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Sarah's EV Training Guide

There are plenty of EV Training guides out there, but many of them make it seem a lot more complicated than it really is. I recently started EV training myself, and I decided to write down the kinds of things that I would have found helpful when I first started. So this is an extremely basic guide for people who don't really know anything about EVs, but would like to try EV training.

What are EVs(Effort Values)?
EVs are like invisible stats that make your Pokemon grow in different ways. You can add EVs to any of your Pokemon's stats (HP, Attack, Defense, Sp.Atk, Sp.Def and Speed) in order to give it extra stat points.

Each Pokemon can have a total of 510 EVs, and a maximum of 255 in any single stat. It takes 4 EVs to raise a stat by 1 stat point, which means that an EV trained Pokemon will have 127 more stat points than a Pokemon with no EVs by the time it reaches level 100.

Principles of EV Training
You can train Pokemon in specific stats by battling other Pokemon that give out those types of EVs. There are 6 EV types, one for each different stat, and every Pokemon gives out a certain type and number of EVs when you defeat it. For example, beating a Bidoof will get you 1 HP EV, while beating a Gengar will get you 3 Sp.Atk EVs.

So the idea is to battle Pokemon that give out EVs in the stats you're training. As mentioned before, a Pokemon can have a maximum of 255 EVs in one stat, but you should only give it 252 EVs, because you need 4 EVs to get 1 stat point, and 255 is not divisible by 4 (you'll be wasting 3 EVs).

Note that every time you battle a Pokemon, whether it's wild or belongs to a trainer, your Pokemon gains EVs. However, wild and newly hatched Pokemon start with no EVs, so it's best to start EV Training as soon as you receive the Pokemon, otherwise it will have unwanted EVs already (though it is possible to remove EVs. Details are below.). Also, Pokemon do not get any EVs from the daycare or from Rare Candies.

Finally, stat points are not obtained all at the same time once you're done EV training, but all the extra stat points will have been gained by the time your Pokemon reaches level 100, so don't worry if you don't notice much of a change in stats.

To check that you have EV trained correctly and that your Pokemon's EVs have been maxed out, speak to the woman in the Sunyshore Market who will give you an Effort Ribbon if your Pokemon has all 510 EVs.

It is also a good idea to keep track of your EVs somewhere as you go so that you don't make any mistakes.

Selecting which EVs to Train
Now that you're ready to begin, you must first choose what stats you're going to train your Pokemon in. To decide this, you need to think about what moves your Pokemon will have, and what stats it naturally excels in. If you need some suggestions, you can check here.

For example:
Lucario has good Sp. Atk and Attack stats naturally.
I want to EV Train my Lucario with the following moves: Dark Pulse, Aura Sphere, Psychic, Dragon Pulse
All of these are special attacking moves, so I would want to give it 252 Sp. Atk EVs.
I want my Lucario to be fast, so I'm also going to give it 252 Speed EVs.
This means I have 6 EVs left over. I'll put 4 of these into Defense, which will allow my Lucario to gain 1 Defense stat point. There are always 2 EVs left over that make no difference, so it doesn't matter what they are, but if you want an Effort Ribbon, you'll need to get them anyway.

Gaining EVs
Now that I've decided to train in Special Attack, I need to find out which Pokemon give out those types of EVs. Here are a few:
Gastly - gives out 1 Sp.Atk EV
Golduck - gives out 2 Sp. Atk EVs
Gengar - gives out 3 Sp. Atk EVs

So I can either:
* Defeat 252 Gastly
* Defeat 126 Golduck
* Defeat 84 Gengar
* Or a mixture of these that give me a total of 252 EVs.

Whichever way I choose, I will end up with 252 Sp. Atk EVs.

Useful Items, Strategies and PokeRus
Battling that many Pokemon can take a long time, but luckily there are a few things you can do to quicken the process.

Using Vitamins
Vitamins give a Pokemon 10 points in a single stat, but you may only use them to get up to 100 EVs in any stat, so if you want to use them, do so before you start EV Training.

HP Up - 10 HP EVs
Protein - 10 Attack EVs
Iron - 10 Defense EVs
Calcium - 10 Special Attack EVs
Zinc - 10 Special Defense EVs
Carbos - 10 Speed EVs

You can buy them from the Veilstone Dept. Store for $9,800 or from the Battle Tower for 1 BP.

Using the Macho Brace
If you attach the Macho Brace to the Pokemon that you're training, it will double the amount of EVs that the Pokemon receives. For example, instead of only getting 1 Sp. Atk EV from Gastly, I would now get 2 Sp. Atk EVs, and so on.

The Macho Brace can be obtained by showing a boy in a house in Pastoria Town the 3 different types of Burmy. To get these types:
Grass Cloak - Battle with a Burmy in grass
Sand Cloak - Battle with a Burmy in a cave
Trash Cloak - Battle with a Burmy indoors (eg. restaurant left of Sunyshore)

Using Power Items
Even better than the Macho Brace are the Power Items which were introduced in DP. There are 6 different ones, one for each stat:

Power Weight - HP
Power Bracer - Attack
Power Belt - Defense
Power Lens - Sp. Atk
Power Band - Sp. Def
Power Anklet - Speed

When attached to your Pokemon, they will give you an additional 4 EVs in that stat whenever you beat a Pokemon.

For example: defeating a Gastly with a Power Lens attached will give your Pokemon 5 Sp. Atk EVs (1+4), while beating a Golduck with the Power Lens attached will give your Pokemon 6 Sp. Atk EVS (2+4).

These items can all be bought from the Battle Tower for 16BP each, and they greatly reduce the time it takes to EV train.

PokeRus is a Pokemon virus that doubles the amount of EVs you receive in a battle, just like the Macho Brace.

A Pokemon may catch the virus by coming into contact with an infected wild Pokemon, but the chances are extremely slim (around 2 in 65535, even less than encountering a Shiny).

While it is active (the purple PKRS symbol is displayed in your Pokemon's stats), the disease can be spread to other Pokemon by battling with an infected Pokemon in your party. After 1-4 days of having an infected Pokemon in your party, the disease will go away, which means it can no longer be spread around, but the Pokemon will still have the effects (doubling of EVs) forever.

To make sure you don't lose the ability to transfer the Pokemon virus to other Pokemon, keep a Pokemon with active PokeRus in your PC, which will stop it from becoming inactive.

By using PokeRus along with the Power Items or Macho Brace, you can cut the time it takes to EV Train in half.

PokeRus + Power Item
Using these together is the most efficient way of EV training. The Power Item will give you an additional 4 EVs, and then PokeRus will double the total amount of EVs you receive.

Gastly gives out 1 Sp. Atk EV.
+ 4 EVs from the Power Lens (1 + 4 =5)
PokeRus doubles this amount (5 x 2 = 10)
This means you receive a total of 10 EVs, just from defeating one Pokemon!

PokeRus + Macho Brace
This isn't quite as effective, but if you don't have the Power Items, it works just as well. Macho Brace will double the amount of EVs you receive, and then PokeRus will double this number again. That means you end up with 4 times the number of EVs you would have otherwise.

Gastly gives out 1 Sp. Atk EV.
Macho Brace doubles this. (1 x 2 = 2)
PokeRus doubles this again. (2 x 2 = 4)
That's a total of 4 EVs from one Pokemon.

Training Weak Pokemon
A newly hatched/caught Pokemon may not always be strong enough to fight Pokemon to gain EVs. There are a few options you can use if this occurs.

Switch Out
This old strategy has been around forever. Put the Pokemon you want to EV Train at the front of your party. Once it's been sent into battle, switch with a stronger Pokemon that can take down your opponent. The Pokemon you're training will still receive the same amount of EVs as if it battled all by itself.

Using Exp. Share
EVs can also be obtained through Exp. Share. The only problem with this is that if you have Exp. Share attached to the Pokemon you're training, you can't use the Power Items or Macho Brace, so it'll take much longer, so it's usually best to use the switching out strategy instead. Anyway, both the Pokemon with Exp. Share and the Pokemon who battles will receive the EVs from defeating the Pokemon. Think of it as if Pokemon gain EVs with the experience they receives after battle if it gets confusing.

You're facing a wild Gastly. You send out Pikachu. In your party you have an Abra holding Exp. Share. Pikachu defeats Gastly, and both Pikachu and Abra receive experience and one Sp. Atk EV each.

Using Rare Candies/the Daycare
Rare Candies and the Daycare do not give your Pokemon any EVs, so they are a good way to level up a Pokemon a bit so that it can then fight for itself.

Good EV Training Spots
There are some places in the game where there are lots of Pokemon that give out a certain type of EV. This makes it easier and quicker to EV Train. There are a number of different spots and Pokemon you can fight, but here are a few. My personal preferences are in italics. Using these spots, PokeRus and the Power Items, it takes less than half an hour to fully EV Train a Pokemon.

* Bidoof (Route 201) give out 1 HP EV
* Wooper (Route 212, Surf) give out 1 HP EV
* Quagsire (Route 212, Surf) give out 2 HP EVs
* Cowgirl Shelly (Route 209, use the VS Seeker) has 5 Bidoof

* Gyarados (Resort Area - Fish with Super Rod) give out 2 Attack EVs
* Seaking (Twinleaf Town - Fish with Super Rod) give out 2 Attack EVs

* Geodude (Ruin Maniac's Cave, Route 214) give out 1 Defense EV
* Hippopotas (Ruin Maniac's Cave, Route 214) give out 1 Defense EV

Sp. Atk
* Gastly (Old Chateau) give out 1 Sp. Atk EV
* Haunter (Old Chateau, insert any Pokemon GBA game into the DS) give out 2 Sp. Atk EVs

* Golduck (Resort Area - Surf in pool with tree in centre) give out 2 Sp. Atk EVs
Sp. Def
* Tentacool (Pastoria City - Surf) give out 1 Sp. Def EV
* Mantyke (North of Sunyshore - Surf) give out 1 Sp. Def EV
* Tentacruel (North of Sunyshore - Surf) give out 2 Sp. Def EVs

* Magikarp (Almost anywhere, Fish with Old Rod) give out 1 Speed EV
* Rattata (East of Survival Area) give out 1 Speed EV
* Spearow (East of Survival Area) give out 1 Speed EV
* Raticate (East of Survival Area) give out 2 Speed EVs
* Fearow (East of Survival Area) give out 2 Speed EVs
* Fisherman Andrew (Left of Eterna, second from right, use VS Seeker) has 6 Magikarp

Erasing EVs
If you make a mistake, or you have a previously trained Pokemon that you want to EV Train, you can erase the EVs it has and start again through the use of berries.

There are 6 different berries which get rid of different EVs:
Pomeg Berry - Erases HP EVs
Kelpsy Berry - Erases Attack EVs
Qualot Berry - Erases Defense EVs
Hondew Berry - Erases Sp. Atk EVs
Grepa Berry - Erases Sp. Def EVs
Tamato Berry - Erases Speed EVs

The first berry you use will lower that stat down to 100 EVs, while every berry after that will erase a further 10 EVs. So if your Pokemon has more than 100 EVs in a single stat, you'll need to use 11 berries to reduce those EVs to 0.

Because it's impossible to see EVs or tell which ones your Pokemon has, you may need to feed it a number of each berry to make sure you erase them all. To do this, keep using the different types of berries until it says "It won't have any effect!" which means your Pokemon has no more EVs left in that stat.

I hope you found this useful. If you have any suggestions for the guide or any questions about EV Training feel free to contact me. And if you found any sections of the guide confusing please let me know so I can improve it =)
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