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The Legendary Trainers

The Legendary Trainers

By: Rapidash

Part 2

"Take it easy, there we go" said Soren leading Erin to the couch. Erin still felt weak from the Thunder and thunderbolt attacks. Also, she just woke up, and she's not a morning person. Erin laid down on the couch. "Soren, can you get Espeon for me?" Erin said. Soren looked at her for a second, and then ran into her room. "Espeon, Erin wants you," he said. Espeon jumped off the bed and went to her trainer's side. "Thanks, Espeon, give me your foot, and then use recover" Erin said, extending her hand. Espeon gave her, her foot, and used recover. Erin glowed, and then stood straight up. "Thanks Espeon!" Erin said cheerfully. Soren was relived and then got an idea. "Hey! How about we go to the beach?" "Yeah, that's a great idea, I'll go and get my fire pokemon, (not a good idea…) and Espeon, you can come too!" "Espe Espeon!" it said. Soren ran home, got his water pokemon, and went back to Erin's house. "Here, we can ride on Charizard" said Erin.

So Soren and Erin got on Charizard, and flew off to Vermilion City. When they got to the beach, Erin jumped off of Charizard, and released her Rapidash, Houndoom, Blaziken, Ninetales, Lugia, Flareon, Espeon and her Milotic, which was a gift from Soren (Lucky you! You can have 9 pokemon at one time). Shortly after, Soren released his Blastoise, Lapras, Dewgong, Starmie, Gyarados, Vaporeon, and Torkal, a gift from Erin. So they set up a picnic, after the pokemon were done with their food, they went and played, water pokemon in the water, and the fire types on land. When Erin was done eating, she said to Soren that she was going to go explore, taking only her Houndoom and Rapidash. Soren replied with, "Well, I'm going swimming, be careful." She replied " I will I will." And then ran off.

"There she is boss!" said a Team Rocket grunt. "Ah, perfect, she has her two favorite pokemon with her too, the trap is ready, right?" asked the boss. "Yes Sir!" the grunted said. "SSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHH! You imbisle! She's right there! She could've heard you!" snapped the boss. So they both ducked behind the rock.

"Hmm, wonder what's over here?" said Erin, walking over to a sign. Rapidash and Houndoom followed her. She read the sign;

Welcome to Mystery Beach!

"I didn't know there was anoth- AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Erin screamed as she, and her pokemon fell through the sand, into a hole. "OW! That hurt, you guys OK?" she said to Houndoom and Rapidash. They nodded. Then, before they knew it, they were in a net.

Soren, who was swimming, had heard her scream, and immediately returned all of her pokemon, except Lugia, and his, and took off running towards Erin. When he got to where he heard the scream, he saw a helicopter, with 2 pokemon, and a girl, in a net, attached to it, flying off in the distance. He turned to Lugia. Lugia had a confused look on her face. "Lugia, Team Rocket took Erin." Lugia had tears in her eyes, and then, anger took over. "Their hideout is in Cerulean City, let's go get em'!" Soren jumped on Lugia's back, and they took off at full speed after the helicopter.

Erin was placed in an iron bar cage, with her hands tied to one of the bars. Her Houndoom and her Rapidash were in a fireproof cage across the room. They would try all their attacks on the cage, but none would work. Erin eventually told them to stop. After she told them to stop, she heard the door open.

As soon as Soren went in the hideout, he ran into the guards. Fortunately, Lugia blasted them away. Whenever he saw a door, he peaked through the window, to see if Erin was there. When he rounded the corner, he saw the head of a team rocket grunt. He was standing outside the door. "That's were Erin is." Soren said, a little to loudly. The grunt walked over to him, but once again, Lugia blasted him away. "Good job Lugia!" "Lu!" Soren looked in the window, and saw Erin. There was also a grunt inside. He could barely hear what he was saying. "All right, I'm going to go get the boss, he'll get some questions out of you." Soren heard the grunt coming, so he and Lugia went around the corner, and hid behind the wall. "Boss, you can come in." "Splendid." Soren heard the door close. Soren peered out from behind the wall. No one was there. "Come on, let's listen in," Soren said to Lugia, as once again they looked through the window. "So, Erin, fallen for another trap I see." Said the boss. "It seems so" she replied coldly. "Oh Erin, no need to be frightened…" "I'M NOT FRIGHTENED!" she screamed at him. "You seem to have quite the temper today." "When I get out of here, I'll" "Oh, that won't happen, my dear…" "Yes it will!" shouted Soren as he blasted through the door. "You chose not to bring any pokemon with you? What a shame." "Oh, but I did, Lugia! Use hyperbeam!" Lugia came crashing through the door, and fired a hyperbeam at the boss, who blasted through the ceiling. "You'll pay for this!" the boss shouted as he flew threw the air. "Oh Soren! I'm so happy to see you!" Erin said as Soren was untying her ropes, and unlocking the cage. She flew into his arms. "I'm happy to see you too," he said back to her. Then, they heard stomping, and a growl. "Oh, sorry!" said Erin as she raced over to the cage, that held Rapidash and Houndoom. When the cage was unlocked, Houndoom knocked her on the floor, and Rapidash licked her face. "Ah, ok stop! Hey that tickles!" In a few seconds they backed off, and Soren helped her up. Then, for a brief moment, their eyes met. "LU!" "Oh, Lugia! This is the second time you've saved me! I promise that I will do something really nice for you! Ok?" Lugia nodded furiously. "Shouldn't we be going?"

"To where?" Erin asked. "To the beach of course!" Erin looked threw the hole in the ceiling, and the sky was blue, for the most part. "All right, I guess" she said. So Erin returned her Houndoom and Rapidash, and got on Lugia, behind Soren.

When they were flying of the water, towards Vermilion, The clouds got darker, and darker. When they landed Erin said, " Uh, Soren, I think we should go home," "Aww, Erin! Since when has some thunderclouds stopped us from having fun?" replied Soren reassuringly. "All right but, I still don't know…"

The End

Part 3 is on its way!

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