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Submit a Review!
You can send in any reviews of any games starring Pokemon. Just send them in to sarahdiep55@hotmail.com and make sure you put "Review" as the subject! Also remember to include your nickname and if you want, your site URL or e-mail address if you want it to be displayed also!


Pokemon Gold
Nickname: Mysti
URL: http://www.manaphied.webs.com

Pokemon Gold Version is the best Pokemon game for the GBC.

It introduced the second generation of Pokemon and the new region of Johto. The starter Pokemon are Chikorita, the grass type; Cyndaquil, the fire type; and Totodile, the water type. You start off in New Bark Town {like Pallet Town in Kanto} and you go to visit Professor Elm {like Professor Oak in Kanto} to get your very first Pokemon. He asks you to visit his friend, Mr Pokemon, as he says that he has found something marvellous. You go there and that is where you obtain Mystery Egg and Professor Oak is waiting there and he gives you your PokeDex. The Mystery Egg is eventually given to you and it hatches into a Togepi. Like the Red, Blue and Yellow games, you travel around and recieve badges while catching and training new Pokemon. Also, when you finish getting all the Johto badges, you can go to Kanto again to get the Kanto badges then compete in the Pokemon League!

Definately an awesome game, the best that I have ever played.

Mysti's Score; 4/4

Pokemon Dash
Nickname: Munchlax
URL: http://www.pokemongamed.cjb.net

Pokemon Dash is okay...
It was kind of confusing at first becausewhen you 1st start to play the game, you can't really play the Grand Prix game yet, you have to 1st go to the practice mode where you will learn the game. eg. What to do, How to use the hot air ballons, how to land with out getting hurt etc.
When you are in practice mode... your only partner is Munchlax!Ones you master all the 5 practice rounds, you can now go to the Grand Prix. That was the fun part becuase you can race 5 of your rivals.

Note: You can ONLY use Pikachu as your character, I wanted Munchlax :'(You can connect your Ruby, Sapphire, Fire Red, Leaf Green, and/or Emerald for more places to race on, you can pnly do that by beating the Grand Prix...

I still like the game... it is fun
One of my favorite part is that Munchlax is in the game, he is my favorite character! lol

In my game, I only got about 3 courses/places.... It is easy, but some stuff are hard like where to find the next checkpoint, where to find Lapras, where to land, etc

Pokemon Emerald
Nickname: Munchlax
URL: http://www.pokemongamed.cjb.net

Pokemon Emerald is such a cool game! It is way better than Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire.
There are new things that Emerald has that Ruby/Sapphire doesn't...
Such as the Match Call! The Match Call let's your call other people that you have registered on you Pokenav. Two of my favorite things are the animation and the new Tag Team battle!The animation is way much better than the Crystal version! When the trainers sends out their Pokemon, the Pokemon really moves! For example: When a trainer sands out a Magnemite... Magnemite does not flash like in the Crystal version, Magnemite flies around for about 6 seconds.And the new Double battle is great. There are many double battles in this game! You do not really have to do newer double battles, you can just face the trainer One-On-One, but it would be quicker if you do the newer double battles and much exiting to face TWO DIFFERENT TRAINERS!

I would rate this game 9/10

I think they could have done a better job at the beginning... the beggining is the same/really similar.

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