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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

JP Release Date: November 17, 2005
US Release Date: September 18, 2006
AUS Release Date: September 28, 2006
Console: Red Rescue Force - GBA, Blue Rescue Force - DS

Official Sites

One day you wake up and you're a Pokemon! The Pokemon you become is determined by a set of questions at the beginning of the game. You then form a rescue team where you will be required to travel into randomized dungeons in order to rescue fellow Pokemon. As you go through the game, many new dungeons will be unlocked and you will eventually be able to recruit nearly all Pokemon on your adventures.

The Pokemon you can become are: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Psyduck, Cubone, Machop, Skitty, Eevee and Meowth.
Only female players can become Eevee, Skitty or Chikorita, and only male players can become Machop, Meowth or Cyndaquil, the rest of the Pokemon can be gotten by either gender.

Once you've determined what Pokemon you're playing as, you'll get to choose a Pokemon for your partner. The Pokemon you can choose are any of the Kanto, Johto or Hoenn starter Pokemon or Pikachu.

Version Exclusive Pokemon
Exclusive to MD Red are Plusle, Roselia, Porygon, Feebas and Mantine
Exclusive to MD Blue are Minun, Aipom, Porygon2, Magikarp and Lapras
You can, however, unlock the missing Pokemon on your Red/Blue game by using a Wondermail code that involves that Pokemon. For example, if you find a Wondermail code that involves Roselia and input it into your MD Blue game, Roselia will start appearing in the wild.

To go up in rank you need to complete rescue missions. You start off at Normal rank.
Bronze - 50 Rescue Points
Silver - 500 Rescue Points
Gold - 1,500 Rescue Points
Platinum - 3,000 Rescue Points
Diamond - 7,500 Rescue Points
Lucario - 15,000 Rescue Points

Different ranked Rescue missions will give you different amounts of points for completing them.
* - 2000 Rescue Points
S - 500 Rescue Points
A - 100 Rescue Points
B - 60 Rescue Points
C - 20 Rescue Points
D - 10 Rescue Points
E - 5 Rescue Points

Friend Rescues
If you faint in a dungeon you can request a Friend Rescue. It will ask if you wish to get help. If you select 'yes', you can either directly link to another game, or use Passwords. If you use Passwords you'll be given an SOS code. You can give this code to anyone from anywhere in the world. This person can go to the Pelipper Post Office and enter your SOS code and then go into the dungeon where you fainted. When they reach the spot where you fainted, they will be given an AOK code. They give this AOK code back to you, you enter it into your game, and you can continue through the dungeon without losing any items or having to start over.

Wonder Mail
Wonder Mail codes contain missions that you can go on. Wonder Mail codes can be found on every mission request before you accept it. To enter a Wonder Mail code, start up your game and at the menu where you normally press "Continue", select "Wonder Mail".

HM/Important TM Locations
Cut - Buried Relic 80th Floor - Need a key & a Pokemon that can hover over water
Fly - Wyvern Hill 30th Floor - Need a key
Surf - Solar Cave 20th Floor - Need a key & a Pokemon that can hover over water
Strength - Buried Relic 60th Floor - Need a key and a Pokemon that can get through walls/Rocksmash
Flash - Buried Relic 70th Floor - Need a key
Rock Smash - Buried Relic 45th Floor - Need a key
Waterfall - Solar Cave 15th Floor - Need a key
Dive - Recieve from Whiscash after beating main storyline, if you lose it a replacement can be found in Solar Cave 10th Floor - Need a key
Wide Slash - Faraway Sea 50th Floor - Need a key
Vacuum Cut - Faraway Sea 72nd Floor - Need a key

Recruiting Pokemon
To recruit Pokemon the following conditions must be met:
- You have the be the one to make the Pokemon faint, if one of your partners does it, it won't join
- The max body size of a rescue team is 6 stars. If you have 6 stars already you will not be able to recruit anymore Pokemon.
- You can only have a maximum of four rescue team Pokemon in the dungeon at a time, including the leader.

Each wild Pokemon has a certain recruit rate which determines how likely they are to join your team if you defeat them. Your leader Pokemon's level effects this rate. The higher your level, the more likely you will recruit the Pokemon.

Level 1- 29 - 0% increase
Level 30- 39 - 5% increase
Level 40- 49 - 7.5% increase
Level 50- 59 - 10% increase
Level 60- 69 - 12.5% increase
Level 70- 79 - 15% increase
Level 80- 89 - 17.5% increase
Level 90-100 - 24% increase

You can also increase your chances by having your lead Pokemon hold the Friend Bow which can be found on the 30th Floor of Mt. Faraway. You'll need a key. Holding the Friend Bow increases your chance by 10%.

Dungeon List

The following is a list of Dungeons, how many floors they have, and how to unlock them.
Tiny Woods (3 Floors) - Agree to help Butterfree
Thunderwave Cave (5 Floors) - Recieve first rescue request in mailbox
Mt. Steel (9 Floors) - Do a few more missions and Dugtrio will soon show up
Sinister Woods (13 Floors) - Do a few more missions and Caterpie will soon show up
Silent Chasm (9 Floors) - Head to Pokemon Square after completing Sinister Woods and then complete some more missions. Jumpluff will soon show up.
Mt. Thunder (10 + 3 Floors) - Clear Silent Chasm
Great Canyon (12 Floors) - Clear Mt. Thunder
Lapis Cave (12 Floors) - Clear Great Canyon
Mt. Blaze (12 + 3 Floors) - Clear Lapis Cave
Frosty Forest (9 + 5 Floors) - Clear Mt. Blaze
Mt. Freeze (15 + 5 Floors) - Clear Frosty Forest
Magma Cavern (23 + 3 Floors) - Makeover your rescue base and then do a few more missions
Sky Tower (25 + 9 Floors) - Clear Magma Cavern and go to Pokemon Square
Uproar Forest (10 Floors) - Clear Mt. Freeze and do a few missions. Look for a special mission from Wynaut on the Bulletin Board
Howling Forest (15 Floors) - Obtain Sky Blue Plains Friend Area from a random Bulletin Board mission and look for a special mission from Smeargle on the Bulletin Board
Stormy Sea (40 Floors) - Automatic after credits roll. Talk to Medicham, then Lombre at Pokemon Square and then Whiscash at his pond to recieve HM Dive which is required for entry.
Silver Trench (99 Floors) - Clear Stormy Sea and Pitfall Valley, recruit Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres and talk to Alakazam.
Meteor Cave (20 Floors) Recruit Lugia
Fiery Field (30 Floors) - Obtain Surf from Solar Cave and talk to Spinda at Pokemon Square.
Lightning Field (30 Floors) - Clear Fiery Field
Northwind Field (30 Floors) - Clear Lightning Field
Mt. Faraway (40 Floors) - Clear Northwind Field
Western Cave (99 Floors) - Recruit Ho-Oh
Northern Range (25 Floors) - Buy the Southern Island Friend Area from Wigglytuff and obtain Surf from Solar Cave
Pitfall Valley (25 Floors) - Clear Northern Range
Buried Relic (99 Floors) - Clear Stormy Sea
Wish Cave (99 Floors) - Clear Pitfall Valley, own Blue Sky Meadow Friend Area, talk to Ekans and Medicham at Whishcash Pond, do a mission, talk to Ekans and Medicham again, do another mission, talk to Ekans again, look for special mission from Medicham on the Bulletin Board
Murky Cave (20 Floors) - Rescue Medicham from Wish Cave and clear Stormy Sea. Talk to Medicham at Pokemon Square
Desert Region (20 Floors) - Buy Furnace Desert Friend Area from Wigglytuff
Southern Cavern (50 Floors) - Obtain Rock Cave Friend Area from a random Bulletin Board mission
Wyvern Hill (30 Floors) - Obtain Dragon Cave Friend Area from a random Bulletin Board mission
Solar Cave (20 Floors) - Automatic after credits roll.
Darknight Relic (15 Floors) - Buy Secretive Forest Friend Area from Wigglytuff
Grand Sea (30 Floors) - Buy Serene Sea Friend Area from Wigglytuff
Waterfall Pond (19 Floors) - Automatic after credits roll.
Joyous Tower (99 Floors) - Clear Pitfall Valley and have obtained Blue Sky Meadow Friend Area from a random Bulletin Board mission
Far-Off Sea (75 Floors) - Buy Serene Sea Friend Area from Wigglytuff
Purity Forest (99 Floors) - Clear Pitfall Valley and have obtained Blue Sky Meadow Friend Area from a random Bulletin Board mission
Oddity Cave (15 Floors) - Recieved from a special Wonder Mail mission.
Wonder Mail Code: ??MS CJ(...)? 44?P MF?8 7J6R (...)M?1
Remains Island (20 Floors) - Recieved from a special Wonder Mail mission.
Wonder Mail Code: ??M4 CJY? 44?P CF?8 7J6R (...)M?1
Marvelous Sea (20 Floors) - Recieved from a special Wonder Mail mission.
Wonder Mail Code: ??MH CJ(...)? 44?P CF?8 7J6R (...)M?1
Fantasy Strait (30 Floors) - Recieved from a special Wonder Mail mission.
Wonder Mail Code: ??M1 CJY? 44?P HF?8 7J6R (...)M?1

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