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Red Blue and Yellow Versions Walkthrough

Pallet Town
RB: Choose Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle from Professor Oak’s Lab
Y: Get Pikachu from professor Oak

Route 1: Pallet Town to Viridian City

Viridian City
Pick up Oak’s parcel from the PokeMart

Route 1: Viridian City to Pallet Town

Pallet Town
Deliver Oak’s parcel to Prof. Oak and receive a Pokèdex
Battle Gary (your rival)
Pick up a Town Map from your rival’s sister

Route 1: Pallet Town to Viridian City

Viridian City

Buy some Pokèballs from the PokèMart

Route 2: Viridian City to Pewter City

Viridian Forest

Pewter City
Defeat Brock, the gym leader and receive the Boulder Badge

Route 3: Pewter City to Mt. Moon

Mt Moon
Navigate through Mt Moon

Route 4: Mt Moon to Cerulean City

Cerulean City
Defeat Misty at the Cerulean Gym and get the Cascade badge
Y: Get Bulbasaur from the Adoption House, if Pikachu likes you enough.

Route 24: Nugget Bridge
Defeat your rival
Defeat the trainers along the bridge and get a Nugget

Route 25: Cerulean City to the Sea Cottage
Y: Get Charmander from a boy, just north of Nugget Bridge

Sea Cottage: Bill’s House
Change Bill back into a human
Get the SS Ticket

Route 25: Sea Cottage to Cerulean City

Cerulean City
Enter robbed house
Defeat Rocket out the back

Route 5: Cerulean City to Underground Path

Underground Path: Cerulean City to Vermillion City

Route 6: To Vermillion City

Vermillion City
Defeat your rival aboard the SS Anne
Pick up HM01 (Cut) from the Captain of the SS Anne
Defeat Lt Surge and get the Thunder Badge
Pick up the Bike Voucher from the Pokèmon Fan Club
Y: Get Squirtle from Officer Jenny

Route 11: Vermillion City to Diglett’s Cave

Diglett’s Cave

Route 2
Get HM05 (Flash)

Diglett’s Cave

Route 11: Diglett’s Cave to Vermillion City

Vermillion City

Route 6: Vermillion City to Underground Path

Underground Path: Vermillion City to Cerulean City

Route 5: To Cerulean City

Cerulean City
Exchange the Bike Voucher for a Bicycle

Route 9: Cerulean City to Rock Tunnel

Rock Tunnel
Navigate through Rock Tunnel

Route 10: Rock Tunnel to Lavender Town

Lavender Town

Route 8: Lavender Town to Underground Path

Underground Path: Lavender Town to Celadon City

Celadon City
Defeat Erika, the gym leader and get the Rainbow Badge
Get the Silph Scope from Team Rocket’s hideout underneath the Game Corner
Buy a Water, Lemonade or Soda Pop from the vending machines on the Celadon Department Store Roof
Head west and use cut on a tree near the entrance to Cycling Path. Then talk to a woman in a small house, through a gateway, to get HM02 (Fly)

Underground Path: Celadon City to Lavender Town

Route 8: Celadon City to Lavender Town

Lavender Town
Battle your Rival in the Pokèmon Tower
Rescue Mr. Fuji from the top of the Pokèmon Tower
Get the PokéFlute from Mr Fuji

Route 8: Lavender Town to Saffron City
Give the guard in the gatehouse a drink

Saffron City
Rescue the President of Silph Co. in the Silph Co. Building and receive a Master Ball
Defeat Sabrina in the Saffron City Gym and get the Marsh Badge

Route 7: Saffron City to Celadon City

Celadon City
Wake the Snorlax using the PokéFlute

Routes 17 and 18: Cycling Road
You must have a bicycle to travel here.

Fuchsia City
Defeat Koga, the gym leader and get the Soul Badge
Enter the Safari Zone and find HM03 (Surf) and the Gold Teeth
Find the Game Warden in a house in Fuchsia City and exchange the Gold Teeth for HM04 (Strength)

Route 19: Fuchsia City to Seafoam Islands

Seafoam Islands
Capture Articuno (optional)

Route 20: Seafoam Islands to Cinnabar Town

Cinnabar Island
Find the Secret Key in the Pokèmon House
Defeat gym leader Blaine and earn the Volcano Badge
Exchange your Helix Fossil or Dome Fossil for an Omanyte or Kabuto (optional)

Route 21: Cinnabar Island to Pallet Town

Pallet Town

Route 1: Pallet Town to Viridian City

Viridian City
Defeat Giovanni at the Viridian Gym and earn the Earth Badge

Route 22 and 23: Viridian City to Victory Road
Defeat your rival

Victory Road
Capture Moltres (optional)

Indigo Plateau
Defeat the Elite Four, one by one
Defeat your rival for the last time
Become a Master Pokèmon Trainer

The End – or is it?
Think you’ve finished the game? Think again! You can now travel to the following places on your quest to capture all 150 Pokèmon.

Power Plant
Capture Zapdos (optional)

Unknown Dungeon
Capture Mewtwo (optional)

Routes 13, 14 and 15: Lavender Town to Fuchsia City, via The Docks

Note: This is not the only path that you can take on your journey; this is just one of them. This is just a beginners guide on how to get through the Pokèmon Red, Blue and Yellow games. There are more features and places to visit than those mentioned here so take the time to explore and look around, don’t just rush through the game.

Alternatively, you can use my walkthrough. http://www.supercheats.com/gameboy/walkthroughs/pokemonred-walkthrough04.txt
~ Josh

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