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I Choose You

I Choose You!

Book 1:


Terra Bui

Terra Bui is a ten year old girl. She always wore a white hat, a white mini skirt, a light blue tank top, and a pair of light blue tennis shoes. Terra also had long brown hair that went down to her ribs and brown eyes. Terra was just about to become a pokemon trainer and get her first pokemon!

"Sweetie wake up." Her mother, Mrs. Bui, said softly to wake Terra up.

"Morning mom" Terra said after she yawned.

"Morning Terra. Ready for your big day?" Mrs. Bui asked.

"Why, whatís today?" Terra said, still half asleep.

"Today you get your first pokemon!" Mrs. Bui reminded her sleepy daughter.

"Oh my gosh! I forget!" Terra said, now wide awake in a panic.

"Itís okay, itís only seven oíclock."

"Thatís good. Wait! Did you say seven oíclock?" Terra said once again in a panic.

"Yes, why?"

"They started handing out pokemon twenty minutes ago!" Terra reminded her mother.

"I have your clothes ready. Just skip breakfast and come back when you have your pokemon."

"Okay. Professor Oak probably saved a pokemon for me." Terra said, now calmed down.

"Yes he probably did."

"I better hurry" Terra said.

Terra got dressed and brushed her hair. She said goodbye to her mother and she went off to Professor Oakís laboratory.

"Hello. Whatís your name young miss?" Professor Oak said as he greeted his guest.

"Hi. My name is Terra Bui. I came to get my first pokemon."

"Of course. Come this way now."

"Iím not too late?" Terra said.

"No. Not a lot of people came this year."

"Are there still pokemon left?"

"Yes. Nobody has come yet. Surprisingly, well at least besides you"

"I get an open pick?"

"Of course"

They entered the laboratory and she saw three pokeballs sitting on a table.

"This one is Bulbasaur." Professor Oak said showing her a pokeball, "This is Squirtle" Professor Oak said showing her another pokeball, "And this is Charmander" He said showing her the third pokeball.

"What are the differences besides the names, looks and attacks?" Terra wondered.

"Charmander is a fire type pokemon, Bulbasaur is a grass type pokemon, and Squirtle is a water type pokemon." Professor Oak explained.

"Can you let them out so I can see them?" Terra wondered.

"Of course you can" Professor Oak said letting all of the pokemon out of their pokeballs.




"They are all so cute! I donít know which on to pick!"

"I have another girl coming in to pick her first pokemon. So hurry before she gets the one you want!"

"Iíll take Charmander!" Terra decided.

"Charmander is a fine choice!" Professor Oak exclaimed.

"I have three more people coming." Professor Oak said looking at his watch.

"But there are only two pokemon left!" Terra exclaimed.

"Whoever comes last will have to have this pokemon." Professor Oak said grabbing a pokeball with a small lightning bolt on it.

"Which pokemon is it?"

"Itís a Pikachu" Professor Oak said letting Pikachu out of its pokeball.

"Pikachu is so cute!" Terra exclaimed.

"But itís fierce." Professor Oak said returning Pikachu back into its pokeball.

"Who else is coming?" Terra asked.

"Penelope Demuth, Ash Ketchum, and my grandson, Gary. You already know him though." Professor Oak said.

"Thank you. I better go" Terra said.

"Before you go take these." Professor Oak said handing Terra five pokeballs and a pokedex.

"Thanks! Bye!"

"Good-bye! Good luck on your journey!" Professor Oak called after.

Penelopeís First Pokemon

Penelope is ten years old just like Terra. She always wore: a purple baseball cap, denim blue jeans, pink T-shirt, a purple jacket, and black sneakers. She had short orange hair put into a pony tail and green eyes.

"Hey Professor!" Penelope greeted Professor Oak.

"Hello Penelope" Professor Oak replied.

"I came to get my first pokemon" Penelope reminded.

"I know Penelope"

They were already in the laboratory. Squirtle and Bulbasaur were playing with each other.

"I get one of those two?"

"Of course. Squirtle isÖ" Professor Oak was interrupted by Penelope.

"Yeah, yeah I already know Gramps!"

"Which one would you like?"

"I guess Iíll take Bulbasaur"

"Of course then." Professor Oak returned Bulbasaur to its pokeball and handed it to Penelope.

"Can I give a nickname?" Penelope wondered spinning the pokeball on her finger.

"Of course." Professor Oak answered.

"Iíll name it Leaf"

"Take these" Professor Oak said, handing Penelope a pokedex and five pokeballs.



After she left the room was silent, even Squirtle was silent.

"Could she be any ruder?" Professor Oak asked himself.

Garyís First Pokemon

Gary was a ten year old boy just like Terra and Penelope. He always wore: a long sleeve purple shirt, long denim blue jeans, brown shoes, and a necklace with a squiggly diagonal line, half yellow and half green.

"Hey Gramps!" Gary greeted his grandfather.

"Hello Gary!" Professor Oak replied.

"Is Squirtle the only one left?" Gary wondered.

"I suppose so, Iím sorry if you didnít get what you wanted." Professor Oak said.

"Itís okay. I wanted a Squirtle anyways. Iím pretty lucky." Gary said.

"I thought you wanted a Bulbasaur" Professor Oak said nodding his head to one side.

"Nah, I changed my mind last night" Gary informed.

"I guess you are lucky!" Professor Oak said returning Squirtle to its pokeball.

"Thanks Gramps!" Gary thanked.

"Take these pokeballs, and this pokedex." Professor Oak said handing him the items.

"Thanks. I better get going!"

"I have a surprise for you outside."

Professor Oak led Gary outside were the hole entire town was waiting for him!

"You got me cheerleaders!" Gary said happily.

"No, I guess they came with the town!"

"Thanks anyway. Go Squirtle! This is my new pokemon!" Gary yelled out after he released his Squirtle.

"Yay!" People started shouting.

"Gary, Gary heís our man, if he canít do it nobody can!" The cheerleaders cheered.

Ashís First Pokemon

Ash was too a ten year old boy like Gary. He wanted to become a pokemon master! He always wore: A red and yellow baseball cap with a green check on the front, a dark green T-shirt, a blue vest with a white collar, long light blue jeans, black and white sneakers, and a brown belt along his pants. He had black hair and black eyes.

"Kah-Kah-Kaw!" The Dodrio cried.

"Ah!" Ash yawned, he just woke up. He was wearing his pajamas, a green and yellow top, and green bottoms.

"What time is it? Ah! I over slept!" Ash yelled.

Ash had no time to change. He got out of bed and ran to Professor Oakís laboratory. Then he bumped into Gary! Ash and Gary were rivals since they were babies.

"Arenít you Gary?" Ash asked as he looked up at Gary. Gary was a bit taller then Ash.

"Yeah Iím him."

"Did you get your first pokemon yet?"

"Yeah and itĎs none of your business!"

"Can I see it?"

"Maybe if you were here on time you could have seen it!"

Gary was leaving and everyone else left too, except Professor Oak.

"Excuse me. Iím Ash Ketchum and Iím here to get my first pokemon."

"Are you sure? You look like youíre ready for going to bed, not starting a pokemon journey."

"Sir please! I over slept!"

"Come on inside then."

They walked into the laboratory and they saw the table with three pokeballs.

"Iíll choose Bulbasaur" Ash said picking up the first pokeball. He opened it, nothing inside.

"That was taken by a young boy who was here on time."

"Then Iíll choose Squirtle" Ash said choosing the second pokeball. He opened it, but still, nothing inside.

"That was taken by another young girl."

"Well, Iíll take Charmander then." Ash said choosing the third pokeball. He opened it again, but there was nothing inside.

"That was also taken by a different young girl."

"Donít you have another pokemon I could get?"

"I do have one more pokemon" Professor Oak said grabbing another pokeball.

"Iíll take it! I just want a pokemon!" Ash said desperately.

"Here you go now" Professor Oak said handing Ash the pokeball.

Then Ash opened it and a Pikachu came out.

"Wow! A Pikachu! Itís so cute!" Ash said grabbing Pikachu and giving it a hug.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu said shocking Ash.

"Here are five pokeballs and a pokedex. Youíll need them on your journey."

"ThankÖ you" When Ash touched the pokeballs and pokedex Pikachu shocked Ash again, but this time he shocked Ash and Professor Oak.

"Your Welcome!" Professor Oak said in pain.

When Ash brought Pikachu outside the hole town was waiting outside.

"Here Ash." Mrs. Ketchum said unpacking Asheís things and handing them to him.

But thatís a different story. Letís get back to ours.

Leaving Pallet Town

Terra was heading home while Penelope was getting her first pokemon. She missed breakfast and was starving! Usually, after a couple of minutes, Terra would take out her pokeball and kept on staring at it and thinking about how Charmander would be in her first battle.

When Terra arrived home Mrs. Bui was making breakfast, pancakes and bacon! Terraís favorite breakfast meal! There were several presents on the kitchen table wrapped in shiny colorful wrapping paper.

"Iím home mom" Terra said as she walked into the kitchen.

"How was it? Did you get a pokemon? If you did what kind did you get?"

"It was great! Professor Oak said nobody else came to get their pokemon yet, so I was the first one! I got a pokemon too! I got a Charmander!" Terra explained to her mother.

"Why donít you let Charmander out of its pokeball so it can eat breakfast with us." Mrs. Bui said.

"Good idea. Charmander probably didnít get fed today"

Charmander came out of its pokeball and sat down in a chair. Terra was in such a good mood that day. She also couldnít wait to get started.

"Breakfast is ready! Charmander, do you like pancakes and bacon?"

"Charmander!" Charmander cried happily.

"Thanks mom" Terra thanked.

"Charmander" Charmander thanked as he gobbled down his food.

After they were done with their delicious meal, they chatted for awhile.

"Would you like to open your presents?" Mrs. Bui asked Terra.


The first one Terra opened had blue wrapping paper and a red ribbon. Inside there was a map of Kanto. The second one was wrapped with shiny gold wrapping paper but no ribbon. Inside there was a notebook and a ballpoint pen with blue ink inside. The last present was from her mother. It was wrapped with blue wrapping paper and a white ribbon. Inside there was a white backpack.

"Thanks for the backpack. But where did the other two come from?" Terra wondered.

"The present with shiny gold wrapping paper is from your grandma and grandpa. And the other present with blue wrapping paper and the red ribbon was from Professor Oak."

"Where did he go this time?" Terra wondered.

"Fuschia City" Mrs. Bui replied.

"Thatís far away" Terra said.

"I forgot one more present." Mrs. Bui said handing Terra a small box wrapped with green wrapping paper with a white ribbon.

"Who is this from?"

"Your father. He told me before he left that he wanted me to give you this on the day you started your pokemon journey." Mrs. Bui said.

Terra unwrapped the present and inside there was a watch. A pure gold watch.

"How did he get this?" Terra wondered.

"He paid extra money for it when he knew you were going to leave soon." Mrs. Bui said.

"I should get going. I need a head start."

"Before you go, pack all of your things. I bought some snacks while you were gone. Pack those snacks too. Call me at the pokemon center in Viridian City." Mrs. Bui said.

Mrs. Bui go the snacks and put them in her backpack. Terra packed everything else inside.

"Bye" Terra said giving her mom a hug.

"Good-bye Terra, good luck."

Terra walked on the road and started off on her big adventure.

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