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Pokemon Fan Fics!

Here's the place to view others fan fics and to submit your own!
Click here to submit your Pokemon fanfiction

Fan Fics

Fics by Sarah

You Broke My Heart (AAML)
What happens when Ash can't work out his feelings? Will he lose the one he loves forever?
Pokemon - Romance/Drama

Through Angel Eyes (AAML)
Sequel to You Broke My Heart. Misty longs to clear Ash of his guilty conscience. When she's given the chance how will the fateful meeting turn out?
Pokemon - Romance/Drama

Songs From The Heart (AAML)
It's been a year since Misty had to leave Ash to go back to the Cerulean Gym. She's been waiting for his return ever since, but when he comes back sooner than she thinks, will he return the feelings she has had for him since they met?
Pokemon - Romance

Goodbye (General/AAML)
It has been a few weeks after Misty had to leave Ash. She remembers all the good times they had together as she waits for the day when they will meet up again.
Pokemon - General/Angst

What Makes Me Misty Most of All (General)
[Takes place after Gotta Catch Ya Later] Misty reflects on the good times she had with Ash and Brock as she realises that she's deserting Ash for the first time.
Pokemon - General

Submitted Fics

Legendaries by Rapidash
-> Part One
-> Part Two
-> Part Three
Pokemon - Other Trainers/Romance/Drama

I Choose You! by Rose
-> Part One
Pokemon - Other Trainers/Ash & Co.

Zoey Dinh by Rose
A girl, Zoey Dinh, goes across the Hoenn and falls for a boy, Ash McQuire, who she secretly falls in love with. But he loves her too. Will Zoey and Ash be together forever or will some one come between them?
-> Part One
-> Part Two
-> Part Three
-> Part Four
-> Part Five
-> Part Six
-> Part Seven
-> Part Eight
-> Part Nine
-> Part Ten
-> Part Eleven
-> Part Twelve
-> Part Thirteen
-> Part Fourteen
Pokemon - Action, Romance, Other Trainers

The Birth of a New Coordinator by Rose
-> Part One

Misty Lake by Rapidash
Ash takes Misty to a lake that he saw when they arrived into town. When Ash takes Misty ice-skating there, will everything go perfect? Or will the situation get into a life or death matter? An AAML story, also with Drama, Romance, and hint of Comedy.
-> Click here

A League All My Own by Protrainer Eon
Hey folks, there's a new trainer in Hoenn! With his pals Daniel and Torchic, will he be Hoenn's next big success? But wait..could anyone else be joining the team? You'll see! Follow Ace on his journey through the world of pokemon! There'll be danger and excitement! Always come back to see if the new edition has been added readers!
Action-Other Trainer-hint of comedy and splash of romance
-> Introduction
-> Prologue
-> Part One

Blind Love by Rapidash
18 years ago, two Pokemon were separated during their attempted capture. According to Legend, the only way for them to be reunited, is for two trainers to confess their love for each other. Can Ash and Misty come over the obstacles in their way to do so? Or will the prophecy not come true, and everyone loses, some very near and dear to them? A big AAML fic! Also with Action, Comedy, Drama, and a bit of Violence...
-> Part 1

Warriors Road One: Beginning the Journey by Rose
Death and life is an object that Edward Elric will have to face in his journeys. In order to save the world, Ed has to go through tragic events and maybe even die himself for the sake of the world! But, what problem will it be with his friend Hally and his brother, Zac? Maybe Ed might just be a kid, but he's a kid with spunk, I'll give you that! What events will Ed face for the sake of the world? Nobody knows...
-> Prologue
-> Chapter One
Full Metal Alchemist - Action, Adventure, Violence, and Romance

To submit your fan fic make sure you include the following:

Your pen name
Category (Ash and Co., Other Trainer, Romance, etc.)
Other Info (Anything you want to add)

Your work will be displayed here. Send your fan fics to sarahdiep55@hotmail.com and remember to include the above information. If you want you can give me the URL of your fan fic if it is already on the internet instead of attaching a file.

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