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A League All My Own

A League All My Own

Part One


          Ace could wait no longer! It was half an hour before he was supposed to begin his journey as a Pokemon Trainer. He flipped the covers off him, took a shower, groomed himself, got dressed, and sat on his bed thinking hard. What Pokemon should I get? Daniel has a Cyndaquil from Johto and a Mudkip from here. He’s so lucky to have traveled to Johto and caught a Pokemon! So…I’ll get a Torchic! After all, I wanna get a cool Blakizen!

          It was decided. Ace surfed on his computer after turning off his alarm. While on the computer, which he caught in a pokeball to keep safe and ingraved “C” on (to recognize the computer pokeball), he found that he had an e-mail from Daniel. It read “I will be over at your house around six o’clock! Which starter are you getting? Bye Ace!”

          Ace wrote back as he packed. Daniel, I will be ready when you come. I’m getting myself a Torchic. Cool huh? See you when you arrive.

          Ace packed six potions he had bought and saw he got a reply. It said “I’ll be over soon. And also, Claire caught an Eevee. You know that Kanto pen-pal of mine right? Well, Claire is gonna come visit tomorrow. Bye…”

          Ace watched Prof Birch’s channel while packing last minute items, sighed when nothing he saw was new to him, and sat, bored stiff, paying attention nonetheless. Finally it was 5:45. He turned off the tv, stuffed his alarm clock in a bag, and carried his duffel bag downstairs. He found his mom and Dad waiting for him quietly.

          “Hello son,” said his father, who was a pretty good trainer himself. His mom was a breeder. Her only Pokemon were Vulpix, Rapidash, and Delcatty. She made money by selling Skitty babies to trainers at a kennel she had her husband build for her. Ace had no clue why they were waiting for him, so he asked. His mother said, “We have a gift for you Ace.”

Ace’s dad picked up a small wooden box with a lid from a table nearby and handed it to him. “Open it,” said his dad, grinning. Ace curiously lifted the top, and saw a pale pink, medium sized egg inside, sparkling. He smiled and hugged them both.

“What is it?” Ace asked.

“You have to find out on your own,” said his father.

Ace groaned. “Thanks anyways.” He told his parents he’d eat on the way to Prof Birch, and head for the door. He locked it and left, to find Daniel walking up to his house. “Hey pal,” he exclaimed. They shook hands and talked as they headed for Prof Birch’s lab. Ace paid for a meal from a fast food place and ate as they walked.

After much walking and talking, the figure of Birch’s lab became recognizable. When they entered, the two friends saw Tory (Ace’s rival at Pokemon school) getting his Pokemon and his equipment.

He received his pokeballs and pokedex and turned to them. “What are you dweebs doin’ here?” he teased. Tory instantly smirked and enlarged his pokeball.

“We aren’t dweebs,” Ace replied.

Daniel stepped forward. “Battle me NOW Tory,” he ordered. He knew it was coming so why not get it over with?

“Sure,” sneered Tory. “You’ll be easily done away with.”

“I wouldn’t have said that if I were you Tory. Fortunately I’m not. Let’s fight.”

“Whatever. Go Treecko!” A green creature cried “Treecko treecko,” as it was released.

“Beat that Pokemon Cyndaquil,” said Daniel, and threw a pokeball forward. Out came a tough-looking Cyndaquil. “Quick attack now,” said Daniel patiently. Cyndaquil became alert, and in the blink of an eye slammed into Treecko.

“Darn it,” said Tory. “Pound attack.”

Treecko jumped over Cyndaquil and came down with it’s tail. Daniel ordered Cyndaquil to use ember, which scorched Treecko’s tail and made it slam into the ceiling.

“Now headbutt Treecko,” yelled Tory.

Treecko landed swiftly on the floor, and charged at Cyndaquil, knocking it over. Cyndaquil flipped onto its feet and, without command, shot an ember at Treecko, and the hurt green creature was knocked into the wall, defeated.

Tory returned Treecko, dropped a wad of cash, and wordlessly ran out of the lab. Daniel and Ace looked back at the glass door and saw Tory disappear into the forest.

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