Pewter Gym Leader Battle: Brock


 Pokemon    |  Level 


|   Geodude    |    12   |            

|    Onix      |    14   |




This battle isn't a hard one. If you choose Bulbasaur/Squirtle you

have type advantages here. Using your starter alone should be sufficient

here. If you win the battle, Brock will give you TM 39 Rock Tomb. In

addition to that, you will be given a TM case as well.



Cerulean Gym Leader Battle: Misty


|   Pokemon    |  Level  |


|   Staryu     |    18   |            

|   Starmie    |    21   |


Two words: Water Pulse. That's pretty much sums up what you are going

to face. The Water Pulse attack would be your biggest trouble against

them. Staryu is relatively easy, but Starmie is a challenge even for

Electric Pokemon if you haven't levelled up enough. Bulbasaur users

shouldn't find much problem, although it's good luck to Charmander users

if they didn't levelled up high enough. Take no chance and use your

strongest attack everytime. After the battle, Misty will give you the

Cascade badge as well as TM 03 - Water Pulse.


Vermilion Gym Leader Battle: Lt Surge


|   Pokemon    |  Level  |


|   Voltorb    |    21   |            

|   Pikachu    |    18   |

|   Raichu     |    24   |



Ground or Rock attacks work best here. Overall, the battle isn't really

that hard. You'll be given the Thunderbadge and TM 24 - Thunderbolt

once you defeat Lt Surge. Now with three badges in your hand its time

to head for the next town. However, before you leave make sure you check

out the Pokemon Fan Club HQ at the Western part of the city. Talk to

its president, and you'll be given a bike coupon that you can exchange

for a bike in Cerulean Bike Shop. Beside the Pokemon Fan Club, there's

a little girl who want to trade a Farfetch D for Spearow. Lastly, stock

up on potions and other healing items.


Celadon Gym Leader Battle: Erika


|   Pokemon    |  Level  |


|  Victrebell  |    24   |            

|   Tangela    |    24   |

|  Vileplume   |    29   |



Burn them if you have any fire Pokemon with you. If you've captured

a Growlithe earlier, take advantage of its ember attack. Alternatively

you can use psychic Pokemon for both Victreebell and Vileplume, since

they are also Poison Pokemon. Once you've beaten Erika, she'll give

you the fourth badge and a TM. With four badges in your hand, it's

time to head for Fuschia City for fifth badge. Before you leave the

city, you might want to visit the house in route 16 (acessible by

Cut) to get HM 02 - Fly. Fly will allow you to fly to all Pokemon

Centers that you've visited.


Fuchsia Gym Leader Battle: Koga 


|   Pokemon    |  Level  |


|   Koffing    |    37   |            

|     Muk      |    39   |

|   Koffing    |    37   |

|   Weezing    |    43   |



This could prove to be a tricky battle. Psychic Pokemon is your best

bet against Koga. Ground attack will not work against Koffing and

Weezing due their abilities - Levitate, which made them immune to

ground attacks. Also, watch out for their self-destruct which could

hurt you if you only rely on one single Pokemon. To be save, get some

revives and antidotes for this battle. One or two good Psychic Pokemon

will be enough to win you the badge. Once you defeated Koga, he'll

give you the soul Badge as well as the most effective poisoning move

in the form of TM 06 - Toxic


Saffron Gym Leader Battle: Sabrina


|   Pokemon    |  Level  |


|   Kadabra    |    38   |            

|   Mr Mime    |    37   |

|   Venomoth   |    38   |

|   Alakazam   |    43   |



To old players, do you remember this gym in the original games.

Psychic Pokemon used to be the powerhouse in the original game. This

Gym was no exception. Battle against Sabrina was one of the thoughest

gym leader battle in the riginal R/B/Y. Not anymore. With the

split in Special categories, and some dark moves available in the

game, beating Sabrina should be easier now. Once you defeat Sabrina,

you'll get the Marsh Badge and TM 04 - Calm Mind.


Cinnabar Gym Leader Battle: Blaine


|   Pokemon    |  Level  |


|   Growlithe  |    42   |            

|    Ponyta    |    40   |

|   Rapidash   |    42   |

|   Arcanine   |    47   |



There's nothing hard here. A decent water Pokemon should be able to

take down Blaine easily. Defeat Blaine, and you'll get your 7th badge.

Now, there's only 1 more badge to go. Remember the locked gym in

Viridian City? It's now time to head back to Viridian. However, before

that you might want to head for the Rainbow islands. Right after you

get out of Cinnabar gym, Bill will come and ask you whether you want

to help him. You have the option to take up the offer or to decline

it. If you agree, a boat will come to pick you up. Now, go to the

Sevii Island section of the walkthrough. If you decline the offer,

it's time for Viridian City.


Viridian Gym Leader Battle: Giovanni


|   Pokemon    |  Level  |


|   Rhyhorn    |    44   |            

|   Dugtrio    |    42   |

|  Nidoqueen   |    44   |

|  Nidoking    |    45   |

|   Rhydon     |    50   |



Water Pokemon is your best friend for this fight. You should have no

problem beating them. If you have a water Pokemon, use a combination

of Rain Dance and Surf/Hydro Pump. Once you've defeated Giovanni, he'll

give you the Earth Badge. With 8 badges, you can go to the Pokemon Leauge.

Head West from Viridian, towards the Pokemon Leauge Building.