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The Legendary Trainers

The Legendary Trainers

Part 3

By: Rapidash

After Soren reassured Erin, they both went to a rental shack. Both of them got diving gear, goggles, and flippers (the things you wear on your feet, I wasn't sure what they were called…). When they got dressed, Erin decided to bring Lugia. Just before they were going to go into the water, Erin once again looked in the sky; the clouds were big, dark, and gloomy. Soren saw the worried look on her face and then thought of something to calm her nerves. "Oh Erin! I just remembered something! This is the time of year when the Water Pokemon come out from their hibernation. It's supposed to be a beautiful and fantastic sight!"

Erin smiled, and for that brief moment, she forgot all about the clouds. She wasn't reminded of the clouds till she, Soren, and Lugia were going under water. As soon as she was completely under water, there was a flash of lightning. But once again, her worries were gone until she looked forward and saw a pack of Milotic swimming out of a cave. Her eyes sparkled. Soren saw this and was delighted. Then, like out of no where, two LuvDiscs came out of a different underwater cavern, and they spotted Erin and Soren. They both looked at each other, and nodded. Both of them went behind Erin, and fired a water gun at her. When the attack hit Erin, it blasted her right into Soren. Then her slamming into Soren, blasted them into a rock wall (the 'wall' of an under water cavern). When they got off the wall, Erin apologized. Soren then noticed that two LuvDiscs were dancing around them. Erin looked at them confused, and then turned to Soren, who was blushing madly. "What-" she was cut off by a roar. Soren and Erin turned to the wall where they crashed into, and saw a pack of at least 4 Sharpedos.

They both gulped. "SWIM ERIN SWIM!" She didn't need to be told twice. She took off in one direction and Soren in the other. Two Sharpedos followed Erin and the other two followed Soren.

Erin was barely ahead of the Sharpedos. She was zigzagging through the water, trying to out swim them. This was causing her to become very tired. They were catching up. She looked ahead, and saw a coral reef, that matched her diving suit perfectly. She madly swam to the reef, and hid as deeply as she could. The Sharpedo passed right by her. Then very quietly, she said, "I hope Soren is OK."

Soren was out swimming the Sharpedo tremendously. When he looked behind him, he didn't see any. So he slowed down. When he turned forward, they were coming right at him. So he swam the other way, and he saw more coming at him. "Uh oh" he said. Then as loudly as he could, he shouted, "ERIN! LUGIA! HELP!" Lugia heard him first, and came racing as fast as she could. But, the Sharpedo were faster. One came at him, and tackled him. Lugia then showed up. She saw that Soren was sinking, with all the other Sharpedo coming at him. She fired an Ice beam at them, and they froze. She immediately dove for Soren. Which she caught, and brought him to the surface. Lugia brought him to the beach, seeing that Erin was already there.

"Oh Lugia, are you all right? Is Soren all right?" She nodded. "Well, lets get out of here, we'll return the equipment later, it looks like the shack is closed anyhow. So Erin picked up Soren, placed him on Lugia's back, and got on herself. Lugia took off. Halfway to Cerulean, Soren woke up. "Wh-where am I?" "You're on Lugia." A voice said. "Erin?" "Yeah?" "How'd I get on here?" "Well, you had 4 Sharpedo on you, and one tackled you, you became unconscience, started to sink, and Lugia saved you." "No wonder I hurt so much," Soren said as he tried to move, clutching his left rib, but failed. "No, don't move, you'll hurt even more. Just hold on, we're almost to Cerulean."

When they landed, Erin helped Soren into his house. He went straight to the couch. "Thanks so much Erin." He said to her. "No, it should be I thanking you. Once again you saved from Team Rocket. I owe you big time," she said. "No, you don't owe me any-Ow! -thing." "Can't you leave it at that?"

"Oh, all right, dinner tomorrow night, my treat." "But that defeats the whole pur-" "No, it doesn't, now, it's late, you should go home and get some sleep" said Soren. "But, should I help you to your room?" "No," he said getting up, "I feel fine, Bye!" He got up, and pushed her out the door, and closed it. "You MORON!" Soren sniggered. And then looked out the window and saw Erin walking up the street to her house. He continued to watch her till she disappeared. Then, he felt really sad. So he stood there in his living room, thinking.

Erin was getting into bed, and snuggling up with her Togepi, when her videophone started its annoying voice. "Ring ring ring ring ring phone call phone call!" "Hello?" Erin asked sleepishly. "Hi! Oh no, did I wake you up?" It was Soren. She was suddenly wide-awake. "Nope, what's up?" "It's about uh…. um… dinner," "It's all right if you pay for, do whatever you want to do."

"OK, you sure?" he asked. "Yeah 100% besides, I'm broke anyhow! See ya tomorrow!" she said laughing. Then, she hung up. She jumped back in bed, seeing her Togepi, asleep. Then, all of the sudden, she herself was getting very sleepy.

Soren sat in the chair infront of his videophone, laughing, and confused. After a few minutes, he concluded with the statement, "Girls, cant live with 'em cant live without 'em." Then, got into bed, and fell asleep thinking, "I hope dinner goes well tomorrow."

But, lurking outside his door, the Team Rocket Boss was silently laughing. "Oh, Soren, the dinner will be anything BUT well!" Then, he silently went out of his house, and laughed all the way down the street.




The End

Part 4 almost here

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