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Obtaining Pokčmon in Pokemon Pinball R/S

Catching a Pokčmon

In the Ruby field you must get the ball into the Sharpedo’s mouth when the “Catch” indicator lights up, to find a Pokčmon. In the Sapphire field you have to get the ball into the Wailmer’s mouth instead.

Once you get the ball into the Wailmer/Sharpedo’s mouth a Pokčmon will appear.

To capture the Pokčmon you must hit the bumpers near the top of the field.

Each time you hit them some more of the Pokčmon will be revealed. Once you have hit them three or four times the whole Pokčmon will be revealed.

The Pokčmon then appears on the field.

You must then hit the Pokčmon. Once you have hit it three times the Pokčball will capture it.

And there you go…your very own Pokčmon!

Hatching a Pokčmon

Catching Pokčmon is not the only way to obtain them. You can also hatch Pokčmon.

On the Ruby Field you have to hit the Cyndaquil and push it back into the cave so it heats up the Pokč Egg and causes it to hatch.

On the Sapphire Field you have to loop the ball all around the field so that it goes through the top wire frame. On the fourth time the egg will hatch.

Once the Egg is ready, you can watch it hatch.

The egg will hatch and reveal a Pokčmon.

The Pokčmon will then jump down from its nest and run around the field.

You then have to hit the Pokčmon with your Pokčball. On the second hit the Pokčball will capture it.

And there you go...

Evolving a Pokčmon

Once you have captured a Pokčmon, you can try to evolve it.

To evolve a Pokčmon on the Ruby Field you must get the ball into the top door with a Pokčball on it, while the “Evo” indicator is lit up.

To evolve a Pokčmon on the Sapphire Field you have to deactivate the Minun and Plusle by hitting their buttons and then get the ball into the middle of them (in the door) when the "Evo" indicator is lit up!

You then get to choose which Pokčmon you want to evolve.

Once you choose your Pokčmon it will appear at the bottom of the screen.

You then have to collect the three little symbols to help your Pokčmon to evolve. In this case you had to collect Experience, “Exp”. If your Pokčmon evolves differently you will have to collect a different symbol.

Once you have collected all three symbols from around the field a slot will open in the middle of the field. You have to get the ball into it to begin the evolution.

Once you have got the ball in your Pokčmon will begin to evolve.

When the evolution is finished you’re left with the evolved Pokčmon.

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