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The Legendary Trainers

The Legendary Trainers

By: Rapidash

Part One

In the peaceful city of Cerulean, two legendary trainers lived on Coral Lane. Their names were Soren, and Erin. The reason why they were legendary trainers is because they owned every legendary pokemon. Soren owned: Zapdos, Mewtwo, Entei, Raikou, Ho-oh, Groudon, Latios, Rayquaza, Deoxys, Umbreon, and Dragonite. Erin owned Arictuno, Moltres, Suicune, Mew, Lugia, Celebi, Kygore, Latias, Togepi, Espeon, and Dragonair. They also owned 'regular' pokemon, Soren specializing in Water, and Erin in Fire.

Soren and Erin were young at 15 and 14. Whenever people saw them, they would say "Hi" or they wouldn't say anything at all. This didn't bother them. But, where there's rare pokemon, there's Team Rocket. Never had Team Rocket dared to go near Soren or Erin, until that night.

That day just happened to be Sorens birthday, January 20, 2005. His day was going perfect! He spent the whole day with Erin, and some of their legendary pokemon. He loved this so much because, (and Erin didn't know this) he had a HUGE crush on Erin. He just fell in love with her Sapphire blue eyes, and her long dirty blonde hair. Plus, she always wore his favorite color, blue.

Erin also had a crush on Soren. She just couldn't stop looking at his aqua-green eyes, perfectly matched with his sandy blonde hair. He also wore her favorite color, red.

That day, Erin treated Soren to Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, at Soren's three favorite restaurants. The Chatter Box, A burger joint named Joe's, and The Waterfront. After the fun-filled day, Erin walked Soren home. "Happy Birthday Soren, and goodnight" said Erin. "Thanks," said Soren. "Goodnight to you too." Then went into his house, and looked at the clock. It read 9:24 p.m.. "Wow," he said. "I thought it was later that…" He shrugged and went into his bedroom, got into bed. He was asleep in a few minutes. But, Soren did not realize that lurking inside his house was a Team Rocket grunt.

On her way home, Erin was singing a song that she heard in a movie as a little girl. (When she says Soren, it was actually 'you'.)

"I see the moon, and the moon sees me

the moon sees somebody I wanna see

so God bless the moon,

and God bless me,

and God bless somebody I wanna see.

It seems to me, that God above

Created Soren, for me to love,

He picked him out from all the rest,

Because he'd knew I'd love him best!"

This little song took her to her house. She opened the door carefully, and closed it without a sound. She went up stairs to her room, got into her pj's and got in bed. When her head touched the pillow, she bumped something. She moved up, and saw Togepi. "Oh Togepi! I'm so sorry!" she whispered. Togepi opened her eyes. "Ppppppprrrrrriiiiii!" it shrilled. "Ssshhhh! You don't want to wake up Mom and Dad!" Erin whispered. Then Togepi yawned, and went to sleep. Erin laid down next to Togepi, and soon found herself going into a deep sleep.

When Soren fell asleep, the grunt waited in the shadows of his room. In his hands were a bag, duck tape, some rope, and a walkie-talkie. When the grunt knew Soren was asleep, he tiptoed over to Soren's bed, and rolled Soren on his side (So Soren's hands were facing him). He took the rope, and tied it around his hands. Then, he set the rest of the rope on Sorens bed, and reached for the duck tape. When the grunt peeled it off, Soren woke up. "Hey! What are yo-" he couldn't finish his sentence. Soren began to shake madly. The grunt reached for the leftover rope, and tied it around Soren's legs. Soren wiggled even more. Then, like out of nowhere, he was in a bag.

"Start the van boys," said the grunt. "I have the boy."

When Erin woke up that next morning, she took a shower, got dressed, did her hair into a ponytail, and put on her shoes. Then she told her Espeon to watch Togepi when she was gone. Espeon agreed happily. On her way out, she grabbed her Charizard, and her Lugia. She ran past the three houses between hers' and Soren house. When she was walking up the driveway, she noticed the door was open. "Soren?" she called, as she entered his house. No reply. She then ran into his bedroom, and gasped. There lay a note saying,

Soren has been kid-napped. He has been taken to our hideout on Cinnabar Island. If you want him back, bring ALL of our legendary pokemon.

Signed, Team Rocket


Erin gasped, and ran out of Sorens house. When she was outside, "Go Charizard! Fly to Cinnabar Island!" Charizard obeyed, and took off and full speed. They were at Cinnabar in 5 minutes.

When she landed, she immediately saw their hideout. She ran to it. Then she turned to Charizard, and released Lugia. "Now, here's what your going to do, if I don't come back with Soren in 15 minutes. Your going to charge in, and get us ok?" they nodded. "Now wait here, and make sure your not seen!" They nodded, and ducked low into the bushes.

Soren was tied to a chair, in a rather small room. All he could say was, "Erin will kick your sorry butts when she comes!" When the grunts heard him, they rolled their eyes, or threatened him, "If you don't keep your trap closed, I'll duck tape it shut!" Then, after about the hundredth time of saying his threat, he heard over the intercon, "Erin has been spotted, fire the thundershocks!" "No, Erin!" Soren shouted.

In a minute, Erin was brought in, unconscience. She was tied to a chair, beside Soren. When the grunts left…"Erin! Erin! Wake up!" Soren said. He heard a moan. "Sor-Soren?" she mumbled. "Yeah, its me." "Are y-you ok?" "Yeah, you?" "Oh I feel brilliant!" she said, stronger, and sarcasticly. "Do you know what happened?" asked Soren. "No." "Well, you got hit with thundershocks, and well, fell unconscience." Just before Erin could reply, three grunts came in.

"All right where's the pokemon?" asked the first grunt. "I didn't bring any," said Erin.

"But a trainer must have at least 1 pokemon with them at all times" said the second grunt. "NOT when you’re a legendary trainer!" she spat at them. Then, the first grunt whispered something to the third grunt, who nodded. He turned back to Soren and Erin. "Our boss would like to speak with you" he said. Then, a tall, black- headed man came through the door. He walked into the shadows, so Erin and Soren couldn't see his face.

"Ah, our legendary trainers, so nice to see you, how are you today?" he asked. "What do you think?!" half-shouted Erin. The boss made an tsk- tsk sound. "Now, Erin, that’s no way to talk to your superiors" he said puffing out his chest a little bit. Erin laughed. "'Superior?' If you’re a superior than a Snorlax can fly!"

That took the cake. "Give her a thunderbolt!" said the boss with such cruelty in his voice, it made Soren and Erin shudder. A grunt walked over to a machine, and zapped Erin. She screamed, and then said in an hardly audible voice, "Is that…… all you…. g-g-got?" "No actually," the boss started. "Give her a Thunder!" Once again, the machine powered up, and zapped Erin. She screamed once again, but this time, she fell unconscience. "Erin!" Soren yelled.

"Now for the boy-" he was cut off by the door breaking down. Lugia and Charizard came in, and roared. Loudly. "Lu-Lugia!" the Boss stammered. Charizard and Lugia launched a FireBlast and a hyperbeam at him. He and his grunts blasted through the ceiling. After they were gone, Charizard and Lugia ran over, and cut the ropes on Soren and Erin. After he was untied, Soren rushed over to Erin. "Erin! Erin! Are you ok?" "Yeah…it hurts, a lot." "We'll go straight home." Soren carried Erin to Charizard, and placed her on his back. Soren got on behind her, and they took off. Lugia flew right next to Charizard, for her trainer's safety. When they were crossing over Pallet town, Erin fell asleep. Soren then stroked her hair, and kissed the top of her head.

"Don't worry Erin," he whispered. "Everything is going to be all right."

The End

(Part two coming soon!)

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