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Zoey Dinh

Zoey Dinh

As we left off, Ash and Zoey just caught their very first pokemon. Ash, was about to reveille his love for Zoey with a friendship ring. Hopefully, Ash and Zoey will love their new pokemon and each other.

"We better go to the cabin." Zoey said.

"Good idea" Ash said.

When they left for the cabin, they heard thunder. There was rain drops. It started to sprinkle, then it fell harder, until it was pouring! The wind grew harder and harder.

"That was a relief!" Zoey said when they got to the cabin.

"Yeah" Ash said.

"This my children is a hurricane." An old lady said.

Aunt Rayne was the owner of the cabin. She was seventy-five years old. She had long gray hair tied into a bun which was hidden in the towel on top of her head. She wore: a red-orange robe, orange slippers, and the towel on top of her head was yellow.

"This is a hurricane?" Ash said in shock.

"I’m afraid so young man. I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Aunt Rayne. And who are you two?" Aunt Rayne wondered.

"I’m Ash McGuire" Ash said putting out his hand. Then Aunt Rayne and Ash shaked hands.

"I’m Zoey Dinh" Zoey said. Shaking hands with Aunt Rayne.

"Zoey and Ash. Did you know I was a fortuneteller?" Aunt Rayne wondered.

"No" They both said together.

"Would you like me to read your fortunes?" Aunt Rayne wondered.

"Sure," Zoey said, "But what about the Hurricane?"

"It has never destroyed this island. Most people say there is magic that surrounds the island." Aunt Rayne said.

"I guess I’ll go first" Zoey said, "Unless you want to go first Ash"

"Nah. You can go first Zoey" Ash said politely.

"Come upstairs Zoey" Aunt Rayne said.

As they walked up the stairs, Ash was all alone downstairs. He took out the small box out of his backpack and stared at it with mysterious eyes.

"Now," Aunt Rayne said, "What do you want to know about?"

"Love" Zoey said first.

"Love!" Aunt Rayne said slowly and amused, "In the future you’ll get a boyfriend. Not too far from now. He will take you flying on a pokemon. He’ll give you something special. Something very, very special. That’s when you’ll get your first kiss" Aunt Rayne said reading Zoey’s palm.

"Cool" Zoey said.

"Anything else you want to know?" Aunt Rayne wondered.

"No thank you" Zoey said.

"All right" Aunt Rayne said.

"Thank you" Zoey said.

"You’re welcome. Tell Ash to come up here." Aunt Rayne said.

Zoey went down stairs and found Ash waiting. Ash put the present back into his backpack when he heard Zoey’s first step among the staircase.

"Aunt Rayne is waiting for you" Zoey said.

"Oh! Okay. What does she want?" Ash asked.

"To tell your fortune silly!" Zoey said.

"Oh yeah! I knew that!" Ash said feeling embarrassed.

Ash went up the staircase and thought of his embarrassing moment. He thought Zoey would ever love him.

"I’ve been waiting" Aunt Rayne said. "So. What would you like to know about?"

"Love…" Ash said embarrassed.

"Love? Well, let me take your palm" Aunt Rayne said. "In the future, not too far from now, you will be with the one whom you love. As long as you trust your heart."

"Is this fortune telling stuff true?" Ash asked.

"Yes. Many people said I was wrong. Many said I was right. I couldn’t hide from them, until this island came into my head." Aunt Rayne said.

"Thanks" Ash said.

"You’re welcome"

Then the clock in the main room also known as the waiting room, struck ten o’clock. Zoey and Ash thought they should get some rest.

"Aunt Rayne. Where will Ash and I sleep?" Zoey wondered.

"Down here of course." Aunt Rayne said.

"Down here?" Ash said.

"Yes. Watch this" Aunt Rayne said pulling out two beds from the wall.

"Oh. Well that’s cool" Ash said.

"Goodnight children" Aunt Rayne said.

"Night!" They both called after.

They cleared off the bed and got onto it. It felt like a fluffy cloud. Ash and Zoey were very tired from their trip. They fell asleep so fast a Pikachu couldn’t catch up! Then Ash had a strange dream.

"Hey Zoey!" Ash was saying in his dream.

"Hi Ash!" Zoey said.

"Zoey… I don’t know how to tell you but… I really, really… um… like you" Ash said.

"You like me?" Zoey wondered.

"Yeah" Ash said not knowing if Zoey liked him.

"I like you too Ash!" Zoey said.

Ashe’s dream was interrupted by a big ‘bang!’ and he sat up really quickly.

"What was that?" Ash said looking over at Zoey’s bed. She wasn’t there! "Zoey!"

"She left" Aunt Rayne said.

"Where?" Ash wondered.

"Oh. Into the forest." Aunt Rayne said.

After the word ‘forest’, Ash got out of bed, put on his vest, cap and shoes and ran outside.

"Zoey!" Ash called into the tress.

"Ash?" Zoey called back.

"Where are you?" Ash called back into the trees.

"I’m in the well!" Zoey said.

"In the well?" Ash called.

"No I’m right behind you" Zoey said sarcastically.

"Really?" Ash turned around.

"No! I’m in the well idiot!" Zoey screamed.

Ash ran toward the well. He couldn’t see Zoey in the dark well.

"Where are you?" Ash called down the well.

"Ash! This isn’t the time! There’s deep water in here! I’m about to go into the water!" Zoey screamed.

"What should I do?" Ash said to himself stepping back.

"This is the worst birthday ever." Zoey said to herself trying to stay out of the water.

"How did you get down there?" Ash called down.

"Someone from Team Magma pushed me down here!" Zoey screamed.

"How are you still out of the water?" Ash wondered.

"The bucket! Do you see a handle on the side of the well?" Zoey said.

"Yeah!" Ash called down.

"Reel me up!" Zoey said.

Ash grabbed the handle, he didn’t know which way to reel it. So he reeled it to the right.

"I’m in the water!" Zoey said. Ash could here splashing.

"Grab onto the bucket!" Ash cried.

"I’m holding it! Now reel me up!" Zoey yelled.

Ash reeled it to the left and he heard more splashing. But this time Zoey was getting out of the water. Then he heard another splash.

"Ash!" Zoey yelled. She started to sink down into the water.

"Go Pidgey!" Ash said. "Pull us up when I give you the signal."

"Pidgey!" Pidgey nodded.

"Oh yeah, reel it to the left!" Ash said.

"Pidgey!" Pidgey nodded again.

Ash jumped down the well. He heard a splash. He then felt the cold icy water on his spine. He felt an icy finger go up his spine. He hardly had any light. He couldn’t see Zoey! He swam down and down until he felt Zoey’s chilly back. He pulled her up. He hardly had any breathe left. He swam upwards. The cold water began to feel warmer and warmer. The water was deeper than usual! Team Magma! Was the first thing that appeared in Ashe’s mind. He swam faster and faster. When he reached the surface, he found that the well was filled with water.

"Ah!" Ash said when he reached the surface.

"Pidgey!" Pidgey said feeling relieved Ash and Zoey were all right.

"She’s still breathing. Get Aunt Rayne and bring her here." Ash commanded.

Pidgey did what he was told and brought Aunt Rayne to the well.

"Come. We must take her to the cabin." Aunt Rayne said carrying Zoey.

When they reached the cabin, Aunt Rayne pulled out a bed. She placed a hot towel on it. She lifted Zoey and put her on the bed. She then put a soft blanket on top of Zoey. They put a hot wash cloth over Zoey’s head. Then Ash and Aunt Rayne had some tea. When Zoey woke up Ash and Aunt Rayne were still having tea.

"I’m proud of you Ash. You saved Zoey!" Aunt Rayne said.

"Yeah. I hope she’s okay when she wakes up." Ash said.

"You really like her don’t you?" Aunt Rayne said.

"I like her, but I like her more then just a friend." Ash said.

Zoey eavesdropped during the conversation. She pretended to be fast asleep. Five minutes later Zoey fell asleep again. When she woke up, hot steaming tea was on her side.

"Nice hot tea" Zoey said to herself and gulped it down.

"Hey Zoey!" Ash said. "Are you feeling better?"

"Much better. What happened?" Zoey wondered, losing her memory.

"You were in a well. And you fell into the water." Ash explained.

"But young Ash here saved you." Aunt Rayne said.

"Really?" Zoey wondered.

"Yep!" Ash answered.

"Thanks Ash." Zoey said.

To be continued….

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