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Pokémon Episode Guide Disclaimer
This synopsis was written entirely by Sarah and cannot be used ANYWHERE else without my permission. This includes in e-mails, on forums, on websites, or on any other medium off the web. All content on this page is © to Sarah 2005.

Episode 322 – Zig Zag Zangoose

The show stars off with Ash, Pikachu, May, Max and Brock walking down a route. Suddenly a Zangoose runs out in front of them. Another Zangoose appears and begins talking. After getting over the shock, they realise that this is Nicolai the Youngster who they have met earlier on their journey. Nicolai explains that he met May and Max’s family and challenged Norman for the Balance Badge but lost. May and Max agree that their dad is extremely tough. Nicolai says that he’s gotten stronger on his journey so Ash challenges him to a battle. Nicolai agrees and Brock referees. A two on two battle.

Nicolai yells “Pokémon Change!” and appears in a Marshtomp suit. He then released his Marshtomp to battle while May comments on how his Mudkip evolved. Ash send out Treecko. Nicolai instructs Marshtomp to use Water Gun and Ash tells Treecko to dodge and use Quick attack. Treecko tires out and stops, so Marshtomp fires a Mud ball attack at it and hits it straight on. Treecko falls backward but manages to get up. Marshtomp moves in for an Iron Tail but Ash tells Treecko to use Bullet Seed at close range. It knocks Marshtomp backwards. Treecko finishes it off with a Pound attack.

Meanwhile, Jessie, James, Meowth and Wobbufet watch the battle from behind a bush. They devise their plans for catching Pikachu. Jessie released Seviper from its PokéBall and tells it to get ready to grab Pikachu.

Back at the battle Nicolai is switching Pokémon. “Pokémon change!” he yells and chooses Zangoose. Zangoose appears from its PokéBall while Ash decides to keep Treecko out. Nicolai instructs Zangoose to use Swordsdance and it’s just about to when it suddenly turns around and jumps into the bushes. Team Rocket quickly jump out of the bush, right in front of Ash and the gang. A second later Zangoose and Seviper fly out of the bushes and glare at each other. Just as Team Rocket is about to say their motto, Seviper and Zangoose roar at each other. Brock explains that Seviper and Zangoose are sworn enemies and that they’re very dangerous when fighting each other.

Zangoose and Seviper then begin tackling each other. Suddenly Meowth jumps in and yells at Seviper that it was supposed to help them capture Pikachu, but Seviper just knocks Meowth out of the way into the rest of Team Rocket and they all roll into a stream.

Seviper and Zangoose then continue wrestling and eventually they roll into the stream also, still fighting, with Seviper holding Zangoose in a wrap. They begin floating down the stream and Seviper hits Zangoose with a Poison Tail right in the face. It seems that Zangoose has fainted so Ash sends in Corphish to use a Bubblebeam on the Seviper and then fish out Zangoose. They then carry Zangoose back to the camp.

Brock makes Zangoose some soup to help it heal. Meanwhile Team Rocket have caught up with Seviper and James begins yelling at it that it messed up their plans. Seviper glares angrily at James who immediately backs down and begins pleading for forgiveness from Seviper. Meowth then wonders why Seviper was so caught up with a Zangoose that it never even met before, but Jessie decides that the two really hate each other and she says she knows because it’s the exact same way she feels about Cassidy. Jessie then tells Seviper she’s going to help it beat Zangoose.

Ash and Nicolai research Seviper and find out that Seviper is also a dangerous Pokémon. Nicolai wants to help Zangoose be able to defeat the Seviper so he dresses up in a Zangoose costume while Ash volunteers to dress up as Seviper, seeing he’s battled the Pokémon many times. Ash whacks Nicolai with his Seviper tail in order to show Nicolai Seviper’s strengths. Nicolai dodges but then Ash bites him, showing him that Seviper isn’t going to be that easy to beat. Just as Nicolai is beginning to understand, Skitty pops out of May’s backpack and begins to run after Ash. Ash begins running away as Skitty is chasing him and everyone follows behind, May trying to catch Skitty and the others trying to help. In the distance Seviper cries out, causing Zangoose to get up and ran after the sound, even though its still very weak.

The gang chase Zangoose and finally come to the place where Seviper and Jessie are. Just as Zangoose and Seviper are going to begin battling, a hand reaches out and grabs Pikachu and puts it in a cage. Meowth and James then cheer that they finally caught Pikachu and insist that they leave while they’re ahead, but Jessie tells she’s not going to come because this is more important.

Meowth and James then run off with the cage, Ash and the gang follow, leaving Nicolai and Zangoose to battle with Jessie and Seviper. They finally catch up but James sends out Cacnea and gets it to use a Pin Missile to stop them. Meowth then fills in for Jessie’s part of the motto. Cacnea then uses Sandstorm, flinging Ash into Pikachu’s cage and knocking it out of reach. The cage lands in the middle of Zangoose and Seviper’s battle. Ash and co. and James and Meowth run back to Nicolai and begin to fight over the cage. Wobbuffet then grabs the cage and begins running in a zigzag pattern. Nicolai then remembers how they caught Skitty after it was chasing Ash.

Jessie gets angry now and yells for everyone to stop. Everyone does, including Wobbuffet, allowing Ash to snatch the cage from its grasp. Jessie then tells Seviper to Tackle Zangoose and Nicolai tells Zangoose to run the way that Wobbufet and Skitty were running earlier, in a zigzag pattern. Zangoose obeys and is too quick for Seviper to catch. Seviper keeps chasing it around the field and Zangoose keeps dodging. Zangoose then ends up behind Seviper and uses a Crush Claw to finish it off. Seviper lands at Jessie’s feet and faints.

Nicolai then congratulates Zangoose, and Jessie congratulates Seviper for trying so hard. James and Meowth are still angry, and James gets Cacnea to use Pin Missile. Ash quickly tells Pikachu to use Thunder and it blasts them away. Nicolai and Ash then decide to continue their battle. Nicolai changes into a Zigzagoon costume, then releases his Zigzagoon, while Ash uses Pikachu. The two begin battling and the show ends with Pikachu and Zigzagoon dodging around the field.

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