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Misty Lake


Misty Lake

By: Rapidash 

Ages: Misty 19

         Ash 18


" Means talking

* Means flashback


   "Hurry up Ash!" Misty shouted outside of the ice-skating store Ash was in. She was standing on the ice-covered sidewalk, in her usual blue, red, and yellow outfit. With her orange hair tied up into a side ponytail, with her lucky aqua-blue hair tie, which matched her eyes. "I'm serious Ash! I'm freezing out here!"


   "Just," Ash said, starting to laugh, "Chill!" He broke out laughing, after he was out of the store. He also, was wearing his usual outfit. "It's not funny." Misty pouted. She realized the big bag that Ash was carrying. "What's in there?" Misty asked as she and Ash were walking down the sidewalk. "Oh, just some ice-skates for my mom, you know, a late Christmas present," Ash said, putting his hand behind his head. "And you just had to get them now? In the middle of winter, in Crystal city? Miles and miles away from Pallet Town? Huh Mr. Pokemon Master?" Misty prodded him. " Well, um, OK, you caught me. I wanted to show you something that I saw when we came into the city. But, if you don't want to see it…" Ash said trailing off towards the end. "No, I-I wanna see it!" Misty said. " All right then, follow me," Ash said playfully.


   He started to run. "Ash, be careful! Don't slip!" Misty called to him. He stopped. "Come on! There's barely any ice! You should run too! It'll make you warm!" He called back to her. "All right…" she muttered. She started to run. After about five steps she slipped. She screamed, as she fell down, and slid down the hill. "Misty!" Ash said. He ran up half of the hill, to stop Misty. When she collided with him, they both rolled down the hill. At the bottom, they stopped. Misty had landed on top of him, and was breathing hard, and shaking. " Are you OK?" Ash asked. "Y-yeah, you?" He nodded. Misty and Ash stayed that way for a few more seconds. "Why don't you kiss her?" Ash heard a voice say that in his mind. He had a confused look on his face, but then shook it out, and Misty helped him up. "How about we just walk… It's not much further…"Ash said, once Misty was up. She nodded.


   They entered some woods. The trees were glistening with fresh fallen snow, with the sun shining on it. Every now and then, a few nidoran would scurry across their path. Misty smiled to her self.


   The rest of the way, there was silence. Well, almost. Ash heard a voice speaking in his head. "Why don't you kiss her?" "What?" Ash said aloud. "I didn't say anything." Misty said. "Well, never mind…" He said back. They walked about 20 more yards, and Ash stopped. "Close your eyes" he said to Misty. She immediately obeyed. She felt Ash's cold hands on hers, guiding her. She shivered. "Sorry, my hands are really cold…" Ash said. "It's all right," She said back. For about the next 30 seconds, Ash was guiding her, with the bag containing the ice-skates on his wrist. "All right, stop. Now, open your eyes." Misty opened her eyes and gasped.


   There, right in front of her, was a huge lake. It glimmered with the sun hitting its smooth surface. She heard Ash fumbling with the bag he had. When she turned to him, he was holding out a box. "These are for you, I hope they're the right size…" Ash said. She took the box from him, and opened it. Inside were blue ice skates, with white laces. She looked at him confused. "Wha-" "We're going ice-skating!" He said, pulling out his own skates. They were black and green. "But, I don't know how to ice-skate!" Ash looked up surprised. "You, don't? I thought growing up in the gym all of your life, I thought, that you'd know how. Oh well! I'm just gonna have to teach ya!" Misty gulped. She sat on the bench, next to Ash, and put on her skates. After she was done, she stood, up, half expecting to fall. When she didn't, she looked around for Ash.


   She saw him, already on the ice, going around the lake. "You ready?" he called, coming off the lake. "Yeah, I guess," Misty said nervously as she grabbed Ash's hand, and stepped on the ice. "Now, all you do, is, shift your weight from one foot to another, while moving forward. As he started to skate, she just dragged along, until, her feet started to move together. When they were, side-by-side, she fell, and let go of Ash's hand. When Misty's hand left Ash's, he turned around. When he did, he saw Misty laying on her back, looking dazed. He laughed, "You OK?" "I think so, my feet were sliding together! And I fell!" She complained. He helped her up. "You don't want to do that. Let's try again." Ash said, grabbing her hand again. "Shift your weight from one foot to another, gliding gently across the lake." He said again. She tried again, and did what Ash told her. Without knowing it, Ash let go of Misty's hand. She still skated. She was half way around the lake before she realized. " What? Why? How did I? Wait…I did it!" She said smiling. Ash skated toward her. "Yeah you did! Now you should try going faster," Ash said, skating ahead of her. She put on a competing face, and raced to catch up with Ash.


   Every time she'd get close, Ash would only go faster. They went around a few more times, until Ash came off. "Uh, Ash, How do I stop!?" Misty yelled. "Just, start coming towards me, and I'll show you." Ash called out to her. She started coming towards Ash, still at full speed. When she was almost at the edge of the lake, Ash stepped out of the way, and Misty fell into the snow. Ash started to laugh. She got up, and hit him in the head with her mallet. "Ow! That hurt!" he said rubbing his head. "Oh, and you don't think falling face first into the snow doesn't?" She shot back. "Well I dunno, I've never done it before!" He said again, laughing. In his fit of laughter, Misty got behind, and pushed with all of her might. Ash fell down, face first, just like Misty did. "Now you do!" Misty said, laughing. When he got up, he laughed. "Why don't you tell her? Tell her what you're feeling inside, because if you don't, she'll never know, the way you feel inside…" Ash looked confused again. "Are you OK Ash?" He heard Misty said. "Y-yeah, let's sit down though."


   After that, they took a 3-minute break. After that, Misty got up.


   *"Mom, how come going really fast?" Misty asked her mom, at the age of 8. "One second Misty" She called from the ice arena. Her mom preformed a triple axle. "WOW!" Misty said in delight. "I wish I could do that someday!" "You have to go fast Misty, so you can stay up longer in the air, makes sense right?" Her mom replied. *


   "Stay there, I want to show you something," She said, as she headed toward the lake. Ash watched her. She went around the lake, gathering up speed. Then Ash's eyes widened. He remembered something his mom told him.


   * "Mommy, why is that person going so fast?" Ash had asked his mom when he was 7. "Because, she's getting ready to jump, ice-skaters need a lot of speed to do a jump." His mother replied. "Wow! She's going really fast!" *


   Ash got up, and screamed, "MISTY, DON'T!" To late, Misty tried to do a triple axle, but failed, and dropped onto the ice. A cracking sound spilt the air. Ash heard Misty scream, before falling into the water. "MISTY!" Ash raced to the lake. When he came to the hole, Misty wasn't there. "Go Totodile and Corpish! Go underwater, and get Misty!" Ash ordered. With a small nod, both of the pokemon jumped in the hole. Ash was waiting for their return. About 2 minutes later, Totodile and Corpish surfaced, with Misty. She was un conscience. "Good job, return." Ash said. He picked Misty up, grabbed their shoes, and called out Charizard. "Charizard, fly us to the pokemon center!" Ash said as soon as he and Misty were on. "Hang on Misty," he whispered.

Ash charged through the doors of the pokemon center. "Nurse Joy! Help! My friend has fallen through the lake, and is un conscience!" Nurse Joy came out, and gasped when she saw Misty's rather blue body. "Bring her this way, quick!" Nurse Joy said. Ash followed her, running.


   She led him to a room, with a bed, under a huge heater. "Place her here," Nurse Joy instructed. Ash set her down, and looked at his best friend with tears in his eyes. Nurse Joy turned on the heater, and then ushered Ash out of the room. "You're going to have to wait in the waiting room," She said. "Will she be OK?" He asked through sobs. "It's hard to say, only time will tell," Ash nodded, and went out in the waiting room.


   He ended up staying the night. Nurse Joy showed him a room, right across the hall from where Misty was. Nurse Joy told him that he could see Misty in the morning, and that she would be with her all night. Ash thanked her, and went to bed. Although, he couldn't sleep. Not knowing that he might have killed his best friend.


    In the morning, he got up, and went into the room where Misty was. When he looked at the bed, she wasn't there. A smile came to his face. He raced out of the room, and went into the lobby. There, Nurse Joy was talking to someone. It was Misty. "Mi-misty?" he asked. She turned around, and smiled. He ran to her. When they met, he hugged her. "Are you OK?" he asked after they let go. "Yeah," she replied. "I'm sorry, it's all my fault. If I hadn't-" "It wasn't your fault. I was the one who wanted to do the one thing my mom did when she was, was, alive, when I couldn't do it. So none of it's your fault." Misty said. "Why don't you kiss her?" He heard the voice said again. Then, a song seemed to play through his head, like it was telling him something.


We're the best of friends
And we share our secrets
She knows everything that is on my mind
Lately something's changed
As I lie awake in my bed
A voice here inside my head
Softly says:

Why don't you kiss her?
Why don't you tell her?
Why don't you let her see the feelings that you hide?
Cause she'll never know,
If you never show,
The way you feel inside

Oh, I'm so afraid
To make that first move
Just a touch and we could cross the line
Everytime she's near, I wanta never let her go
Confess to her what my heart knows
Hold her close.

Why don't you kiss her?
Why don't you tell her?
Why don't you let her see the feelings that you hide?
Cause she'll never know,
If you never show,
The way you feel inside.

What would you say?
I wonder, would she just turn away?
Or would she promise me that she's here to stay
It hurts me to wait.
I keep asking myself:

Why don't you kiss her?
Why don't you tell her?
Why don't you let her see the feelings that you hide?
Cause she'll never know,
If you never show,
The way you feel inside.

Why don't you kiss her?


   He looked at Misty, and kissed her. Surprisingly, she returned it. They stood there, kissing in the lobby. Nurse Joy had gone, thankfully. When they stopped, something came out of Ash's mouth, that they had heard on their journey, a long time ago. "Te amo- iam et pro semper." Misty smiled. "I love you- now and always." They kissed one more time, each knowing, that now, both of their future's were going to be brighter, now that they were together, now and always.



The End


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