day" Jody said.

Zoey went one more place. There she looked for something important.

"Hi. Can you help me?" Zoey asked the clerk.

"What can I do for you little lady?" The clerk, Harvey, wondered.

"Iím looking for something. Something for a boy" Zoey said.

"I have two things. A little card to make his bike sound like a motorcycle, or a red backpack" Harvey said.

"Iíll take the backpack" Zoey said.

"Here you go. Itís one dollar" Harvey said.

"Here you go. If everything is so cheap I better come here often!" Zoey said.

When Zoey left for the fountain Ash was there. He was waiting.

"Hey Ash" Zoey said.

"Hey Zoe" Ash said.

"I got this for you. Since you love red I thought you might want a new red backpack since your old one is worn out" Zoey said handing him the backpack.

"Thanks! After I pack this backpack we better get going" Ash said.

"I got these too!" Zoey said handing Ash a travel pack, a chocolate bar, and a Granola Bar.

When Ash was finished packing his new backpack, they rode off towards the dock. There was a FREE cruise going to Petalburg.

"Letís go on that ship. Petalburg is close to Rustboro" Zoey said pointing to the ship.

"Good idea" Ash said.

"Hello there kids" The man at the ship said. "What can I do you for?"

"We would like to get on the ship" Zoey said.

"Iím sorry, but NO Bikes allowed!" The man said.

"Then what should we do with out bikes?" Ash asked.

"Iíll buy them for one hundred dollars each." The man offered.

"Thatís a lot of money" Zoey said baffled of what she heard.

"Make your decision now. The ship is about to leave." The man said.

"Weíll sell them." Ash said quickly.

"Here is one hundred for you and you" The man said giving Zoey and Ash the money.

The man let them aboard. When they got on, a lot of other trainers were there too. All different types of pokemon were there, rare items, and the best gossip about pokemon and pokemon trainers.

"Hi! Iím Sorrel. Who are you two?" A girl named Sorrel introduced.

"Iím Ash" Ash said.

"Iím Zoey Dinh. Nice to meet you" Zoey said.

"Go ahead, let out your pokemon! This ship lets you release your pokemon" Sorrel said.

"Go Eevee!" Zoey said releasing Eevee.

"Go Pidgey!" Ash said letting Pidgey out of its pokeball.

"Go Sparky!" Sorrel said letting out a Pikachu. "Cool pokemon guys! This is Sparky. Heís my Pikachu"

"This is Eevee. It doesnít have a nickname though." Zoey said picking up Eevee and holding her in her arms.

"And this is Pidgey he doesnĎt have a nickname either," Ash said letting Pidgey rest on his shoulder.

"The Name Rater over there just gave my pokemon a nickname." Zoey said pointing to the Name Rater.

"I want to give my pokemon a nickname!" Ash said going over to the Name Rater.

Ash went over into the line. A lot of trainers wanted their pokemon to get nicknamed.

"Do you like him?" Sorrel asked Zoey.

"Yeah" Zoey said blushing a little bit. "Weíve known each other since we were babies."

"What brings you onto this cruise with a cute boy?" Sorrel wondered.

"Tell you the truth," Zoey started, "I donít know."

"Really" Sorrel said acting suspicious, "Iím just kidding!"

"Why are you on this ship?" Zoey wondered.

"Iím moving." Sorrel said.

"Where too?"

"Pallet Town" Sorrel replied. "Itís going to be a long, long trip before we reach Pallet Town. When we go to Petalburg we have to go to Oldale Town. Then cross over to Little Root. After that we have to go to Pallet Town on another ship"

"That must be really long" Zoey said.

"It is" Sorrel said. "I donít know why, but my parents like to show off their pokemon. My mom has a Jolteon, and my dad has a Huntail."

"That must be pretty frustrating." Zoey said.

"My Spearowís new nickname is Dart!" A boy said.

"Cool nickname!" Zoey said.

"Excuse me. We were kind of having a personal conversation." Sorrel said. She wasnít the nicest girl.

"See you later" Zoey said walking away.

"Zoey! If youíre so scared of me, letís have a battle then!" Sorrel offered.

"Why would I want to battle on a ship?" Zoey wondered.

"Are you scared?" Sorrel taunted.

"Fine then!" Zoey said.

To be continuedÖ.

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