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Zoey Dinh

Zoey Dinh

Zoey Dinh was a powerful trainer, but she didn’t know it yet. She didn’t know much about herself, all she knew was that: her name was Zoey Dinh, her parents abandoned her, and she lived with her snotty twin brother and sister.

Zoey’s brother and sister were eight years older than her. They were seventeen and she was nine. Her birthday was tomorrow. Zoey was planning on starting a pokemon journey. She hadn’t any pokemon though. But all that is going to change today.

Zoey had long brown her down to her shoulders. She had sparkling crystal blue eyes. She always wore: A white headband with a blue stripe, a blue T-shirt with white sleeves, a blue mini skirt, and white sneakers with a blue stripe.

"Zoey!" Her sister, Onica, called out.

"Onica I’m coming!" Zoey cried out.

"Zoey hurry up! If you’re not down here in ten minutes we’re not giving you a ride to school!" Her brother, Brock, called out.

"Go to school without me! I’ll ride my bike!" Zoey said.

"She’s acting strange. She never rides her bike to school." Onica said to Brock.

"You think? She’s up to something." Brock said suspiciously.

"Zoey!" A boy, named Ash, said.

"Ash?" Zoe said running down the steps of her stairs.

"Are you ready?" Ash asked.

"Hold up pipsqueak!" Brock said to Ash. "Do you ever knock?"

"Zoey said I could just walk right in." Ash said.

"Come on Ash. We need to go." Zoey said quickly as she and Ash ran out the door.

"Do you have your bike?" Ash wondered.

"Yeah. Hurry!" Zoey said as they rode off on their bikes.

"We haven’t rode our bikes for a long time." Ash said. "I had to dust mine before I could ride it."

"Ha ha!" Zoey laughed. "You’re so funny!"

Zoey had always had a crush on Ash. She loved his spiky black hair and his handsome smile. Ash always wore: low-cut blue jeans, a white T-shirt with a collar, a red baseball cap, and red shoes. Everybody called him Red. Red was his nickname because he always wore that color.

"After school where should we go?" Ash wondered.

"Go to the Pokemart of course!" Terra replied.

"I mean to catch pokemon!" Ash said.

"I don’t know yet. Mosdeep Island doesn’t have many places to catch pokemon!" Zoey said.

Ash too had a crush on Zoey. He loved her smile and her beautiful laugh.

"Mosdeep is very big, but not any places to catch pokemon!" Ash said.

Checking her watch, Zoey saw that school was going to start in ten minutes! "We better hurry!" Zoey said peddling faster.

Ash started to peddle faster. The school appeared in a short distance. They peddled and peddled. Zoey was used to peddling fast, but Ash wasn’t that used to it! When they got to school they were a little early. They parked their bikes and locked on the rack.

"Hey Blue!" Zoey’s friend, Katelyn, also known as Yellow said.

"Hey Yellow!" Zoey said. Zoey’s nickname was blue, since she always wore Blue.

"Hey Red!" Yellow said to Ash.

"Yellow! What’s up?" Red greeted.

Yellow always wore: a light yellow tank top, a dark yellow skirt, yellow shoes, and a velvet yellow hat. She had long blonde hair, and aqua-green eyes.

"Where have you guys been?" Yellow wondered.

"We were riding our bikes so it took a little longer because we took our time." Red explained.

"Did you guys here?" Yellow wondered.

"No, what?" Blue asked.

"Green is moving!" Yellow said.

Green’s name is really Gary, but everyone calls him Green. Green always wore: A green baseball cap, a green vest, a green shirt, dark blue jeans, and green sneakers. Together, Red, Blue, Yellow and Green were the color bunch.

"Where?" Blue wondered.

"Pallet Town" Yellow said.

To be continued….

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