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Pokemon Channel TV Shows

There are many interactive TV shows for you to explore on Pokčmon Channel.

Quiz Wobbuffet
Day given: 1
Quiz Wobbufet is a game show where you watch Pokčmon battle it out for a prize. You also get a turn to play and if you answer the Pokčmon trivia correctly you will receive any amount of Pokč (money) from 20 to 200!

Pichu Bros.
Day given: 1 - 6
The Pichu Bros. is a short anime that you will receive in parts. Each day you will get another part until you have got them all. On the sixth day you get to view the whole animation.

Smoochum Shape-Up
Day given: 1
Watch the Smoochum as they take you through various exercises. You can join in, or just watch as Pikachu does the aerobics.

Report Channel
Day given: 1
This channel is used for saving/quitting the game. You can also get information from Prof. Oak here.

PNF - Pokčmon News Flash
Day given: 1
Receive Pokčmon news from all over town. This show is hosted by Psyduck, with Meowth the on-field reporter. Sometimes there are hints about the game, including where to find Pokčmon.

Shop N’ Squirtle
Day given: 1
Buy Pokčmon products from your room. You can buy many different types of items, like dolls, wallpaper, TV’s, toys, photo frames, Mimi games and more. Be sure to be on the lookout for important items like the Cobalt Pass.

Slowpoke's Weather Report
Day given: 2
Watch as Slowpoke predicts the weather. The actual weather in the game changes when Slowpoke predicts it.

Smeargle’s Art Study
Day given: 2
Watch your painted picture be presented along with a few comments from Smeargle.

Day given: 3
See a Pokčmon egg and try to guess what it could be. There is a timer at the top telling you how long until the egg hatches. You don’t have to watch it the whole time though. Some times it can take a matter of hours! And you can always put off the game and come back to it later to see if you’ve won. If you guess the correct Pokčmon you receive Pokč (money).

Chansey’s Fortune
Day given: 3
Pick a fortune cookie and watch as Chansey tells you your daily fortune.

Chum Chum Ranking
Day given: 4
Go here to see various ratings, including popular Pokčmon, and your own statistics such as how many items you’ve bought from Shop N’ Squirtle and how many times you’ve visited Mt Snowfall.

Odd One Out
Day given: 4
Guess if there will be an odd or even number of Oddish. The longer you take to gues the less Pokč (money) you recieve if you get it right. If you get the correct answer you can choose to risk it and play on for more Pokč or stop and keep the money you've earned..

Mareep Farm
Day given: 4
If you’re having trouble getting to sleep then count the Mareep as they jump over the fence. There's a counter at the bottom incase you lose count!

Pichu Bros. Full Versions
Day given: 6
You will be able to watch the full show of the Pichu Bros. in English or in Japanese.

Hosted By Kasumi
Day given: 6
The full Pichu Bros. Anime in Japanese and hosted by Kasumi (Misty).

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