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Now, this is the second part of my Gym leader guide for Emerald, except in this one, I am writing about the Elite Four! Yet again, I am using the Official Nintendo Pokémon Emerald Guide, meaning that all mistakes are from mistakes in the book. Excluding HTML errors, which are my errors.

Elite Four No.1, Sidney:

Now, Sidney uses the Dark type. So, firstly, here's the list:
Mightyena: Dark type. Level 46
Shiftry: Dark/Grass types. Level 48
Cacturne: Dark/Grass types. Level 46
Crawdaunt: Dark/Water types. Level 48
Absol: Dark type. Level 49

Now, after all I said with Hariyama, this should be a breeze. You only need to use it, so it doesn't matter what starter you chose, and even if you chose Blaziken, it won't make a difference. My point in, this is almost as easy a Norman. Really, if you have problems here, you need to level up, badly.

Elite Four No.2, Phoebe:

Now, Phoebe uses the Ghost type. So, firstly, here's the list:
Dusclops: Ghost type. Level 49
Dusclops: Ghost type. Level 51
Banette: Ghost type. Level 49
Banette: Ghost type. Level 51
Sableye: Ghost/Dark types. Level 50

Now, Phoebe is slightly harder, but really it's just if you chose Blaziken. Otherwise, all your attacks should damage the Ghost types. If you did chose Blaziken, you can just use Flamethrower. So really, all of the starters work a charm. Yet another easy win.

Elite Four No.3, Glacia:

Now, Glacia uses the Ice type. So, firstly, here's the list:
Glalie: Ice type. Level 50
Sealeo: Ice/Water types. Level 50
Sealeo: Ice/Water types. Level 52
Glalie: Ice type. Level 52
Walrien: Ice/Water types. Level 53

Now it is getting slightly harder, but fear not! You can easily take out the Ice Pokemon with that Hariyama, and all Water/Ice dual one's can be taken out by Manectric, if you even need that. Now, the only problem here will be Hail, but it doesn't do much damage anyway, so not much of a challenge, yet again!

Elite Four No.4, Drake:

Now, Drake uses the Dragon type. So, firstly, here's the list:
Shelgon: Dragon type. Level 52
Altaria: Dragon/Flying types. Level 54
Flygon: Dragon/Ground types. Level 53
Kindgra: Dragon/Water types. Level 53
Salamence: Dragon/Flying types. Level 55

Now, this is more like it! Now, this isn't the hardest battle, but at least it requires some explanation, and a bit of work. Now, this is where that Pelipper we used, way back against Liza and Tate, comes in. Basically, if you've given it some speed E.V.'s, then you should be fine. If you can't use it, then try out Hariyama against the Shelgon, Flygon, and Kindra. Then if you die after that, you can use the Manectric against the Altaria and Salamence, as this will do quite a bit of damage. Really, if you die here, you need to train a few more levels, as this is a pretty easy Elite Four, so far.

Elite Four Champion, Wallace:

Now, Wallace uses the Water type. So, firstly, here's the list:
Tentacruel: Water/Poison types. Level 55
Wailord: Water type. Level 57
Gyrados: Water/Flying types. Level 56
Whiscash: Water/Ground types. Level 56
Ludicolo: Water/Grass types. Level 56
Milotic: Water type. Level 58

I have to say, it's about time there was a (small) challenge. You should have romped the the four previous trainers, otherwise you're going to have a bit of trouble here. So, what do you need to do is take out the Tentacruel, Wailord, Gyrados and Milotic out, with my good old friend Manectric. Now all that is left, is the Whiscash, and the Ludicolo. Now that you're a higher level, Whiscash shouldn't be too much of a problem, as you can take it out with either your starter, or Hariyama. Just make sure you watch out for Earthquake, as that could be a surprise. Lastly, there is the dreaded Ludicolo. If you have a Pokémon with Fly or Aerial Ace, then switch it out, quickly. If you don't, you'll find out about Double Team. Now, that fiesty move can really be annoying, reducing your accuracy and all. Then put that with Leech Seed, and you have yourself an annoyer. take this one out, or you'll have a long battle ahead. You should beat it, it's just a matter of when, that is the problem.

And that, my friends, it that. I hope this guide has been helpful, and that it was enjoyable to read.
Until next time, Adios, Amgios!
~ chester

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