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Blind Love

Blind Love


Part 1: Goodbye


“Hurry! We can't let them get away!” someone shouted into the cold, dark, rainy night. About 20 men dressed in black uniforms, with a big red 'R' on their chests were chasing two flying Pokemon. “Fire the nets!” The commander shouted. The grunts aimed for the red and blue creatures. When they shot the nets, they missed. “Damn!” The commander whispered. “We're losing them!” “No there they are!” Anonymous voices shouted to each other. It was getting harder to see with all the rain pelting their faces. “Fire Again!” The Commander shouted. They once again, missed. Lightning struck a tree, and it fell down with a loud BOOM!

Latios looked at Latias, and then to the men chasing them, who were catching up. “We know what we must do.” Latios said. “No! We can't! You know what'll happen if we split up! We'll never see, hear, remember, or sense each other again, until the prophecy comes true! It may not even come true!” Latias said telepathically back. The men were gaining on them in the meadow that they being chased in. “ It's the only way, If we stay together, they'll catch us! Plus, we know the prophecy will come true, I just know it. You knew it would have to come true sometime, We'll be together again soon, I promise.” Latios said. Another net was fired, and just barely missed Latias. “ Why were we cursed with that prophecy anyway?” Latias said.“It was meant to be for those trainers to meet, and get engaged! How could you say such a thing?!” Latios said fiercely back. Latias brought her head down. “Then I guess, this is Goodbye.” “I'm afraid so my friend. When we come to the woods, we split up. We'll guide the two trainers together, and help them, and see each other again.” Latios ensured Latias.

They were about 20 yards from the edge of the forest.

“We can't let them get into the forest! FIRE AGAIN!” The Commander shouted. The men struggled with the cannon, and by the time they were ready it was too late.

“Remember the Prophecy! Goodbye...” Latios told Latias before breaking off to the left, into the woods. “Goodbye...” Latias said back, before breaking off to the right. As soon as they went separate ways, they felt a jolt of pain, sorrow, and grief. Their minds got erased, of any trace of each other. Both of them recited the prophecy over and over, until they found a place to stay for the night.

Two separated on a stormy night,

hiding without any light,

lost never to see each other again,

because of wicked men.

Although the chosen ones

can cancel the effect,

with their love unwrecked

The Guardians protection

will not be broken

watching over Misty and Ash

Until the Gauridans clash.


“They've split up!” someone told the commander. “Oh great...the boss is not gonna like this...he needed those two for his machine...all right bring it in!” The commander shouted. He knew what happened to Latios and Latias if they split up. That was the only good thing that he could tell the boss when he told him the bad, bad, bad news.

At that moment, in a different region, a three year old girl named Misty, and a three year old boy named Ash, were crying to their moms, because of all the Lightning and Thunder going around outside their houses. What they did not know, was that, 18 years on this day, April 22nd, 1994, in the future, they would learn about their destiny, and how to save the Guardians from their evil fate.

18 years later......April 22nd, 2012


“WE'RE LOST AGAIN?!” Misty shouted at Ash. “No we aren't! I just don't know where we are!” He retorted. “That the same thing as being LOST! Dipstick!” “Hey! Don't call me a Dipstick! I'm not the one who wanted to leave Fortree in such a hurry! I could've bought a map!” “It's not my fault, that city was crawling with bugs! Plus, you don't have any money!” “Hey yes I do!” “Well I bet you couldn't even read it anyway, and if you did, it would probably be up-side down!” “No I wouldn't! It's been a while since the last time I've journeyed only with you, And I've learned how to read a map!” Misty rolled her eyes. “Gosh, he can be so frustrating! But that doesn't change the fact that I love him. I'm glad he only picked me to go on his journey again to get more Pokemon, this place is so new to me... ” Misty thought. “Man, I hate it when we argue all the time! I hope we don't do it anymore...” Ash thought.

“Is there something wrong with you Ash? You got this weird look on your face...” Misty asked concerned. “I'm just, uh, in deep thought, that's all,” He replied. “You, in deep thought? I didn't know you could do that, hmm, I guess you really do learn something new everyday!” Misty teased.

Ash punched her lightly on the arm.

Shortly after, a sign came up and said “Welcome to Cascade City, Home of The Guardians”

“Finally, Some civilization!” Misty said, grabbing Ash's arm and ran with him, into the city. “Come on! Where is the Pokemon Center?” Misty said looking frantically around the city. Ash was still being dragged behind her. “Uh, Misty! Slow down! We're going past the speed limit!” “What speed limit?” She shouted back at him. “The speed limit for Brain Damage!” “Finally! There it is!” She said.

She bolted into the center and started shouting Nurse Joy. Ash on the other hand, saw a picture that got his attention. “Wow,” he said in awe.

“Nurse Joy?” Misty asked again. “Coming!” a little voice said from down the hall. “Are you staying over night?” Nurse Joy asked. “Yes, and he is with me” Misty said pointing to Ash. “All right, right this way,” Nurse Joy said, starting to walk down the hall that she came from. “Come on Ash!” Misty shouted to him. “Coming,” Ash said, running to catch up.

When they got settled in, Ash grabbed Misty by the arm, and dragged her to the picture. “Isn't it beautiful?” Ash asked her. Misty didn't respond, she couldn't keep her eyes of the picture in front of her. A blue and red Pokemon were flying side-by-side, over a lake, under the sun. When she took her eyes off of it, she looked into another beautiful thing. It was a beautiful shade of brown, maybe chocolate, or was it chestnut? She looked into them more. It was Ash's eyes.

Wow, she has beautiful blueish greenish eyes...” Ash thought. “I think we should, uh, rest our Pokemon,” Misty finally said. “Yeah,” Ash responded. Ash got into his backpack, and pulled out six poke balls. Each containing; Rapidash, Charizard, Corpish, Bulbasaur, Swellow, and Pikachu.

Misty pulled out her Staryu, Corsola, Gyarados, Politoad, Milotic, and Lapras. They put them on two trays, and left them on the counter, where Nurse Joy was. “Thank You, they'll take an hour each for them to heal.” “Let's go out into the city, and see what there is,” Misty suggested. “OK,” Ash responded.

They started to look around the city, and shortly after, a few things got creepy. “You have to make sure this boy beside you knows that you love him.” “What?” Misty asked aloud. “I didn't say anything,” Ash said. A voice then filled Ash's head. “ Let your friend know you like her, it is your Destiny!” “What?” Ash asked. “I didn't say anything,” Misty said in a mocking voice. Latias, and Latios said those words in their heads, little did they know, Latias was soaring right beside Latios.

Misty, to prove that you must confess your love to him, go back the the Pokemon center, and read the prophecy under the picture you looked at earlier, there you will find the answer...” “Uh, Ash, I'm gonna go back the center, you can stay here browsing,” Misty said. “All right, is anything wrong?” Ash asked. “No,” Misty said before running back to the center

In just a short while, though, both Ash and Misty's life was going to change, where, either of them did not know.



End of part 1

part 2 coming soon!


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