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Special Features in Pinball R/S

Ball Saver

If you are playing Sapphire Version you will have Latias as your Ball Saver. If you are playing Ruby you will have Latios.

Start Slot

If you collect all the H O L E at the bottom of the page, a hole will appear in the centre of the field.

Once you get the ball in the hole a slot machine-like thing will appear.

In the Sapphire field you have to press A twice to get the Zigzagoon to pounce on a selected slot. If you take too long all the Seedot that you have collected will run away. In Ruby it just stops by itself.

Once the slot has stopped you receive your prize. It can be anything from coins, a Pichu to help guard your ball, a Ball Upgrade, a bonus mini game, timer bonus, saver bonus, points, or if you’re really lucky, an extra life (ball).


There are different locations on the different fields. You can travel to places like Slateport City Harbor, the Desert, Mt Moon, Mt Chimney (Volcano) and many more. Each place holds different kinds of Pokèmon. When you start your game you will randomly select a destination. As you proceed through the game you will be allowed to travel to different areas. Some areas can only be found in specific fields. The way of traveling varies with each field.

On the Ruby field you have to hit the button on the Chikorita, which then makes the Furret pop out. Then you have to hit the Furret on the left which makes a Gulpin fall down. When three Gulpin fall down you will be allowed to travel.

On the Sapphire field you have to hit the yellow button on the bottom left side to make a Seedot fall into the basket. When you get three Seedot there you can travel.

This part of traveling is the same for both fields. Now you must knock the ball all the way around the field.

Once you have done that a slot will open. Get the ball into the slot…

And then you will be asked if you want to travel.

If you select no, you will stay at the location you are at. If yes, you will travel to a new spot with different Pokèmon.

On the Ruby field a Volbeat comes and changes the scenery, while on the Sapphire field, an Illumise comes.

And there you have it!


By deactivating the Minun and Plusle and then getting the ball into the hole between them on the Sapphire field, when the “Mart” indicator is flashing you can go to the PokèMart.

On the Ruby field you have to get the ball into the little house with the Pokèball on the door, in the top right hand corner when the “Mart” indicator is flashing.
Once you get there you can spend your coins.

Here’s what you can buy.
30 Second Ball Saver – 10 Coins
60 Second Ball Saver – 20 Coins
90 Second Ball Saver – 30 Coins
Ball Upgrade – 40 Coins
30 Second Timer Bonus – 40 Coins
Pikachu & Pichu Ball Saver – 50 Coins
Spheal Bonus Challenge – 60 Coins
Extra Ball – 99 Coins

If you already have something, or if it is unavailable to you for some reason, it will say “sold out” on the item and you will not be able to buy it.

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