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Zoey Dinh

Zoey Dinh

Blue and Red just found out the bad news about Green from Yellow. As Blue was about to say something the bell rang. As they ran inside, Blue was thinking. Red didnít know what to say. Red and Green have been friends forever. Since they were in kindergarten!

"How could this happen?" Blue said to Red.

"I donít know. This is happening so quickly." Red said.

"Iíll see you after school." Blue said.

Blue and Red had the same classes, but at different times. They even had different lunch times!

"Class! Take out your text books to page one hundred fifty-nine!" Mrs. Applebottom, said to her class.

Zoeyís first period class was battling strategies. She liked school and what she learned, but she hated her teachers!

"Read it to yourselves. In half-an-hour you all better be done!" Mrs. Applebottom said.

Zoey went to a strict school. If you werenít done on time you would have detention and do it all over again!

Half-an-hour later, Mrs. Applebottom said, "Timeís up! Everyone should be done! Is anyone not done?"

Nobody confessed. Zoey always read her lesson quickly.

"Ms. Dinh? Have you completed your assignment?" Mrs. Applebottom wondered.

"Yes Mrs. Applebottom." Zoey replied.

"If your pokemon is poisoned, how would you heal it?" Mrs. Applebottom quizzed.

"Take it to a pokemon center or give your pokemon Antidote." Zoey answered.

"Correct!" Mrs. Applebottom snapped. "If anyone doesnít confess now, you will get tested and if you answer it wrong, you go to detention and write me a five thousand word essay!"

"I didnít finish it!" A boy named, Jared Agatept, confessed.

"You will have detention. For half-an-hour!" Mrs. Applebottom yelled.

The day went by slow, Zoey was so happy when she heard the last bell ring. She thought of catching her first pokemon.

"Zoey Dinh, what do we have here?" Mr. Karl said.

"Nothing. Iím just glad school is over." Zoey said.

"Iím on to you Dinh" Mr. Karl said.

"Good for you! See you tomorrow!" Zoey said running out the door.

"Zoey!" Mr. Karl yelled.


"You forgot your backpack"

"He he, I knew that!" Zoey said, a little embarrassed.

Zoey ran out the door, and thought of getting her first pokemon. Zoey got her bike and found Asheís was gone. She peddled to the oak tree. As she peddled she felt the breeze of the wind hit her arms.

"Hey Ash!" Zoey said, as soon as she saw Ash by the oak tree just outside of school.

"Hey Zoe!" Ash replied.

"Letís go to the Pokemart." Zoey said.

"I brought my money, did you bring yours?" Ash said, making sure he had his money in his pocket.

"Yeah. How will we find pokemon? If we use or fishing rods, we can only catch water pokemon. I donít really want a water pokemon."

"Me either. I like water pokemon, I just donít want to start out with one." Ash said.

Zoey started to think, she had never left Mosdeep Island. She hasnít even gone out of the edge of the island. The water was always to cold to swim in, so she always stayed out of it.

"I know! I heard of a cruise!" Zoey said.

"We canít cruise all the way out somewhere just to catch a pokemon!" Ash said.

"Itís like a little cruise. In class, I read about this part of Mosdeep that had pure land. No buildings! Most land pokemon like Geodude live there!" Zoey said.

"Thatís good. What time does it leave?" Ash wondered.

"In thirty minutes. We have plenty of time."

"We better hurry. We might take up too much time."

They stated to peddle towards the Pokemart. They could feel the wind fly past them. The Pokemart appeared in a short distance, it was the biggest Pokemart in town. In fact, it was the only Pokemart in town!

When they arrived at the Pokemart they went to the map and looked for the Drugstore.

"Can you find it?" Ash wondered.

"There it is!" Zoey said as she pointed it out.

"Letís hurry!" Ash said.

When they started to walk around, they found the Drugstore. There werenít many people at the Drugstore.

"Two pokeballs please." Ash said as he walked in.

"Hereís my half." Zoey said.

"Hereís mine." Ash said.

"Here are your two pokeballs, you two love birds have a nice day." The clerk said.

"Heís not my boyfriend, heís just my friend." Zoey pointed out.

"Okay, whatever you say." The clerk said.

They walked out of the store. They were surprised and embarrassed that he said they were love birds.

"That was embarrassing." Ash said.

"Yeah, I know." Zoey said.

"Before we go, I have one more stop." Ash said. "Just wait here."

"We have twenty minutes!" Zoey called after. Ash started to run to a store.

When Ash go to the store he was looking for something. Something for Zoey.

"Hi! Can you give me some help?" Ash asked the store clerk.

"Sure son, what can I help you with?" The clerk wondered.

"Iím looking for something. Something for a girl." Ash said, gulping at the word Ďgirlí.

"I have just the thing." The clerk said.

"What is it?" Ash wondered.

The clerk pulled out a little box white wrapping paper with a pink ribbon.

"This, is a ring. A special ring. A friendship ring. It worked on my friend when she was young and she fell in love with me." The clerk said.

"Really?" Ash wondered.

"Yep. Only two dollars too."

"Itís that cheap?" Ash wondered.

"Yep. Itís been here for a long time. Nobody has worn this, itís in great condition." The clerk said.

"Here. Thanks." Ash said, handing him the money.

"Youíre welcome. See you around."


When he left the store, he saw Zoey waving her arms in the air. Ash started to run towards Zoey. Then they got on their bikes and left.

"What took you so long?" Zoey wondered.

"Oh, nothing." Ash said, blushing.

"Okay. Letís hurry!"

They started peddling towards Mosdeepís ship dock. They were just in time, the boat was about to leave! When they got on the boat, the water seemed like crystal blue sheets of tissue paper.

"Isnít it beautiful?" Zoey asked.

"Yeah." Ash said, thinking of Zoey.

"I wish we could do this everyday." Zoey said.

"Me too." Ash said.

"Hey look! Thereís the island!" Zoey said, pointing West.

The boat went in, the island looked very peaceful. A peaceful island with no more than a forest and a small cabin. The cabin was a place for trainers and pokemon could rest.

When they arrived, they headed straight into the forest. It was still and quiet. Zoey looked up, all she could see was trees.

"Itís so peaceful" Zoey said.

"Yeah." Ash said, thinking about the ring in his backpack.

"A Fearow! Watch out!" Zoey said pushing Ash and herself down to the ground.

"Fearow!" The pokemon cried.

"Eevee!" A little Eevee cried out trying to run away.

"We have to save that Eevee!" Zoey yelled.

"Fearow!" Fearow yelled as it pecked Eevee with itís peck attack.

"Eevee!" Eevee cried in pain.

"Pick on someone your own size!" Zoey said throwing a rock at Fearow.

"Fearow!" Fearow said, Zoey had a very powerful throw.

"Pokeball, go!" Zoey said throwing her pokeball at Eevee.

The pokeball nudged, side to side. Then they heard a ping. Zoey just caught an Eevee! Zoey put it into her backpack.

"That was awesome!" Ash said astonished.

"Thanks" Zoey said blushing a little bit.

"We should try to find a pokemon for me to catch." Ash said as they walked off.

"Pidgey" A Pidgey said.

"Hey! What about that Pidgey?" Zoey wondered pointing at a Pidgey.

"Yeah! Iíll get the Pidgey." Ash said. "Pokeball, go!"

The pokeball nudged, side to side. Then they heard a Ďpingí. Ash felt great he captured a Pidgey.

"Yeah!" Ash said.

"Great job!" Zoey said.

To be continuedÖ.

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